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A crazy character setting

She intended to get herself fully informed of her situation whenever she finds herself in another random story, courtesy of the Two Dimensional Gate, no matter how boring, awful, or distasteful the work was to her.

Like “Pure Romance”, under normal circumstances, Zhao Youyue would never read such an erotic, school-based harem manga. However, since she has traveled into this world, she has committed the whole story to memory with all her heart. She believed that understanding the plot is vital if she wants to make things work.

It was also probably due to her preference for the endless, survival type dimension-traveling ‘Isekai’ novels. These novels have always stressed one thing knowledge is power. Protagonists would often strive to learn as much as they possibly can about the new, strange worlds they find themselves in.

Of course, in this TV drama “War heroes”, she has entered the world with the clear intention of destroying the story. The original storyline should just buzz off!

Initially, she was not looking forward to the quality that “War Heroes” would offer. However, when she forced herself through the story, she realized the drama was actually not that bad. Perhaps, it was because she lacked experience with war movies, for she was actually taken aback after witnessing the cruelty of war. She then understood that war was no child’s play, and you the pen was not always mightier than the sword. When words do not get through, you might have to spill your blood, or pay for freedom with your life!

The script for this drama was based on the historical war against Russia. It borrowed the events of that famous war as inspiration, and came as close as they could to portraying realism.

The male protagonist Liu Xing, was the commander of one of the Chinese people’s brigade. It was called the “Fierce Tiger’s Regiment”, and all the members were very capable fighters in their own right. He was the perfect hero. He had no weaknesses besides being a little hot-blooded and cynical at times.

Liu Xing was a very patriotic man. He would spill his blood or even lay down his life for his country. At the same time, he cared about all his troop members and treated them as his own brothers. He would use any necessary means to help his brothers!

He also took his family bond very seriously, and he cared deeply for his only sister, Liu Qing. However, she was just a university student in the drama, and would never make an appearance in the frontlines.

As for our main protagonist Liu Xing, not only does he have to battle the Russians, he also has to deal with the bullshit coming from his idiotic superior, Liang Feifan. Liang Feifan stood for all that is corrupt and self-serving and cowardly in the military, and it was just impossible for such character to exist in the real world. After all, the character would mightly end up being tried for defaming the army.

However, in this world, the scale of your story could go to any length. After all, the way they filmed it was similar to an American drama. You could broadcast the show while filming it without needing the approval of any authoritative association.

The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People’s Republic of China was a terrible department. It should not exist, because it only served to irritate the viewers, scriptwriters, and directors alike!

Liang Feifan came from a noble family. He was a selfish person and sought nothing but profit. He was jealous of talented people, especially Liu Xing who was an exceptionally skilled soldier. Not only would he keep picking on Liu Xing, he would even claim credit for the latter’s military exploits. He was particularly afraid for the day if Liu Xing is promoted and leaves his team, where people would realize that he is actually an incompetent buffoon.

If you were watching the drama in Liu Xing’s shoes, it would be a story of tormenting the main protagonist. This was all because Liu Xing would constantly endure hardships for his country, reaching the limit as to how much a hero could cope with. Not only did he have to face the cruel Russians, he still had to bear with the pressure coming from upstairs. Foreign, domestic, he somehow finds a way to survive it!

Perhaps the director, Ling Jianzhong intended to use this method to portray Liu Xing’s heroism. However, this well-produced drama was too aggravating for the viewers. It was unbearable for the viewers to see him fighting the Russians while being tortured by his superiors!

The important part was that when Liu Xing is on the front lines; Liang Feifan would be seducing his wife, Zhao Dongni. The story was getting outrageous, as the main protagonist was being picked on, too excessively. What was the director trying to proof here, that the hero would definitely be cheated on and still forgives her later on?

Luckily this was just a TV drama. As a drama, it was easier to accept that the main protagonist being cuckolded compared to a novel. This is because motion pictures lacked the inner voice within a character’s mind that had readers sitting directly in the mind of the victim, and thus, it carried a less direct effect. American dramas are awash with NTR scenes, as if they could not be anything else but an American drama without complicated relationships.

The current plot had reached a whole new level of picking on the main protagonist. The little girl, Tan Xiaoya, whose whole family was slaughtered by the Russians, had been shot in the chest and was bleeding her life out. Death in the next episode seemed to be the only possible outcome. Naturally, this was meant to serve as a switch for Liu Xing to unleash his rage and tear apart the Russian elite troop, “Alpha” as his unquenchable thirst for vengeance only grow further!

In reality, this was also what his superior Liang Feifan would love to see. He wanted the members of “Fierce Tiger Regiment” who were loyal to Liu Xing to die on the battlefield. Moreover, he wanted Liu Xing to lose all his brothers and end up alone!

Obviously, the development of the plot would have Liu Xing fighting the Alpha elite team. Then, even though he is able to kill some of the enemy, his “Fierce Tiger’s Regiment” members would suffer severe losses

Zhao Youyue had already figured out the thought-patterns of this director/ scriptwriter, Ling Jianzhong. He would incessantly torture the main protagonist to show the cruelty of a war while portraying the heroic perseverance of Liu Xing!

However, he did not understand what viewers actually wanted to watch. Viewers always loved a classic tale of good triumphing over evil. Regardless of story showing how the hero smashes the Russians up or repeatedly humiliates his superior Liang Feifan, it would greatly please the viewers. In the end, just because he is the hero, he has to endure everything and give his very soul away for the good of his country?

What a boring, clich, mainstream trope!

That night, Zhao Youyue had a very detailed conversation with her father Zhao Jiayi, who was a military buff. In the end, her father expressed that he wanted a war movie where people totally overpower the Russians with modern weaponry, decades ahead of the technology back then!

Zhao Youyue could not hold back her laughter. She told herself that this was very similar to the pattern of a certain exaggerated anti-Japan drama. This was because inter-dimensional weapons would always appear in these kinds of dramas, such as AK47, Gatling guns, and AWP sniper rifles. Thus, she decided that the first ability of Tan Xiaoya would be the power to summon all kinds of modern weapons. Countless guns and weapons would appear with just a ripple in the dimension behind her, just like opening the King’s treasure!

Of course, it was not enough to have only one power, she also wanted to have all the abilities that the main protagonists had in those anti-Japan dramas. For instance, there was this “dumpling grenade” which could be eaten as a delicacy, or be thrown as a bomb. As for martial arts, her choice definitely would be “Bare-hand strength”. She could use her cute little hands and rip tanks apart with “bare-hand strength”!

She would even have a bag filled with stones that could bring down a plane. By flinging those stones, she would be able to strike down any Japanese plane flying in the air!

Oh, let’s not forget curving bullets. Every bullet she fires will curve in the air according to her desire. Therefore, it was no longer impossible to have a headshot on a target, 800 miles away!

Of course, her most powerful weapon would be the Italian cannon. One shot would level an entire city!

She was so powerful because she was actually a heroic servant from another dimension. She answered to the summoning and possessed Tan Xiaoya who was almost dead. Her real name wasLee Yunlong!

She was a Saber class.