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The Harem of Zhao Youyue

Zhao Youyue was no perfectionist, so she did not feel it necessary for all of her character cards to become iconic characters. She would try to possess those abilities that made themselves available, while calculating the best stats for herself.

She certainly did not expect that Rosemary would use his own writing ability to transform Yu Shengfan into an actual icon!

Whenever an e-sport genre novel is mentioned, “The Strongest King” would also be brought up, as this was the first web novel that had ever obtained a thousand Sect Masters, it was simply the number one book on e-sports! Readers would always remember that most heart-wrenching twist of the novel Little Fish passing away before she could dazzle the stage of the world professional tournament with her amazing gaming talents.

Those regrets that Yu Shengfan had left behind, were also the feelings sincerely shared by readers in reality. Only Lin Feng and Tang Yongkai could remember her existence in the novel world, but in reality, she would always be remembered by everyone who felt sorry for her and loved her…

If an ordinary author kills one of their famous female characters, the reputation of that literary work would surely suffer a great dive. But with Rosemary’s writing ability, the popularity of “The Strongest King” was now heading towards the opposite way! Tons of talented readers were mourning for Little Fish because they loved her, and of course, that tragic fate of hers had caused Bilibili to be filled with MAD videos featuring her!

All of this had attracted more readers to it, and even though some of them originally did not enjoy reading web novels, but they were interested in the culture of the two dimensions. At the conclusion of the anime, “The King’s Avatar”, the original novel was ranked on the top ten of Qidian’s trending board. This would mean a monthly income of at least a hundred thousand to the author!

This is a fine example of how an anime could give rise to a certain novel. Without a doubt, “The Strongest King” had the same trend, even though it still had no anime of itself, chances of one being developed were very likely.

Little Fish’s death had been a rocketship for “The Strongest King”!

Rosemary certainly had the strength, but it did not mean that the other authors would have it too. Even though some may achieve it through their hard work, at the end of the day, writing required talent, and when a comparison is made between a gifted and hardworking author, an ordinary author could only let out a dejected sigh…

After shifting the blame, Ye Hai contacted Zhao Youyue immediately and apologized with sincerity. He explained the reason of him having to kill Yu Shengfan, which was all because he had lost his best inspiration, and could no longer write any of those awesome abusive words uttered by Yu Shengfan herself! Plus, this side character had outshined the other characters as well. Half-*ssing her other appearances would only ruin her stature. So, after going through much consideration, he decided to give a bento to Yu Shengfan.

To show his sincerity, he allowed Zhao Youyue to view his unpublished drafts which consisted of ten thousand words. He did not just want Little Fish to die in vain, but as depressed as he was, he had tried his best to turn Little Fish into an iconic character, all because he loved Little Fish deeply.

Guess we have to admit, that the way Rosemary justifies his actions, and the way he manages things around, it was all rather praiseworthy.

What else could Zhao Youyue do after listening to Rosemary’s explanations? Of course, she chose to forgive him!

How fortunate it is that Rosemary did not mess things up, or else her high popularity character card would break into pieces before she could even warm it up…

Zhao Youyue was pretty much drowned in her deep thoughts. She did not expect that Rosemary would be so greatly affected, just because she had left the novel earlier. He was stuck due to his great loss of inspiration, but luckily he had been able to overcome it, as he had considerable experience in writing, otherwise this literary work would crumble into pieces.

Zhao Youyue soon realized that her early exit would bring up benefits, but the risks seemed intense too! In these recent years, authors were becoming quite unreliable. As long as there is no end to their work, they could definitely stir up a lot of trouble.

Most of the literary creators do not have their own summaries, or would perpetually milk their work, not letting it conclude peacefully. As such, they would only write it with a smooth touch whenever inspirations come crashing in. However, their poorly done writing usually occurred during their loss of inspiration, and this would even lead to much unwanted trouble…

Zhao Youyue realized that she would have to minimize her influence on the author if she ever wants to exit the novel earlier. As a matter of fact, she would have to set the character’s traits based on the writing style of a particular author. Zhao Youyue had given Yu Shengfan the ‘venomous tongue’ trait. Even Rosemary was at loss for words when it comes to writing out such abusive contents, and thus, Rosemary had no choice but to remove her.

Zhao Youyue would burst into rage whenever she thought about it!

She missed the moments of when she first entered the “King of Superpower”, where she had wreaked havoc in it. Her super railgun had managed to kill the main protagonist with one shot, and that unrestricted feeling was undoubtedly awesome!

Unfortunately, she had slipped through the chance of obtaining any abilities or iconic characters.

The “Two Dimensional Gate” surely had its “Equivalent Exchange”. When you are all prepared to acquire an ability in that world, you will need to immerse yourself into that literary world, without forcing any weird characteristics onto the characters. On top of that, if you obtain a certain ability earlier, you would have to bear the risks of losing it all…

The same went to the creators. Whenever Zhao Youyue enters your literary work, it would bring up either fortune or misfortune. Your work would become famous with the help of Zhao Youyue’s existence, and of course, money and fame would roll in sooner or later… But, you will lose the power of controlling the plot, as you will find yourself being immersed in the “inspirational state” or even get “bewitched” by your own work.

Whenever Zhao Youyue exits the novel earlier, you will awake from your self-imposed enchantment, and all inspiration will fade. You will also lose the ability to continue writing and will soon realize that you could no longer greatly describe the highly popular character who was once possessed by Zhao Youyue. If you do not guard your characters carefully, your entire work would just disintegrate.

At that moment, Zhao Youyue activated the “Yu Shengfan’s possession” mode. All she wanted to do was to distinguish the difference between an iconic character card with a highly popular character card.

She already knew that Rosemary had added new settings to Yu Shengfan’s character. Poor Little Fish, who had to endure excruciating pain with her frail body, playing her games while consuming medicated drugs!

Zhao Youyue was well prepared for the intense pain felt by Yu Shengfan when she activated her possession mode. But other than being greatly despaired, she felt nothing on her body!

That is right, this is her own body, a healthy and lively body. This indicated that the “Yu Shengfan’s possession” would not change her physical body function.

One decisive fact was that this cancer had been set up by Rosemary, and it was probably nonexistent in reality!

That fictional cancer that did not obey the conventional rules of science, there was no way it could happen in reality. Nobody would still be that strong after suffering from cancer and consuming tons of medicine! In fact, most readers would simply flit over such minor details, especially in a state of intense reading.

If that’s the case, Zhao Youyue was wondering if she could acquire some ridiculous power through the “Two Dimensional Gate”, something that could only be obtained with her lineage…

Zhao Youyue could only explore the “Two Dimensional Gate” slowly, as it did not have an instructional manual, indeed it was a mysterious thing. But then, how does this “Two Dimensional Gate” materialize a readers’ will. It still remained unknown to her.

Zhao Youyue was now rest assured that Little Fish would become an iconic character and at last, she could finally begin exploring the fourth literary world! What kind of pleasant surprise will it bring her, next?

In order to obtain the following ability, she would have to take note of the particular realm that she enters next, and may need to make minor adjustments, according to its background. Of course, she definitely did not want to get herself disappointed, just like back then, when she had planned on acquiring an artistic talent, only to eventually end up in the gaming realm…

Of course, this had ended up as a brilliant attempt! At least she is now unbeatable in gaming, and had turned out to be the mightiest champion, one who was even a braggadocious king while at it! Her mom would no longer have to worry about her English results!

Even though she hated the totally unplanned outcome of this latest addition, she would never sacrifice any of her iconic character cards. Regardless of it being Sister Jing or Little Fish, both of them were her precious, her harem!