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: Finally Aware of Your Mediocrity?

Zhao Youyue finally adjusted her mood and regained her serenity, thanks to a series of mindless, wild troublemaking that served to release most of her steam. It was as if her having a nice dream in a full night’s sleep.

Even if she does not gain any ability cards this time, it truly satisfied her.

One would always need some sort of method to release the pent-up depression.

She admitted that it was because of her love towards “The Strongest King” by Rosemary was too deep. This, in turn, caused her to be deeply depressed when she was caught off guard by Rosemary when he wrote “Yu Shengfan” to death.

A reader will surely understand why she would get this depressed. It was her deep compassion which caused her to receive such a mortal blow.

She forcefully put up a strong front in the real world, but that was all just a smokescreen. She was not the type to release her depression with sports, karaoke or indulge in games. She only played her phone quietly, which only drowned her further in her melancholy.

Although she seemed to be calm and cool on the outside, war had erupted within her heart.

This ended up causing her to release all her piled up depression in the “Dimensional Gate” even moreso when she determined that she would not be able to acquire the ability she desired so desperately in that world. At the same time, she also considered the popularity of the work; if it was not popular, then there would be no harm turning it upside down to get an early exit…

After all, to the authors, failed work would not cause them permanent or physical damage. The moment she leaves the work, the author will “wake up” from the “intoxicated” state. As long as they double back to read their own writings, they would find the inappropriate contents and remove it right away. At the same time, they would also retain some of the ridiculous ideas that could be put to use elsewhere. All this could be considered additional benefits that she was leaving to the authors.

The author would still retake the wheel at the end of the day. Authors like Lin Jianzhong who would actually bring the madness directly to the audiences were one in a million. In actuality, he had completely given up on that project.

Lin Jianzhong was very lucky. Some dumb sponsor had appraised his level, based solely on the ridiculous, CGI-laden finale. However, he would have to disappoint the sponsor to death, because if he is not “intoxicated”, he would not have that power after all.

As for those worlds of higher popularity or high-level authors, she would certainly thread with more care. This is all based on the consideration of “cost-performance.” A high-quality, popular piece of work would provide a more solid foundation to sculpting an iconic character.

For something like “War Heroes” which was failing and had nearly being killed off, it felt as if the “Dimension Gate” was meddling with her. She could not salvage anything from such work which was on the brink of death. She could only mess things up to open up a path to quick retreat.

Actually, besides popular works, there is another type of work, neither popular nor written by acclaimed authors, yet possessing the right amount of intricacy. There will always be some part that touches the feelings, and Zhao Youyue is easily drawn to such quality.

If Zhao Youyue likes what she is reading, she will surely put more effort into it, regardless of its popularity. She will try her best to sculpt an iconic character. As the author is delicate, she will try her best to cooperate well.

Zhao Youyue will lightly consider the will of the author. Authors who are highly-skilled, with strong principles of their own, are often more assuring. It is a pity that she was severely deceived by Rosemary, the last time.

By learning things the hard way, Zhao Youyue was now more alert towards authors, no matter how good their reputation was.

Authors are actually living beings which are difficult to predict. They will create trouble whenever they are in a state of outbursting inspiration. They will even have a very solid reason – I love this character too much, that’s why she had to die!

This night, Zhao Youyue, who did not need to go for late self-study went to the house of a violin teacher named “Liu Yuxi” for her violin class.

The name Liu Yuxi is quite easy to remember, as this name had a similar rhyme to the ancient poet – Liu Yixi. The only difference was that this name was clearly a woman’s name, based on how it is written.

Liu Yuxi was a close friend of Zhao Youyue’s mother, Wang Hua. From the looks of her high-class condominium, it was clear that she was not in desperate need of money. However, she was still single, and did not have any intention of seeking for a guy and starting a family. Her parents did not seem mind.

Zhao Youyue felt that this teacher Liu was someone with a mysterious story behind her. However, she would not pry out of the blue, she was a student, after all, the only student.

Zhao Youyue reached the doorsteps of Liu Yuxi’s apartment, and rang the doorbell. After a while, the door slid open. The person who appeared in front of her had a slightly pale face. She was actually rather good-looking, despite the fact that she no makeup on and currently had a messy mane of bedraggled hair, or by the fact that age had slightly marred her. That would also be why she couldn’t care less about your outer appearance, either.

Liu Yuxi did not need to dress herself up for anyone else.

“Come in,” she said while yawning in her pajamas.

“Good evening teacher Liu!” Zhao Youyue greeted her earnestly.

“Oh, come on in.”

“Sorry to disturb.”

Zhao Youyue followed Liu Yuxi into her house. What she saw was a very messy common area. The floor was littered with various kinds of cans and bottles of drinks, junk food packaging and plenty of clothes that had been tossed here and there She was already used to it.

Liu Yuxi did not need to justify her laziness for anyone.

Why would she need to do the chores? All she needed was to let the hourly paid maid clean them up every week, because Liu Yuxi would only leave her house once a week.

This was not the first time Zhao Youyue would start doubting the capabilities of this violin teacher that her mother had enlisted. However, with confidence, Wang Hua had said that she is the best violinist ever. During her school days, Liu Yuxi was a musical goddess who was on par with an elite scholar goddess like her!

Musical goddess?

This woman who never dress up herself and wore pajamas forever!

Besides, Zhao Youyue has never seen Liu Yuxi playing violin even once. She seemed to love playing the guitar more. Sometimes, during breezy nights, she would pick up a guitar and indulge herself at the balcony she did not seem to be particularly good at it, and would hit the wrong notes at times, but her guitar would sound kind of unique, something that expressed delight.

This day, Liu Yuxi taught Zhao Youyue entirely by the book as per usual, and then left her to her own devices. Her attitude to the task was still as flippant as before.

Before this, Zhao Youyue had activated “Xu Jing Card” and learned with earnest. This time, she finally asked, “Teacher Liu, it seems like you do not truly want to teach me.”

“Right,” Liu Yuxi replied without covering up.

Erk, she admitted it!

Although Zhao Youyue had a high tolerance level, rage started boiling up within. This time she was actually trying to learn seriously!

“And why was that?”

“Because you do not truly want to learn although you have an upright attitude.” Liu Yuxi sneered and replied. “Let me guess the reason of you wanting to play the violin. For higher chances of advancing your studies? To show off in the school? Or to impress your parents? For such parlor tricks, I can simply teach and you can simply learn, only to achieve that.”

Zhao Youyue fell silent, she had been outguessed…

“You did not have the sincerity,” Liu Yuxi said softly, “And you have poor talent in music.”

Zhao Youyue felt belittled. She had great musical talent, no matter how difficult the song is, and she could perform it smoothly!

“Indeed you could have gotten the top level violin certificate easily. But you have no creativity; even if you try harder, you will never reach a certain realm that you will never comprehend. That realm is something you either understand or don’t.”

“Even if you practice your violin skills to the peak, at most you could become a good enough violinist. Your music does not have any life in it!”

“Alright, do you now realize your own mediocrity? Keep practicing.”

Liu Yuxi did not need to show mercy to anyone else.

Suddenly, Zhao Youyue understood the possibility of not having stellar musical talent. Her eye-hand coordination was good, that’s about it. She was indeed playing the violin like a robot, precisely keeping form. However, she never understood what creativity in music truly was.

It turns out that some things could not be learned, no matter how hard one tries.

It turns out that she was a side character in music too.