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There can be no Yu Shengfan IRL (In Real Life)!

The news of “The Strongest King” releasing an anime adaptation had spread out, due to the sheer popularity of the novel. Of course, the original author, Rosemary had gained a tremendous amount of fame, gaining countless of fans.

Many people had clicked on the video of his interview on Tencent Video. Watching his interview while reading the comments on the bullet curtain was certainly interesting.

When Ye Hai, a chubby uncle appeared on screen, the tone of the comments took a turn!

“Who is this fat otaku? Return my goddess author!”

“Am I seeing a fake Rosemary…?”

“Curse you Rosemary, return my Yu Shengfan!”

“That thick-skinned old sly Rosemary is getting interviewed? Watch me avenge Unpleasant Rain!”

“Upload this video to Bilibili website, let the fans of Xiao Yu bash that old sly Rosemary up…”

The actual appearance of Rosemary had surprised a lot of readers, where was the promised “Goddess” author, that image of a young, intelligent looking girl?

Who the heck is this side character uncle who was in his mid-thirties?

Of course, Ye Hai was just chubby, at least he was not a “fat otaku”. He was a lifetime winner as well, having married his first love. They were still lovey-dovey to date.

Undoubtedly, most of the distraught comments in the bullet curtain were just joking around. Most of them already knew that Rosemary was not a Goddess author because Rosemary had never pretended to be a female author, he even went out of his way, explaining himself in a public note. These were just fans teasing him.

Once, a male author got mistaken as a lolita by the fans, even though the author had stepped out to clarify matters. He had allowed the fans to tease him with this nickname because he loved his readers, and as a result, he can no longer discard that lolita’ish nickname which left him helpless.

This author is most probably the perfect author in every aspect, and to be a fan of that particular author would be a privilege…

During the interview, when the host asked Ye Hai how he got his girlish pen name, Ye Hai smiled and said that it was his wife’s idea. It was his nickname on the internet during his younger years, and he used that name without changing it when he started writing novels.

He did not think of his pen name as girly, rather, he had thought it to be rather quintessential.

The Qidian deputy editor was also saying that if it was not for the ID card Rosemary provided in his contract, he would also think that Rosemary is a female author.

The deputy editor even said Rosemary had the most female readers, among all the male authors. “There are three thousand Harem kings in Qidian, but there is only one Rosemary”, this particular argument had already taken root in the hearts of people.

The authors who had the same amount of female readers were “Unripe Apple”, the High God Platinum author who specialized in history and “City Destroyer”, the flamboyant author who favored the fantasy genre. Both of them had excellent writing, and they were able to portray the perfect female character in their respective works. Female readers would still read their works, even if they decide to write a harem novel.

City Destroyer is a close friend of Rosemary, and he was jealous of Rosemary taking away his title of “Friends on Women” in Qidian. In fact, Rosemary was not only the “Friend of Women”, he was the “Friend of Fujoshis” as well. If his beloved fujoshis readers did not publicize his novel, “The Strongest King” would never be this popular! Its influential power had broken through the circle of web novels, it was probably the most popular search item on Weibo!

Rosemary had acquired the High God and Platinum contracts with his novel, so even though there were many novels with higher subscription numbers than “The Strongest King”, they were nowhere close to the standard of Rosemary, as he had found so much acclaim with this particular book. This massive sales of this one book was enough to feed him for his entire life.

As the host asked about the details of “The Strongest King”, he asked who was Rosemary’s favorite character in this particular novel.

Rosemary nearly that blurted out that his favorite character was “Yu Shengfan”, but he hesitated for a while. After some consideration, he said that his favorite character was definitely Lin Feng, because he was the ideal gaming expert. In the earlier arcs of his novel, Lin Feng had been depicted with quite an extreme attitude with an adolescent’s delusion. After going through all these obstacles, he had finally matured, and this was the reason of him being the favorite character of Rosemary.

When the audience saw Rosemary’s falter, the bullet curtain went in an uproar. Many of the fans knew that Rosemary was hiding something, the main protagonist Lin Feng might not be his favorite, afterall.

The host capitalized on the situation and asked again, besides than Lin Feng, was there anyone else?

“Well, Yu Shengfan is definitely my favorite character besides Lin Feng. If Lin Feng is the ideal game expert, Yu Shengfan would be the perfect gamer girl. When such gaming talents are bestowed on a girl, she will certainly attract a lot of attention, even if she’s not moe.”

“So, how did you create this particular character?”

“Actually this character was created by chance, and I want to give special thanks to a particular reader, the one who helped me created the character ‘Yu Shengfan’. Although she originally wanted a female cameo with the IGN “Unpleasant Night Rain Rhythm”, I was the one who decided on her abilities and characteristics. As I continued writing, I realized that she had become a favorite female character among my readers. When I was writing about her, I was filled with inspiration, I even felt her coming to live in my novel!”

“Oh? This is actually the first time I’ve heard you talk about it! Do you mind telling us who that particular reader is, is she a fan?”

“Of course! You can take a look at my novel’s fans ranking, she has contributed hundred of thousands of RMB on my novel, her contribution is only matched by her beauty. I actually wanted to create ‘Yu Shengfan’ based on her appearance, but I had no clue as to how accomplished a gamer she is,” Rosemary replied proudly, he even included all the tips from Zhao Hao into Zhao Youyue’s account. Rosemary could not help but feel a little cocky, as had such a beautiful and rich female fan.

After Rosemary said that, the bullet curtain produced a lot of positive comments, many of the audience wanting to make an acquaintance of tycoon “Youyue” but there were some people who flamed her too. They said that they were willing to eat sh*t on live video if that lady has the gaming skills of Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu was a goddess that has been immortalized in the world of novels, the appearance of Yu Shengfan in reality was simply impossible!

“Master Rosemary, since you liked the character ‘Yu Shengfan’, why did you kill her? What was the response of that lady fan of yours when you did such a thing?”