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: Acquired an Iconic Character Card!

This raging comment section had now devolved as a place for readers to vent their sadness and anger, and while also turning into a place for them to comfort each other.

Everyone was criticizing Rosemary as if he had committed a crime that would appear on news headlines all over the world, they were all adding words like “curse you, Rosemary, give me back my Yu Shengfan”. Some of them even demanded that he change the plot, or else they would abandon the book immediately!

Actually, an experienced author would acknowledge this interesting fact. Readers who make up such a fuss are usually those who will not give up halfway, no matter how much they rage and threaten to boycott the author. Yet, they would still be here, up until the grand finale, even if they were not entirely honest about it…

Those who would really abandon the book would do it without uttering a single word. A minority of readers did give up on this book just because of that heart-wrenching disappointment. They had even placed Rosemary in their blacklist, because they had been mentally scarred by it.

Those who complained and threatened to send Rosemary blades were just throwing their tantrums, they would still read the novel like true masochists. Such readers are far more common than you think. Even though they get hurt by the author again and again, but still, they would never learn their lessons.

That’s right, these innocent, adorable and naive readers can be coaxed easily…

After the great author, Ye Hai updated his latest 20 chapters, he had been paying close attention to the comment section. Seeing the reactions of these innocent cute readers left him feeling extremely delighted!

As low as an author would go, was to ask for money and results, whereas a better author would achieve their own standards while pursuing money. Besides, the best authors would accomplish all of the above and create something so amazing that it would shock the audience. Perhaps, this may be the power of creating something iconic!

Even though he was most pleased with the results, he did not intend to express it. Instead, he wrote an open letter, shifting the blame as always

“I certainly did not plan to kill Little Fish, but it couldn’t be helped. You guys might not believe me, but Little Fish became alive under my pen, Little Fish seemed to possess her own soul as I continued writing, because I could not control the letters that appeared before my eyes! It was not my intention to kill her, but her death was certainly her fate! After discussing this with Su Li, she agreed as well. Little Fish was actually a cameo requested by my number one Sect Master “Youyue”. For now, I can only sincerely apologize to all of the readers who supported my work. From now on, I guarantee that the story will only become interesting than before…”

The reason Ye Hai was good at shifting the blame was probably because he was a veteran player in “LoL” himself. He was the one who gave a bento to his own female character, who had the highest popularity, just because he was so drowned in his own inspirations. But then, his explanation was all about the character becoming alive, who developed her own will and had caused this to happen.

If Yu Shengfan really does emerge from the literary world, the first thing that she would do was none other than torturing Ye Hai who loved playing games. She would kill Ye Hai in every possible way and would hunt Ye Hai down, and kill him until he begins doubting the value of his own life. Not to mention, she would want to relieve him from his game addiction, so that he could focus on writing his novels!

In fact, “Yu Shengfan” actually did come out from the novel, and. became Zhao Youyue. After looking at the blame shifting letter, she let out a cry shameless old sly!

Zhao Youyue realized how blind she was when she thought that Rosemary was more reliable than Su Li, instead, he was actually some black-hearted guy! How naive of her to compare Su Li to that old sly Rosemary!

Urgh, those carefree and innocent fans of Rosemary, of course, they would support Rosemary for shifting the blame and believe him, no matter what. Thus, the comments under the open letter were as followed

“So that’s the truth huh? It’s not that easy for Rosemary too! I’m looking forward to your follow-up work.”

“It seems like Rosemary was pretty innocent, wasn’t he? He had no control over his plot development. A lot of authors have said similar things too, perhaps this was not an excuse after all, but the truth…”

“Am I the only one who noticed that Su Li actually agreed with Rosemary? The one who suggested to kill Little Fish, could that person probably be Su Li, that former convict?”

“You’re not the only one! I sincerely believe Su Li was the bento devil! She gave out so many bentos to her characters at the grand finale of “Pure Romance”! It’s highly possible that she might have suggested the killing of Little Fish, so she could again play with people’s hearts on the manga version…”

“Not just Su Li, that Tycoon “Youyue” is probably an accomplice too. As the fella who requested the female cameo, how could she not know beforehand that things would end up like this! She even said that this book will never have any sad and depressing scenes, how malicious has society become!”

“Rosemary had no bad intentions, Su Li and Tycoon “Youyue” are the bad ones! Both of them already knew what will happen to Little Fish, but instead, they kept quiet about it, watching everyone suffer, as all of us are caught unawares! Look how sneaky they are, women are indeed insidious!”

No one else in this world could ever shift the blame like how Rosemary did!

On the social media platform of Weibo, Rosemary’s posts were not as attractive as Su Li’s, even though he had a few hundred thousands of fans. Su Li was indeed an attractive and beautiful mangaka, so it came as no surprise that she was popular on Weibo. Furthermore, Su Li updated her Weibo status on a frequent basis. Rosemary did not manage his Weibo that much, as he was more focused on writing his book, and perhaps in the near future, someone would eventually manage the page for him when he gains more popularity.

Naturally, as the mangaka of “The Strongest King”, Su Li had to carry the blame, unfortunately. Her Weibo was once again under the attack of some furious readers, all of them were cursing at this heartless author who had agreed that Rosemary should kill Little Fish!

Rosemary’s actions left Su Li dumbfounded. The next thing she did was to clear off her name on Weibo, “Rosemary you old sly fox, I’m just an illustrator, and you’re the original creator! Get a hold of yourself, how can you shift this blame on me? I’m really fond of Little Fish too, so I’m gonna say this as well Curse you, Rosemary, return me my Yu Shengfan!”

Without any questions, Little Fish’s death did not decrease the popularity of “The Strongest King”, but it rocked the whole internet, increasing its popularity to a whole new level!

Besides, readers who had skills and talent began to create their own MAD[1] videos featuring Little Fish, and uploaded them onto Bilibili. In a split second, videos about Little Fish had completely overtaken the trending page of Bilibili! Many doujin artists and writers began to take action, using their own creativity to continue the glorious tales of Little Fish!

Zhao Youyue wanted to question Rosemary’s actions as she was intensely furious at that moment! As she was preparing to exact her vengeance for Little Fish in the game, she realized that the timer for “Yu Shengfan’s card” has vanished! What a pleasant surprise!

Yu Shengfan has been transformed into a memorable iconic character from this wave of controversy and popularity!

How is this possible?

Is this the legendary “earning a victory in your sleep”?

Translation Note :

1. MAD – a Manga/Anime/Doujin cultured media creation.