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She used to be a champion

For some arrogant and self-conceited individuals, even if they are wrong, would never own up to their mistakes. At the very least, they would not admit it through speech.

However, there would be some changes in their actions and mannerisms.

Apparently, Liu Yuxi is such a person. She suddenly realized that she had misjudged Zhao Youyue’s musical talent, but she would never tell her that. However, she did not brush her off like she used to. In fact, she seemed to take a step forward in her lessons.

Who knows, perhaps Zhao Youyue could become a unique and famous violinist in her own right?

She would never dare to interfere with one’s future, even though she still bore grudges against Wang Hua. What happened to the vow that they would stay single till the world ends?

Wang Hua was such an idiotic Tsundere to enter the graveyard called marriage!

Wang Hua’s words could not be trusted, not even a single click of her tongue!

It pained her heart whenever she thought of this matter. Wang Hua was her best friend

She swore to never be in peace with the person who married Wang Hua!

Technically speaking, her eccentric behavior could only be accepted by Wang Hua, who had an odd way of viewing the world. Otherwise, who else could tolerate her?

Liu Yuxi felt no obligation to anyone. She was a very self-centered person. A person with such a sharp personality was destined to make others uncomfortable and difficult to get along with.

In her eyes, humans without their own characteristics had no value or raison d’etre. To live their whole lives pointlessly, they would only be an obedient cog of society.

There was no point in interacting with such folk!

However she should realize that, if there society had no obedient cogs, would she still be able to stay home all day long and survive with food delivery?

Society was gaining more and more hikikomoris because of the extensive development of online shopping and delivery. You could stay at home until the end of the worldas long as the internet’s up.

It was better to be extinct than to live in a world without the internet. Without the internet, the world would seem meaningless to live in.

According to Liu Yuxi’s personality, she could see why she despised Zhao Youyue from the start. It was just a clash of personalities one was very distinctive, while the other had none. Zhao Youyue was just a side character without her own personality.

Liu Yuxi wondered to herself, is this girl really Wang Hua’s daughter? Why isn’t she disowned yet?

She was too normal

Her appearance could only be considered as cute, but not enough to dazzle others at first sight. Perhaps she was the type that oozed her beauty out gradually, the more you looked, the more beautiful she becomes. However, if people do not notice you at the first glance, what would be the point of being one?

Moreover, Zhao Youyue’s short hair infuriated Liu Yuxi. That’s right; She is strange in that way. Even somebody else was having short hair would offend her.

Zhao Youyue had sensed that this weird teacher would be difficult to get along. Therefore, she activated her “Xu Jing” character card. No matter how picky you are, I would just be addicted to learning. Regardless the way you teach, I would learn them unhesitantly. In any case, I would do my best and have no regrets.

Liu Yuxi acknowledged Zhao Youyue’s talent and continued to listen to more of her playing. The more she listened, the more interested she was, because it was very difficult to play such ordinary songs with emotion. Zhao Youyue used her own understanding, and played the music with various sets of emotions, which then resonated through the air harmoniously!

Undoubtedly, such heartfelt expressiveness was what Liu Yuxi would appreciate!

Maybe, this time, Wang Hua did not exaggeratetoo excessively. She actually had a daughter who had decent talent in music, but it was not the level of one that you find once in a millennium. A real genius would actually pull one to another world, as though as they had lived another life Zhao Youyue was miles away from that.

Nevertheless, it was truly an unimaginable state to be in. As you close your eyes, the music takes over the world!

Liu Yuxi was constantly aspiring to reach that state, but she had to admit that she did not have the talent to achieve such a state. This was her heart’s greatest sorrow, and she was not willing to face such a cruel reality.

In short, Liu Yuxi was a person who could not do great things but she could perform greatly in small matters. In fact, other women might look down upon her as a loser, as she was still single to this day. She never met a soul mate and had such a depressing life as a result.

After Zhao Youyue played a few songs with the basics that she learned thanks to her “Xu Jing” character card, she started feeling lazy. After all, she never had much stamina and willpower, to begin with, yet Liu Yuxi was fixatedly listening to her music. She kept playing and started feeling bored, so she activated her “Xu Jing” character card.

Once the “Xu Jing” character card was activated, Zhao Youyue felt the displeasure towards the boring practice disappearing. Instead, her whole body was filled with energy and the eagerness to learn!

Learning sometimes was a mechanical, repetitive process, yet Xu Jing loved it. Whenever Zhao Youyue is in this state, playing a violin was nothing more than solving a “sea of questions”. In any case, she would be “dead serious”, in a “hard-core processing mode”, pursuing the perfect intonation. The air around her turned to steel. Every song that she played turned into the beepings of a computer that was on repeat mode

Liu Yuxi immediately sensed the familiarity that reminded her of the previous lesson. She rolled her eyes back and turned her back to Zhao Youyue. That girl was not learning music, but trying to solve math problems.

Liu Yuxi felt like a chewing a gum that was slowly becoming tasteless, listening to that music. Hence, she started to play “Mobile Legends” on her phone. She was terrible at the game, but she was having fun with it, even though she would constantly be cussed at. She did not care, because it showed that she had personality. Those who play the game normally, soundlessly, and did not even have a presence of an NPC, had no value of living!

Just when Liu Yuxi was having fun, she inadvertently discovered that Zhao Youyue, who was on “repeat mode,” had finally stopped. She even popped up to her side and was watching her play “Mobile Legends”

Apparently, Zhao Youyue had deactivated her “Xu Jing” character card and was herself once again. It was a 20 minute break time, but she was not playing her phone on her own. Instead, she wanted to see what her teacher was doing. However, she would never think that she was playing the game that even primary kids loved to play – “Mobile Legends”!

Ever since she had the “Xu Jing” character card, she had been able to game more frequently. Her real gaming level improved, thanks to the frequent use of the “Yu Shengfan” character card. Gaming was all about how skilled you are at gaming. Right now, unless Zhao Youyue is playing a freakishly difficult game such as “Dark Souls”, or meet some terribly strong opponents in fighting games, then she would not have to activate her “Yu Shengfan” character card. That would be a waste of resources.

Therefore, she could look down on Liu Yuxi who was getting beaten up in “Mobile Legends,” as much as she wanted.

Zhao Youyue blurted out unconsciously, “Teacher Liu, you really suck at gaming. I feel that you don’t deserve to play games”

Zhao Youyue quickly clapped her hands over her mouth, as it was a horrible thing to say. As long as games are involved, her mouth would just become venomous. The “Yu Shengfan” card is really poisonous. Unfortunately, Zhao Youyue’s venomous tongue was incomparable to Master Yu Shengfan.

Liu Yuxi’s face darkened, all of a sudden. She put down her phone and stood up with a sharp glare. She said coldly, “Follow me. I will let you understand that I used to be a champion! Then never mind.”

Zhao Youyue felt a killing aura, but she fended it off as if nothing had happened. She replied by putting up the image of a normal girl, “Alright teacher Liu, lead the way.”

Zhao Youyue followed Liu Yuxi. They walked through a messy hallway until they reached a door. When she opened the room, there was not a speck of dust nor dirt in it!

Wait, that’s not the point. The point was that the room was filled with all sorts of gaming consoles! There was even an arcade machine from the past century! She was indeed a champion in the past

So, this is Liu Yuxi’s treasure room?

This is too horrifying; no wonder she only leaves her house once per week! I thought that she was addicted to music