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Sometimes, Zhao Youyue is not herself

When Zhao Youyue realized that her anger at being brushed off had somehow reduced.

She was used to being treated as a side character, and had resigned to that role, for now. However, she hoped that there will come a day where she would no longer be a side character anymore, while standing out and impressing the others.

Perhaps, it could take her an entire lifetime of training, and she would never reach the level expected by her teacher Liu Yuxi. However, it could be considered an ability to be able to play several tunes skilfully, even if only as a violinist lacking true passion.

Just like how hardworking Zhao Youyue was in school, she could never get the first position. Sometimes, whenever luck was on her side, she could claim that spot, albeit briefly. However, she could at least become an elite student in order to have access to more privileges and a stronger sense of existence. She would be satisfied with just that. That was not asking for much.

Perhaps from someone else’s view, Zhao Youyue lacked the dominating aura that made her an exceptional individual. Still, she understood the fact that only the first would be remembered in this world. For instance, everyone knows that the highest mountain in the world is the Mount Everest. What of the second highest mountain? Nobody remembers it.

Still, Zhao Youyue was not discouraged by her stagnation. She actually enjoyed the process of improving herself little by little through hard work. She would become a better, more perfect person with a stronger presence. However, such perfection might seem futile in the eyes of Liu Yuxi, because Zhao Youyue did not have any unique qualities in her. She was nothing but another random face in the midst of a crowd, and nobody would even know her name.

For example, there were several individuals who took up piano lessons in China, but people only knew of Lee Yundi or Lang Lang. If you ever ask them for more, they will never be able to come up with any other names.

Violin was even worse, because it was not very popular, to begin with, when compared to the piano. For the laymen, they would not know even a single name of a famous violinist.

Realizing this, Zhao Youyue could not help but to silently criticize her teacher. Since teacher Liu was all high and mighty, why is she not famous?

Zhao Youyue was still a very kind girl. She knew that once she says those words, the “hermit” image of her teacher Liu Yuxi would not hold up. However, if such words came to pass, the teacher would claim that the general public’s taste was horrible, and they did not understand the beauty and style of an art

Even Zhao Youyue did not fully understand the art herself. She was too tired to pretend to know something that she knew nothing about. Moreover, she was extremely lazy, to the point of being in a class of her own.

Still, as a long-time phone addict, she actually reads a lot of things. She belonged to the category of one of those guys who knew a little bit of everything. If she wanted to, she could show off some of her trivia to fool others.

The young artist Han Leng was one of those fooled by her. He still believed that Zhao Youyue was a rich family’s daughter who was full of intelligence and style.

That was not entirely true. If she was rich just like Zhao Hao, then only could she be considered as a real rich daughter from a rich family. It was certain that she did not qualify to be included the circle of those socialites. It was impossible for her to get to know any scriptwriter or director of the entertainment industry.

Zhao Youyue was no artist. She did not learn the violin to become one either, she only hoped to pick up a skill that can be used at the right moment to show off. She could at least surprise Jiang Qing who was very good at singing, by performing on the school’s stage. She would be delighted to see that happen.

This was Zhao Youyue, just a normal high school girl indulging her vanity. She only wanted to prove that she actually had some talent in music.

However, Liu Yuxi saw right through her and scolded the poor girl for having no ambitions whatsoever. It was possible that she had high hopes for her, thanks to Wang Hua.

Wang Hua would always belittle her daughter at home, but like any mother, she boasted and bragged about her lazy girl to any outsider. She had said that her daughter was a once-in-a-millennia genius in music, which sparked the interest of Liu Yuxi. However, Liu Yuxi was able to see right through the lies. Zhao Youyue could never be a musical genius, and her talent was mediocre. She should not have believed that unreliable, idiotic Wang Hua since high school. Wang Hua could only show off her piano skill in front of laymen, but things blew up, claiming that she was a Goddess of the piano, due to her beauty. Liu Yuxi was ashamed to be on par in popularity with that talentless beauty.

Zhao Youyue was particularly optimistic that day. She was in a good moo, having wrecked things up. She did not activate the “Xu Jing” character card, but she played the violin with a cheerful mentality. No matter how many times Liu Yuxi kept brushing her off; she just wanted to be herself only.

In any case, she would be able to entertain herself once she learns how to play the violin. She could play the hit songs and anime soundtracks that she loved, songs that others seemed to hate for no reason. It would be very interesting to do so.

Zhao Youyue felt that a teacher like Liu Yuxi was great, since she was not particularly strict. However, whenever she makes a mistake, she would point it out and correct her posture. Still, she never demonstrated anything herself.

“You will never understand my music!” Liu Yuxi has said this to Zhao Youyue mercilessly. “However, you are very lucky. I just need to use 1/1000 of my focus, and I can allow you to achieve what you want. Then, you can go and please those ordinary people out there. You can flash your way about.”

Maybe this is what a “Hermit” should be. Nope, to be more accurate, it should be an “indoor hermit,” because Liu Yuxi would not leave the house, even if she could. Her meals all came via delivery and she only wore pajamas. Moreover, she would never clean up her room even when it got in a mess. She would wait for the hourly maid every week and paid them double

Happily, Zhao Youyue finished one song without realizing it herself. However, Liu Yuxi who was sitting beside her, was not brushing her off as usual. She put down her own guitar and circled around Zhao Youyue twice. She blinked in surprise and said, “Da one who came beforewazzit you? It was not!”

Liu Yuxi was not the most fluent Mandarin speaker around. She could not differentiate between blade-alveolars and retroflexes, or the differences between n and l. Therefore, it was hard to keep a straight face when listening to her speak.

Zhao Youyue was shocked for a bit. Previously, in order to leave a good impression on Liu Xiyu, she would activate her “Xu Jing” character card. This was because she felt that as long as you were a teacher, you would definitely love a student like Xu Jing, due to her obedience. She would complete any task given to her by the teacher and be very respectful to teachers. Moreover, she was very focused and loved to study.

Which teacher would not adore Xu Jing?

If there is a teacher who does not like Xu Jing, it had to be a fake teacher!

Besides, it was the best to use the “Xu Jing” character card to learn the basics of violin. It would give her a solid and firm foundation. Of course, Xu Jing learned things in a very mechanical and inflexible way. It was similar to copying, but still, was an absurd ability.

This time, it was Zhao Youyue herself who played the violin.

Zhao Youyue grinned and said, “Stop joking, sensei Liu. Of course, I am myself.”

Liu Yuxi frowned and wondered if something was wrong with her ears. For the first time, she actually heard Zhao Youyue playing the song with her own emotions deeply infused in it. This girl who had no talent in music, wouldn’t she usually play like a robot?

Liu Yuxi would never suspect that Zhao Youyue was not even the one attending her lessons previously.