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: Prerequisites for live-streaming

Zhao Youyue did not want to do a live webcast based on her own desire alone. She felt that it was better to discuss the matter with her parents. She would still be discovered if she were to do a live webcast in secret. It would be embarrassing and awkward for her when someone walks in, literally into the camera’s view.

After all, she lived with her parents. Wang Hua would come to check on her every day before sleep.

Wang Hua, her mother, who had a rather unconventional drawing technique, would always nag about Zhao Youyue in front of her. However, whenever she is outside, she would praise her daughter until she soars through the skies. Regardless, her mother cared very dearly for her lazy daughter, because she was too cute and fun to play with.

Zhao Youyue’s high school life limited her live stream times to only night. After all, she has to study during the day. If she is not relying on her “Xu Jing” character card, she would never have the idea of doing a live webcast. Her academic result would inevitably drop.

After she had the “Xu Jing” character card, which allowed her to study like a maniac. When she does her school work, it would be done in an instant. Without the card, she would slog through like a tortoise. It was not because she could not answer the questions, but she would easily get distracted. Her phone would slip into her hands whenever she finishes one question. How would one expect her to finish her work swiftly?

Some authors shared this syndrome. For every 500 words they type, phone screens would fly up to their faces and they would chatter away. As a result, 500 words would be all for that day Therefore, it was a must to lock their phones away when typing!

With the knowledge gained through the “Xu Jing” character card, Zhao Youyue was able to master her subjects well. It was like the knowledge being embedded in Zhao Youyue’s brain. However, she still could not perform her best during an exam. She would get nervous and careless, but Xu Jing would not.

Xu Jing had a powerful mind, and she was able to calculate everything to perfection.

Zhao Youyue knew that her parents were open enough to support her. As long as she maintains her grades, they would not stop her from doing what she wants to do.

Hence, one dinner after the whole family had finished eating the dishes cooked by Zhao Youyue, she approached her father Zhao Jiayi and stated plainly, “Dad, I want to do some live-streaming.”

Zhao Jiayi frowned a little when he heard his daughter’s words. In this world, the reputation of live-streamers, especially the female ones, was not very pleasant. After all, the China in this world had more freedom and had greater freedom of speech. Those rated 18+ live platforms were legal. As for how he knew about it, that would be difficult to explain.

Of course, other than those adult-rated streamers, there were others who did their business moreconservatively. They did not yank people’s attraction over with their bodies, but with their respective talents such as gaming, singing, dancing or with their own charisma.

However, unless you are already famous before, or if you have a unique talent or selling point, such streamers would have a very difficult time standing out from the rest.

Thus, many female streamers had entered a vicious cycle. They wanted to be famous through their own effort and talents, yet were not recognized. Sadly, their fame could never match those female streamers who sold their bodies. Hence, they would resort to any immoral means of getting famous

In any case, as a man, Zhao Jiayi was instinctively against his own daughter being a live streamer, out in the open. He was not poor, even though he looked like an ordinary hospital director. In reality, he had a lot of resources and connections in his hands. His private hospital was not just any ordinary hospital, many powerful people have been admitted to his hospital.

However, Zhao Jiayi wanted to keep a low profile, and his wife was exactly a braggart either.

Zhao Youyue had no idea how special her father was, as the director of a private hospital. Lately, she spent her time thinking about how she would earn and spend her own money like her cousin, Wan Jun, who had started to make money from live-streams That would be so awesome. She did not want to become a spoiled brat who always spends money off his parents, like Zhao Hao.

“Youyue, why do you want to start live-streaming, all of a sudden?”

Zhao Jiayi would never reject his daughter outrightly. He loved to reason with his daughter, because she could be reasoned with. Unlike Wang Hua who he would never argue with, because she would always win in the end.

Zhao Youyue replied in a calm and orderly manner, “This is because I am very good at gaming and I can garner viewers with my skills. I also play the violin. If there are more viewers, I can perform better, with greater motivation. Most importantly, the prerequisites for all of this, is that I can maintain my good grades. Moreover, I will not show my face when I’m doing the live webcast. I want to impress my viewers with my talent alone!”

She believed that she could persuade her parents with only two points. One was to maintain her good grades, while the other would be to keep her face obscure. This way, no matter how popular she becomes in the future, it would not affect her peaceful life.

Without a doubt, Zhao Jiayi’s frowning brows slowly went back up when he heard the clear reply from his daughter. After all, he could watch anytime whenever she starts her live webcast. If she shows her face, he could stop her live webcast.

However, was she that good in gaming?

Haha, he never believed that his daughter would know how to lie either. This could be an improvement. Before this, she had no desire to prove herself and was satisfied with being normal.

Before Zhao Jiayi could say anything, Wang Hua supported her in a loud voice, all of a sudden, “Lazy baby, you can do your live webcasting. Your mother agrees, as long as you follow the prerequisites! No need to bother this man with the sir name Zhao!”

“Mom, you are the best!” Zhao Youyue hugged her own mother affectionately. As she was touching her mother’s silky smooth and black long hair, she could not help but envy it. She should try growing her hair out

“I told you not to call me mother!”

“Then, what should I call you?”

“How about you call me big sister?”

“Yuck! Mum, you and teacher Liu really are”

“Shut up, talkative, so noisy!”


Zhao Jiayi had no idea that his head was turning green, but he knew the reason of Wang Hua agreeing so quickly to their daughter’s live webcast. This was because Wang Hua had always hoped that their daughter, who had always been a normal side character, would be the most dazzling main character!

Zhao Jiayi tried to reason with her and said, “Youyou, don’t get happy so soon. The monthly test is just around the corner. Once the school reopens, you’ll be thrown into it, and you only got an overall of seventh place for the last final semester exam. This time, do you dare to set your target at the fifth place, overall? In that case, I will prepare a full set of live webcast equipment, and they will be of top quality. When you play the violin, the quality will really shine.”

Even though Zhao Jiayi was saying this, but he still felt that the target he has set was too high for his daughter. In his mind, he still believed that her seventh place was all because of luck.

He just wanted his daughter to be in the top 20, and he would be satisfied. After all, his daughter’s academic result had been average, since primary school.

“Then I will have to thank you, father for spending the money. But, I promise to return the money once I start earning something!”

“Youyou, you really are confident. Do your best!”

“My lazy baby is the best when she is not lazing about!”

Zhao Youyue was all fired up for the upcoming monthly test. She felt that even without the “Xu Jing” character card, she could explode at any moment!

Luckily, the Two Dimensional Gate was still on cooldown for the time being. That gave her time to focus completely on her real life.

This time, she wanted to let her teachers, classmates, and parents recognize her again! Feast upon her magnificence!