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Yu Shengfan must not be buried!

Zhao Youyue was curious about the story of her old mama and Liu Yuxi. Curious, but not curious enough for her to shake of her slothfulness and find things out herself.

Besides, that could wait, for more urgent matters were at hand. She had decided to dabble with live-streaming.

Live-streaming was getting more developed lately. Top tiers streamers had the same influential power as idols. They were also making comparatively good money. A monthly income involving millions of dollars was no longer a joke, but reality.

Of course, these top streamers did not give a person the right to generalize the entire industry as so, there were a lot of failures beneath them as well. Many people have tried and failed, and they had no choice but to pass on this seemingly lucrative opportunity. Live-streaming had its share of fierce competitions, pressure, and feuds.

Without a doubt, a top-tier streamer could get in touch with the entertainment industry easily, as they might from the same management.

Ever since Zhao Youyue had entered the script of a television drama, she realized that she had a tough time getting in touch the creators who worked in the entertainment industry, and it was not easy for her to place a hand in their business. She was left thinking on how she could create more opportunities for herself.

She was aware that her cousin, Zhao Hao, would be familiar with the entertainment industry. He spent all day chasing after female idols. Despite knowing that, she wanted to use her own power to get in touch with the entertainment industry, without the help of her cousin.

She was a person who owned the “Two Dimensional Gate”, and she had the powers of the naturally talented professional gamer “Yu Shengfan”. Yu Shengfan had the makings of a streamer with her flawless gaming technique, and her vulgar stream of endless insults…

Since her cousin, Zhang Wanjun could become a famous uploader in the Bilibili website through talent and hard work, why wouldn’t she make it big with Yu Shengfan?

Besides that, Zhao Youyue was the same as those readers who liked “Yu Shengfan”. Everyone would like to see “Unpleasant Night Rain Rhythm, the sword the cleaves the world” appear once again in this world!

She certainly did not want to bury Yu Shengfan just like this!

Ever since “Yu Shengfan” had died in the literary work, “The Strongest King”, it had gained more and more popularity, even the related doujins had took off! Many doujinshis felt sorry for the death of Xiao Yu, so they began to produce more and more doujins featuring her, also leading to the popularity of her other merchandise. Her appearance in every doujin and manga had contributed to the popularity of “The Strongest King”…

Some die-hard fans of Yu Shengfan were accusing Rosemary of being a lucky bastard. Even in death, Yu Shengfan was still contributing to the rise of “The Strongest King”.

Xiao Yu can’t even rest in peace, after her death!

Such is the charm of an iconic character!

Xiao Yu’s death had propelled the popularity of the main protagonist, Lin Feng. Rosemary had expressed every detail of Lin Feng’s character development, from an adolescent high school boy to a matured, supreme gamer.

Lin Feng was filled with regret and loneliness. Although he claimed to have treated Xiao Yu like his sister, or like a daughter, it would be ridiculous if he did not have other intentions.

An uncle would always be drawn to the charm of a loli. While Lin Feng knew that he was too old for Xiao Yu, while his career was not a stable or conventional one, he could not possibly provide happiness for Xiao Yu. Therefore, he decided not to get any closer to Xiao Yu. Before he could even step aside for her own good, Xiao Yu was no longer in this world…

There was once a time, when Lin Feng would have wanted to hug Xiao Yu if she was still alive, that would be great.

Even though they had spent a lot of time together in the game, they had never actually hugged each other. They only met once, with a permanent goodbye for the second time…

This was probably a lifetime regret…

As time passed, many fans discovered that the character designer of Yu Shengfan was none other than Mangaka Su Li. It’s that mangaka! “Pure Romance”! What a venomous woman!

The iconic characters Xu Jing and Yu Shengfan all ended up dead in the hands of Su Li!

Previously, Rosemary had shifted the blame to her, and this had sent a lot of hollow fans cussing at Su Li, because they never understood the relationship between the original author and the painter. They believed that Su Li was a lunatic, one who took pleasure in killing off everyone’s favorite female lead.

As the tirade of abuse threatened to drown Su Li out, she had desperately attempted to explain herself on Weibo, but it was in vain. As the fans roared at her, she noticed the sales of “The Strongest King” manga rising up as well! Eventually, she gave up explaining herself…

The cute and moe amateur creator, Su Li is now a fully-fledged, veteran creator. Furious fans no longer bothered her, rather, she found it rather entertaining, as they did not stop her from earning their money!

You Tsunderes, you guys are saying no but your bodies are honest!

Su Li was extremely grateful for her tight friendship with Zhao Youyue. If Zhao Youyue had not suggested that she works on the manga of “The Strongest King”, she would not be who she is, today! Her abrupt rise to stardom had earned the envy and ire of many fellow mangakas!

Her first work, “Pure Romance” had gained tremendous popularity, and her second work, “The Strongest King” was at the peak, too! In the world of web mangas, she was rather well known, and some influential High Gods had directly contacted her, asking for a collaboration…

The reason Rosemary’s “The Strongest King” attained so much fame was because Su Li had decided to adapt it to a manga. Ever since Su Li announced that her latest project was to turn “The Strongest King” into a manga, the novel had gained much attention, gaining worldwide fame overnight!

The overwhelming subscription rates had shot it up the trending list, going on to becoming first in the monthly rankings. Although Qidian did play a role at boosting the novel to the top, everyone knew that Rosemary had become a legitimate, new High God in Qidian, without a doubt. There was a rumor that he was in negotiations for a platinum contract with Qidian, as any involvement of his name now required a huge sum of cash!

Obviously, the death of Yu Shengfan had improved the writing skills of Rosemary as well. Every team and ever character had their fully-rounded, complete development and interesting backstories, even garnering fans in real-life, with some of them even celebrating the birthdays of their virtual idols.

Related merchandise was also selling like hotcakes. Other web novelists could not hold back their envy and jealousy, but what could they do? This novel was suitable for both male and female readers.

Rosemary, Ye Hai was invited for an interview in TencentVideo, together with the deputy editor of Qidian, to share his journey with his readers in creating “The Strongest King”

“… I want to give special thanks to a particular reader, the one who helped me created the character ‘Yu Shengfan’…”