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Overnight Fame

Several Youku netizens have never even spared a single glance for any episode of “War Heroes”, some of them just watched this film by chance the video was trending, and comments were flowing in about how shocking it was! The most absurd finale of a war film ever in history, having the Russian Empress getting blasted to smithereens!

Obviously, the staff who marked the video as ‘recommended’ had already seen it himself. This would be understandable, as the staff would need to verify the content prior to the video being uploaded, he could not simply allow anything to get uploaded onto the website unfiltered…

That staff was prepared for another boring day at work, but when he clicked the video, he was left dumbfounded… Is this really a war film?

He first thought he would get this verification nonsense over in 10 minutes, but he ended up watching the whole video!

Feeling that he could not allow this unique video to go unnoticed, he used all of his experience on the job to give it a special title, or else this movie would certainly be buried under hundreds of other war films. Even though it had a bizarre ending, nobody would know about it. Even if someone discovers it one day, it would be a waste to let its freshness die off so soon.

Might as well place it on the recommended video list, and let people discover it immediately.

This film had failed as a war film, because logical-thinking fans would condemn it, while audiences who loved spoofs would love it, because it was a godly film. It had so many flaws that people had no idea where to start bashing it, it almost felt like the whole thing was full of loopholes, yet no holes could be found.

A lot of audiences was attracted by that shocking caption, and they wanted to see how absurd it would be. After they saw “Tan Xiaoya” being possessed by a brave soul, they could no longer divert their attention, having never seen such a unique film before. One moment, it was a serious war film, only to become a magic girl fantasy in the next!

This was a television drama that had the same effect as a blockbuster movie!

The plot became stupidly simple and yet became stupidly violent! The events of the video could be summed up as a little girl beating up the Russian army and the dark forces within their own army. Be it the Russian army or the dark forces, they were all baddies. Now that “Tan Xiaoya” had activated her golden halo and started ravaging them fancifully, the audience found something truly magical about it.

The main focus of this grand finale was not the simple and violent plot, but the little girl who got possessed by a brave soul, showing her ridiculous abilities and the awesome visual effects, such as those “explosive dumplings” that no one has ever seen.

The appearance of a little girl that did not match with a mature soul, and her invincible abilities. All these points that contradicted each other was amusing!

These self-contradictory points in the grand finale was a major attraction. The serious film becoming a godly film, the paradoxical characteristics in “Tan Xiaoya”, or the awesome acting skills despite her young age, these were the best selling points!

Besides the plot, the effects were superb!

Most people would not put much attention to this film, but after they watching the finale of this film, everybody was hyped up and they were busying commenting in the comment section

“At first I thought that it was some silly clickbait, but I had never expected such a finale in a television drama, amazing!”

“A serious drama that turned into live-action adaptation of an anime, but who cares, it was interesting! Brilliantly ridiculous!”

“The director, Lin Jianzhong is a motherf*cking genius. Hold on, I’m gonna watch the previous episodes to understand the content, surely they can’t be that bad, right…”

“The one who commented before of me, please don’t watch the previous content, they were boring as hell! These two amazing final episodes cannot be compared with the first six episodes, those previous episodes were full of cuckold and endless suffering, beware!

“I did watch every episode of “War Heroes”, the prologue was indeed boring and the main protagonist got tortured a lot, but if you ever watched the first six episodes, the final two episodes will make you feel so good as if you’re flying! Trust me, watch it in sequence, you won’t regret it!”

“Wow, I can’t take it anymore, where’s the medkit? My heart is already conquered by this cute little girl, she is even more straightforward than any man, a little girl who picks a fight with whoever who opposes her, that is so moe, I cannot resist her charm…”

“Such amazing acting skills! Every actor in the final two episodes felt like the real thing, especially that little girl who acted as “Tan Xiaoya”, stunning actress! A genius actress who only appears once every hundred years. If she can continue acting like this, she would still be really famous, even though she looks normal!”

“Guy who has no clue on this series asking here, is there going to be a season two? I want to see “Tan Xiaoya” beat up everything in the plot, I love absurdity like this. Gives me a break from reality. I only remember that pathetic main protagonist saying ‘Eat this sh*t, Liang Feifan!’, the real hero was none other than the little girl, ‘Tan Xiaoya’!”

“Definitely not gonna have a season two, this drama has obviously been cut short! The director was obviously pissed, so he decided to end it with a ridiculous bang, but I gotta admit, he succeeded! Those special effects sure burned a hole in their pockets!”

“Not asking for a season two, but I want a television drama starring ‘Tan Xiaoya’!”

“Please raise your hands if your brain is full of Italian artillery… when that little girl said that she’s gonna f*ck things up, that was really funny!”

Among the praises of the crowd, there were those who disagreed as well. Some people thought that Lin Jianzhong had a problem with his moral values, and that little girl should not wipe out entire Russia, it was too brutal, civilians should not be involved in the war. When Russia invaded China, it was the ruler’s fault, the people were innocent. Of course, these self-proclaimed saints were getting scolded behind their backs, but they seemed to be enjoying it. Everyone is blinded, I’m the only one whose mind is clear!

Some people were saying this director did not respect war films and history as well. Such a ridiculous ending should be banned, it was an insult to every soldier who has ever fought for his country!

Luckily the Chinese media was more developed in this world, or else this television drama that featured the nuking of the capital of other countries and blowing their leader to smithereens, would definitely get banned!

“War Heroes” became famous overnight because of its absurd grand finale!

It became famous overnight for various reasons!