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A Creators Gratitude

Normally, a famous television drama would give a short overview of its plot towards the end of each episode so that it could rope in more viewers. For a flopping drama like “War Heroes”, what power would these two remaining episodes have. It was just like a normal person who has worked hard for their entire life, only for a few equally diminutive figures to acknowledge them when they die.

It was understandable for the creator, Lin Jianzhong to completely lose it all after he has given up on himself. Some people would probably do something crazy if they knew that they were going to die tomorrow. They would not be bothered about moral ethics anymore since they were dying anyway, so why not enjoy themselves, instead?

After Lin Jianzhong watched the completed cut of his two final episodes, he realized that they were surprisingly wonderful! Let’s start off with the visual effects, this television drama had the same effects as some major blockbuster movies, how exciting can this be!

The little girl simply looked amazing! One of the main focus was the amazing visual effects. Whenever the little girl was floating midair, she would wave a hand nonchalantly, and countless modern weaponry would materialize out of thin air, it was simply awe-inspiring!

She was literally a one-man army!

Story-wise, the sudden change of personality in Tan Xiaoya was justified by her being possessed by a brave soul named, “Li Yunlong”, eventually becoming the golden finger of Liu Xing, the main protagonist. Of course, she was not under his control, so she proceeded to fend off the Russian army alone, against his counsel. She also wiped out all the spies and scums in their own army. Liang Feifan, who had been bullying Liu Xing since the beginning of time was also butchered by this violent little girl…

In the previous six episodes, the main protagonist had been tortured by all these people, and everyone took pity on the main hero, as they obviously detested the villains. All of a sudden, these two final episodes had this brave Heroic Spirit possessing a little girl, meting out justice in invincible fashion!

The plot was simple, yet with violence as their element!

Had to admit that the final two episodes were indeed ridiculous, the styles had completely changed but it was still enjoyable as before. The actions that the invincible little girl did, was exactly what the audience wanted to see.

The audience have often wondered about what they would do if they were in place of the protagonist for the previous six episodes. Obviously, Tan Xiaoya had helped them fulfill their fantasies…

Now for the main focus, the little actress who played the role of “Tan Xiaoya” was amazing. She looked nothing like a child on screen, but exhibited all the traits of a grizzled war veteran. Deep down in her heart, the soldier named “Li Yunlong” was loyal to the country and to her master.

Indeed, she epitomized the spirit of patriotism and loyalty!

The most impressive feat she performed was none other than her Italian Artillery. The effects were absolutely breathtaking, they were even more exaggerated than an atomic bomb!

After watching the final two episodes, he realized something. His films had failed to catch on, because they were too realistic, and the main protagonist was pathetically helpless. Before this, he had this skewed view of the main protagonist being a person who could endure the world’s pain and suffering, a man who would never lose sight of the big picture, for these were the pure traits of a true hero. Now, he realized that all these realism was pointless and, the best way out would be to do something reckless and ridiculous!

He wanted to create a “new era” for patriotic films, and his latest mindchild would be called “Into the Artillery Fire”. He decided to carry on with these over-the-top contents for it to stand out more. He intended to establish the great four in a movie. He would create the greatest war scenes ever in history, the greatest bandits of all times, the greatest possible display of brutal and bloody tortures, as well as the greatest convolution of love triangles, ever. This will be an illogical and thrilling war that has never happened in history, along with fun romance between youngsters to attract more audience of various ages…

Of course, before this happens, would the grand finale of his “War Heroes” make it to the news headline?

From a different perspective, Lin Jianzhong is already so far gone and disillusioned that he no longer cared about the industry. He had put all of his earnest efforts into making a film that was tailored for both history and reality, and yet nobody ever paid much attention to it. Perhaps his standards were just too niche for the audience…

Lin Jianzhong had realized those famous popular shows on the market were always full of superficial gimmicks. Either that, or some famous and good looking artist having screentime in the show. He could not afford to hire those high paying actors who had a following of zealous fans, as such, he could only produce a film full of said gimmicks. He would then mix in all the popular elements into his war film in order to make it a godly film!

This did not just apply to television dramas, elegance would never compete with vulgar fan-services in other fields. Even in web novels, the most popular ones were none other than hollow literature which was riddled with countless plot holes, as some carefree readers would still pay without hesitating. Readers who were slightly niche would end up viewing pirated versions instead. The number of people encouraging the pirated industry would only affect the income of the author. With insufficient income, serious authors who wanted to produce some masterpieces from their hearts and souls would eventually be forced to quit…

Without any other choices, those authors with their own standards would also end up writing hollow literature instead. This was harsh, cruel reality, a fine example of how bad money drives out good money.

Lin Jianzhong was thankful for the “intoxicated state” that took hold of him on the previous day, it had led him down a new path of inspiration, and no longer felt lost. He might become one of the first few who has ever filmed the greatest godly films of turning the Russian army into mincemeat.

That troublemaker Zhao Youyue was completely unaware that all of this was transpiring behind her back, neither was she aware of how thankful the creator was for the mess she had created. She actually thought that the author would snip out everything that she has created the moment he gets a grip of himself, and would only take some part of it as his inspiration. Those messed up abilities of “Tan Xiaoya” were indeed interesting, as these abilities had been inspired by another godly film from another world. Since Tan Xiaoya was already possessed by a Heroic Spirit, her ridiculous powers would actually make some sense.

Zhao Youyue wanted to see what would happen after she inspires the original creator. Hmm Would he change the plotline of “War Heroes”? Would it somehow remain realistic, or would it gain some fanservice…

It seemed impossible to accept the entire ridiculous plot, however hard you try to. She even realized that she overdid it a little by pretending it to be a dream, and had messed things up to her heart’s content. In fact, she was pretty satisfied with it. In that dream, she was just like a person with a messiah-complex, or with a Midas touch. Such dreams are pleasant, aren’t they? At the end of it, they will soon realize they were still a normal person, without being rich after waking up, but that could not be helped, right? Reality still has to run its course.

In the cooldown period of the “Two Dimensional Gate”, Zhao Youyue had successfully lifted all the weight off her chest, causing total disarray. Her monthly test was just around the corner, and indeed, she wanted to prove herself in this upcoming test.

Of course, she will never neglect watching the final two episodes of “War Heroes”. Oh, and she can watch it together with her dad who was a military buff.