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Curse you Rosemary, bring my Yu Shengfan back!

Even a veteran reader like Zhao Youyue who would always be well-prepared for the worst had nearly cried, let alone those readers who were completely blindsided.

There is this cute innocent female reader whose name is “MoonshinesonCloud27”. She had tipped a Sect Master reward to “The Strongest King” after she noticed the sudden influx of the 20 chapters. As she was happily chatting in the group called “ElegantPeople”, she tipped another 100 RMB to show her sincerity…

The number 272077752 was the group number for “ElegantPeople”. This group is formed entirely by cute, female readers only, just like what the name implies. All of them were quite wealthy, and enjoyed sharing their favorite titles with members of the group. Sometimes they would even organize meet-up and group activities for fun.

Of course, the fair, rich and beautiful Zhao Youyue was also in the group as an admin, since Zhao Youyue was quite famous on Qidian. Her popularity was almost the same as the “Sect Master WistfulFallenSoot” or “Sect Master Fning”.

Forms of entertainment have increased over the years, which made novels and mangas less entertaining than watching anime, dramas, movies, and playing games. Therefore, a large number of tycoons had retired from Qidian, and moved on to other platforms such as live broadcasting. Instead of leaving, out came Zhao Youyue who had other intentions, and she was also known as Tycoon “Youyue”.

If it wasn’t for the “Two Dimensional Gate”, Zhao Youyue would not be bragging about her status as a famous reader, as well as being one of the leading composers of trending book lists. She possessed great influence, and could even request for a female cameo from any author without a hitch.

Now that Zhao Youyue is this super tycoon reader, her influence would surely be the same as the director…

The reason Zhao Youyue was able to become the admin of the group was none other than due to her fame, her wealthy background and her trending booklist. Not to mention, every book she has read would turn out to be a reader’s trend. But sadly, she was still a high-school student, so she could not make any adorable new friends from their gatherings.

However, there were no couples in “The Strongest King”, and because of this, it could fulfill the fantasies of fujoshis, so it definitely could satisfy the female readers as well.

After “MoonshinesonCloud27” notified her besties about the updates of the book, she began reading the book without further wasting her time…

Happy and eager, she settled down and got to reading. But, as she continued reading, her emotions went downhill. She just could not describe her feelings thoroughly with words, it was as if she had fallen from a mountain down into an abyss!

Her heart shattered into little fine pieces!

Rosemary has lost his mind!

The female character who had the utmost popularity! The one who could have overtaken the role of the main protagonist! That blonde, twintails lolita, who was actually moe, was given a bento after all!

She certainly could not accept such a development!

Why did a cute little girl like Little Fish, have to suffer such tragic fate? Couldn’t she end up fighting alongside Lin Feng in the professional arena, conquering the eight-alliance nations?

After finishing the updated chapters in one go, “MoonshinesonCloud27” could not help herself but silently shed tears, especially after reading Little Fish’s diary…

She felt deeply sorry for Yu Shengfan, as she wanted the whole world to know that she did exist. Just a little bit more time, and she could have joined Lin Feng’s glorious team, conquering that world tournament together. Then, the whole world would know about the existence of this genius gamer – “Unpleasant Rain”!

Her flawless techniques and proficiency in multiple languages would break her opponent’s morale. She played solo in the upper lane, and could always tear through the entire lane, all by herself!

She would be a freak when attacking the back row, and was a nightmare to all ranged heroes. Careless players would witness the beautiful sword mistress approaching them, unsheathing her sword to unleash a fancy, deadly combo that would finish them off. After witnessing that fancy sword skill of hers, most of them would be jolted from the stupor only to realize that their screens have turned grey…

Of course, these were all just the imaginations of “MoonshinesonCloud27”. That scumbag author who killed Little Fish, had already cut her out from her fantasies!

Hmm Who in the novel would still remember Little Fish?

Probably just Old Lin, who felt extremely sorry for Little Fish, and even had a nightmare over it. He was the only one who had once killed Little Fish in the game, and sometimes he even blamed himself for killing her. Was he the sole cause of Little Fish’s death?

This was obviously another plan of Rosemary and of course, as invincible as Lin Feng was, he still was not without weakness. He would have to overcome his own weakness in order to walk out from the gloomy shadows of Little Fish’s death, to become stronger than ever!

The great author Rosemary truly possessed such a strong ability to write electrifying plotlines. Even though Lin Feng looked invincible, but still, he had lots to learn and was still held back by many forms of inhibitions. Right after he acquired “Unpleasant Rain’s” account from Little Fish, he would continue forging the incomplete unique weapon…

Now, more stories are about to unfold.

Little Fish’s death had forged open a new path for “The Strongest King”.

Even though Little Fish’s death pretty much passed in the novel, unbeknownst to the bulk of its occupants, readers truly felt for her. Her name was now deeply engraved on every readers’ heart!

From a logical perspective, Little Fish’s death had helped the book progress, but the comment section was full of emotional comments

“Fkfkfkfkfk! I tipped a Sect Master reward because I saw the updates of the 20 chapters. I can’t believe that old sly Rosemary killed my favorite Little Fish! Please give me the address of that old sly Rosemary, I’m gonna send him blades to his doorstep! Those blades will carry the price of a Silver Sect Master!”

“I actually cried!!! There’s no way for a man like me to whimper over a dead person in the novel, this fking dog!!! I’m really not a lolicon…”

“Who was the one who defended that old sly Rosemary in the previous thread? I got caught off-guard because I actually believed in that bullsh*t, and now it just slapped me right across the face!”

“I started reading it, because it was in Tycoon “Youyue’s” recommended book list, I initially thought that there would be a heartwarming father-daughter battle between those two? The novel is just halfway through, and Little Fish has already received a bento, are you telling me that Lin Feng’s gonna die too, so that he can finish the battle with Little Fish in hell?”

“The recommended book list by Tycoon “Youyue” was total bullsh*t! Rosemary certainly had the “healing” capabilities, and she promised that Rosemary wouldn’t do such a thing, I’m such a fool for believing that…”

“All abort, all abort! I repeat, all abort! Without Little Fish, there’s nothing left to read, a trash among the heaps of trash!”

“Curse you Rosemary, give me back my Yu Shengfan!”