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Chapter 145: Lucky and Unfortunate

Those students who knew the nature of Zhao Youyue like her ex-deskmate, Zhou Fang, felt Zhao Youyue was incredible. Zhou Fang knew that Zhao Youyue would always slack off right before an exam. Usually, teachers would give time to students for their revision, and normal Zhao Youyue would use all that free time to play with her phone.

Right now, not so normal Zhao Youyue was using every single second for her revision.

Zhao Youyue reminded Zhou Fang of how it was last final exams. She had taken pity on Zhao Youyue for burning the midnight oil right before the exam. She certainly did not expect Zhao Youyue to ace the final exams with flying colors…

This time, Zhou Fang did not anyhow jump into conclusions, she certainly did not want Zhao Youyue surpassing her this time. Zhao Youyue might have been lucky enough to surpass her once, and she would need to reconsider her capabilities if Zhao Youyue manages to do that twice.

Finally, the monthly exams had commenced, according to schedule. Zhao Youyue was full of confidence when she activated her “Xu Jing card,” because she knew she had done her revision perfectly. The main point was, she had paid attention during lectures in classes, so she never missed out on any information.

She felt the exams going smoothly for her, this time. Apparently, the toughest subject was English, but this did not pose a threat to Zhao Youyue who had the “Yu Shengfan card”, and she even thinks that she could get full marks for English. As for the science subjects, mathematics, physics or chemistry exams, they were all too easy for her.

Zhao Youyue believed that she could ace the exam without activating the “Xu Jing’s card,” because she had a perfect memory retention of everything that had occurred during class.

As Zhao Youyue wanted to brag about her results to her parents after the exams, she realized that her room already had a complete set of utilities for live broadcasting, ready for her to use at any moment.

Zhao Jiayi was smiling at his daughter, asking whether she was happy with this pleasant surprise.

Zhao Jiayi had decided that no matter what results his daughter gets, he would give his daughter a surprise, because he knew that she was changing, and she would shine even brighter in the future.

In fact, when Zhao Jiayi saw how serious his daughter was preparing for the exam, he was already satisfied with what he saw. He was not so fixated on the end results as he was in the process.

Of course, Zhao Youyue was pleased about it, to see her family being so supportive of her being a livestreamer. Her parents probably believed that she would not become a particularly notable streamer, but she would prove it with her ‘skills’.

“Thanks for the pleasant surprise, but I will not start using these before my results are revealed. When I say that I can get into the top five in class, I will get into the top five!” Zhao Youyue replied.

Zhao Jiayi gave his daughter a big thumbs-up.

Zhao Youyue had been focusing on her studies recently, and this had caused her violin to go out of practice, so she decided to use the free time after lunch during school to practice.

Zhao Youyue had a solid foundation in playing the violin, because she had the magical “Xu Jing card”. Whenever she allows herself to be taken over, a familiar feeling would flow through her body. Xu Jing can definitely play a song perfectly, but Zhao Youyue could make the music even more livelier with her emotions. Even though her musical talent was not able to make her a master musician, it was much better than the dull musician that Liu Yuxi always scoffed at.

One afternoon at the beginning of April, Zhao Youyue carried her violin case to the cherry blossom lane in her school. The cherry blossoms were blooming gloriously at that moment, and pink petals were falling down from the trees as if she was in a wonderland of flowers. Zhao Youyue let the peace and serenity flow over her. She then took her violin out of the case and started playing it under a cherry blossom tree. From a distance, a brisk yet soothing song could be heard.

If Teacher Liu Yuxi was here, listening to Zhao Youyue playing her violin, she would definitely change her opinion of Zhao Youyue’s talents.

A normal person might not be able to judge the quality of the song that Zhao Youyue played, but they would definitely get influenced by the way she played the violin. With the elegant temperament that was spreading out of her body, her presence was extremely bold at that moment!

As if Zhao Youyue had transformed into a musical elf, playing a song under the flying petals of cherry blossoms in April. Unfortunately, nobody was here to witness her beauty.

Zhao Youyue was completely relaxed, as if the music had washed her heart like flowing water.

Of course, there are always some lucky ones in this world.

Han Leng had decided to finish up his web novel in Qidian which was called “Conquer the world in Online games”, not because he was not able to write anymore. An experienced web novel writer would know if he can continue milking something out of a title. As long as it is interesting, readers would be reluctant to see the end of that novel, as much as their authors.

Han Leng was wrapping up this still interesting ReadNovelFull, because he had received an opportunity to sign a contract with a magazine. It wasn’t like he wanted to create a literary work to impress Zhao Youyue.

Ever since Han Leng knew that his best friend Chen Haoran liked Zhao Youyue too, he had decided to avoid her completely. He laughed at himself, because he was never close to Zhao Youyue to begin with, all that was all his wishful thinking.

In fact, Han Leng had never treated Zhao Youyue as more than just a classmate, he had always ridiculed and insulted Zhao Youyue as a way of flaunting his alpha masculinity, thinking that it was hilarious and cool. Other girls would have already hated him to the guts for displaying such attitude. He believed that it was the perfect flirtation, when actually, he was just a bad mouthed person who loved to show off. Only Zhao Youyue could bear with his superiority complex and pride.

Equally hilarious was his reason for keeping his distance with Zhao Youyue; he had already set his heart in stone, certain that Zhao Youyue had officially become Chen Haoran’s girlfriend. He would be “betraying” his best pal if he decides to approach Zhao Youyue. He felt proud of himself for doing so, thinking that he had done something great for his best friend…

Such was the awkward person, Han Leng. Nobody can save him from being “forever alone” for the rest of his life.

Han Leng had finished up his novel, because he had received the opportunity to sign a contract with “Mengya” magazine. They promised him 300 RMB for every thousand words, and they hoped that he would exclusively write for “Mengya,” because he had won the award for writing a new conceptual composition in a competition when he was in middle school. He was the youngest person to ever receive this first-rate award. He used to avoid becoming a traditional writer, because his father worked in the cultural bureau and had many contacts and available resources, but he wanted to forge his own path by writing web novels when he was younger.

As he fell behind the demanding pace of web novels, it occurred to him that web novels were not suitable for him to flaunt his writing talent. Thus, he decided to sign the contract with “Mengya”.

This would also severe any contact with Zhao Youyue who was deeply involved in web novels too.

“Mengya” wanted Han Leng to write a romance novel. The more satirical it was, the better, and it would be perfect if he could add some pure romance elements.

After Han Leng finished his lunch, he did not go back to his dorm for a nap. He could only wander around in school to find inspirations for his new book.

Luckily, he had stumbled across Zhao Youyue.

Unfortunately, he can never ever forget about her.

Zhao Youyue was wearing a standard school uniform while playing the violin under the cherry blossom tree with elegance. No words can describe how Han Leng felt at the moment, he felt extremely bad for not picking up any instruments of his own.

Translator’s Thoughts

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Tonicquill: Misunderstandings irk me the most. Especially when reading them as a third-party, knowing that you cant do anything to convince the dim-witted characters otherwise. But the human mind just cant hold itself back from jumping to conclusions and playing out hypothetical scenarios, can it? Oh, but am I terrible at flirting, myself. The author might have been able to express these scenes out if he adopts a more show-not-tell narration.