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Time to Rush Home for some binge-watching

The final period for the afternoon was Zhao Youyue’s favorite subject, meaning that she could return home earlier…

She intended to return home and finish all six episodes of “War Heroes” which had been aired recently. Its lifespan might not go beyond ten chapters, which also meant that this whole thing could end within a month. After all, the ratings of this drama were simply abysmal.

As of now, apart from activating “Xu Jing’s Card” in class, Zhao Youyue was still mostly her normal self on other occasions. In fact, her phone was as much a part of her as her actual body, and she would feel uncomfortable if she does not touch her phone during the day!

Due to the high risk of playing her phone during classes, as well as wasting her time daydreaming around, she decided to activate “Xu Jing’s Card” during the entire period to keep her attention glued to the class. This way, whenever she deactivates “Xu Jing’s Card”, she would feel exceptionally enlightened. This was because she had actually committed all the important points to memory, while also being completely certain that she had not overlooked anything important out of carelessness.

Zhao Youyue came to a realization that this feeling of accomplishment was very addictive. However, after classes ended, her addiction to her phone only got worse. Since she already had a thorough grasp of the contents that her teacher has covered in class, she had no need to refer to her phone when doing the handouts. Even the difficult questions seemed easier than ever. So, shouldn’t she have the free time of her life, having breezed through all the sheets?

Zhao Youyue’s “after-class” actions were noticed by some, thus shaking their heads while thinking to themselves. Why would the black horse appear at the end of semester exam, showing its true self in the face of the upcoming monthly test? Would she actually be able to achieve good grades if she is never serious for even a moment?


One of them who paid such a close attention to Zhao Youyue was her previous deskmate, Zhou Fang. She was seriously displeased over the fact that Zhao Youyue’s class ranking had surpassed hers, ranking seventh in class. Too bad for this arrogant twat, she will definitely surpass Zhao Youyue in the following monthly test and reclaim her dignity as an elite scholar!

Unfortunately, she did not notice how attentive Zhao Youyue was during lessons. Truthfully speaking, as long as a person remains efficient in class, it would totally make any hard work later on redundant and unnecessary. Thus, in order to slack after class hours, one should pay full attention during lessons.

Zhao Youyue couldn’t care less about how others viewed her. As of now, she was 120 percent confident that she will score with flying colors. “Xu Jing’s Card”, only sent her confidence gushing over the brim!

Zhao Youyue adored Xu Jing, “her wife” the most and will never abandon her wife as long as she lives.

After the end of the third period, Zhao Youyue started to pack her things slowly.

“Going home early again, Lady Zhao?” her green-eyed deskmate Jiang Qing sneered in envy.

“That’s right, rushing home to watch a war film.” Zhao Youyue replied.

“War film? What’s so nice about war films? It’s totally meaningless and only boys will love the sound of gunfire and cannons…” Jiang Qing drawled, based on her personal opinion towards war films.

“Maybe it’s because of my boyish personality? Don’t you think that I’m manly?” with a slight smile, Zhao Youyue reached out and raised Jiang Qing’s chin slightly.

Jiang Qing laughed while pushing off Zhao Youyue’s hand, shaking her head and said, “Manly? You are totally like a gentle and caring little elder sister!”

“Come on, I’m very manly, actually. That’s because I have no interest in men at all. Doesn’t this mean that I’m attracted to the same sex?” Zhao Youyue explained in a serious tone.

“Ya ya ya, Lady Zhao you are the manliest man ever! Your servant pays her respects to you!” said the little angel Jiang Qing who was always obedient towards the lady of the Zhao family. This is because she has already been conquered by Zhao Youyue’s sugar-coated cannons. Since then, she would only think of how to please Zhao Youyue in order to keep her within arm’s length.

At this state, regardless of it being weekdays or the hard to come by half days on weekends, she would follow Zhao Youyue to have a taste of various delicacies. Jiang Qing would be as cheerful as a fairy. How great would it be if she could follow Lady Zhao forever…

Zhao Youyue could only let out a sigh. Since she could not show how manly she is in the real world, her only chance to flaunt it would be in the other world. All she wanted was the whole Russian Empire to tremble before a young warrior girl!

As the other students were heading towards the sports ground, basketball field or returning to their dorms, Zhao Youyue had finally packed up for the day. Of course, her private ride was already waiting outside the gates.

Zhao Youyue headed towards the school gates while tapping away on her phone. She was collecting more information related to “War Heroes” while at the same time pondering on the manner and means of causing trouble to this unsuspecting drama series.

Dramas are not like any other novel or manga, after all. It mainly requires a director, actors, cameramen and plenty of other crew members to finish the production. Without a doubt, all of these people are creators too!

Would they be united in “intoxication” as well?

Zhao Youyue suddenly had this strong interest in joining the filming crew of “War Heroes”. If her troublemaking contents are actually filmed and aired, she must then plan a tour to visit the scene when the entire filming crew is “intoxicated”…

“Yo, leaving early again, Tycoon Youyue?” Han Leng was holding a ping pong bat, apparently he had a game waiting for him.

Zhao Youyue did not avert her gaze from her phone and replied as she walked by. “You are right, great scholar Han. You wouldn’t think that I am some top student just like what everyone else thinks, right?”

As Han Leng was rather close to Zhao Youyue, he was not able to take offense to that sarcastic remark. Instead, he felt a romantic knot forming in his heart merely from being able to walk side by side with Zhao Youyue. Unfortunately.. these sentiments were all one-sided.

“Without a doubt, someone with great results will definitely be a top student Anyway, for your information, you are currently the most well-known reader on the Qidian site. Your nickname has frequently appeared in the author group chats. Not to mention, plenty of authors are fantasizing about their novels catching your eye and being tipped a Silver Sect Master!”

“Oh? What about you? If you have share similar fantasies, I should reward you too. Just consider it as your contribution of that gentle reminder earlier on,” Zhao Youyue gave a gentle smile while speaking in a manner that was neither serious nor in jest.

“It’s fine!” Han Leng rejected her offer right away. He suddenly felt that he should not have helped Zhao Youyue with that apology letter in the beginning for the sake of money. Perhaps to her, Han Leng was just a tool that could easily be bought away with money.

The people in Zhao family certainly treated everyone like dogs!

Of course, being a dog of the Zhao family is better off than living as a human being.

However, Han Leng’s intense pride had taken over again, and he left Zhao Youyue for his ping-pong game. He was pricked by Zhao Youyue’s unintended sense of superiority, which once again only existed in his delusional mind.

Zhao Youyue raised her head and was stunned at Han Leng who suddenly left. She was rather baffled but paid no further heed to it.

After she reached home, Zhao Youyue directly used her computer and began watching “War Heroes”. She kept her eyes peeled open, not letting a single detail escape her gaze.