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: Zhao Youyue, played for a fool

Zhao Youyue had created the character “Xu Jing”, who was a silent, expressionless and emotionless elite scholar. As “Xu Jing” walked towards the sea in the ending of “Pure Romance”, she barely felt a thing and even wanted to morbidly laugh at it.

This was because she already knew the ending beforehand. After all, there was nothing to be depressed about if you are the one who had orchestrated the ending. Since she already knew the ending of the story, there would not be much impact if she relives it from Su Li’s comic in reality

Anyhow, Zhao Youyue was rather uninterested in harem manga such as “Pure Romance”. Moreover, Su Li’s ability to storyboard was horrible. She became Su Li’s fan, not because of her work. Instead, she had acquired the ability of “Addiction to study” through Su Li’s works, which she needed badly.

On top of that, Su Li was also a gorgeous person, who possessed a great personality. She treated her “God of Tycoon” readers with the best services and pleased them as much as she possibly could. The latest manga adaptation of “The Strongest King” was also to Zhao Youyue’s liking; hence she had boldly tipped her a Silver Sect Master when the manga was finally released. In other words, this was also another way to greatly boost the reputation of “The Strongest King”.

It could be said that Su Li’s manga had pretty much trapped the hearts of those otakus and fujoshis, and flung them down the pit of this novel. Thus, they had contributed a lot in making Rosemary a High God author.

In any case, she never saw this coming, not one bit, especially when she had decided to make her exit from “The Strongest King”. Just as she left the power of developing “The Strongest King’s” storyline in Rosemary’s hands, he gave her a huge “surprise,” after holding back for such a long time.

Zhao Youyue finished the 20 chapters in one shot. At that time, she did not even consider the changes that would take place in “Yu Shengfan’s” character card, as she was too absorbed in reading!

As a reader, she truly loved this particular work by Rosemary from the bottom of her heart. She was so eager to know the development of the story. It was a feeling she never had when reading “Pure Romance”, and this was because she had put all her heart and soul into this novel

The 20 chapters were sculpted meticulously by Rosemary. He had completely put all of his writing ability in this work, which was on par with the chapters that had been meddled by Zhao Youyue’s existence in the novel’s world!

Although Zhao Youyue had left the novel’s world, he was able to stir his feelings up with his own power and enter the land of inspirations and wonders. Even without Zhao Youyue, he could still come up with inspirations on his own!

After all, he loved this character way too much and had never once forced himself to write any scenes of the fish’s venomous tongue or how much she ran her mouth off. This was because he was afraid of reducing the charm that this little fish once had. Therefore, he chose to give this Little Fish an exit that would shock the world!

Lo and behold . That shocking exit would bedeath!

He wanted to craft this Little Fish into a memorable, iconic character that all readers would never forget!

Of course, her death must be derived from a “plot kill”. So technically speaking, Little Fish’s death was unexpected and came out of the blue, smack in the face of readers. Loads of readers were still expecting for Little Fish’s gibberish banter and taunts, which would only flourish during the world tournament, and allow contestants from other countries to be in awe

Sadly, they no longer had the chance to witness this scene anymore.

Even though her death was a little too sudden, Rosemary truly incredible writing skills.

Furthermore, he had uploaded the chapters late, with subtle foreshadowing concealed all over the story through his unnecessary paragraphs. He had successfully changed the cheerful atmosphere of the story into a depressing one.

This was also the reason many readers had been grumbling over the depreciating quality of the novel, to the point where they felt like giving up on the book before reading on. Actually, all of this fell into place by the plan meticulously set up by Rosemary. These 20 chapters were literally about how Little Fish had “battled and died” in glory while revealing the hidden plot that she had a chronic disease all along. Indeed, the previous chapters were pretty much suppressed, and everything had

been purposely set up, all for this huge shocking moment!

Regardless of how depressing this Little Fish’s death could be, anyone who reads this must admit that he did a great job with these 20 chapters. It was the ultimate climax that he has kept brewing, after all these times!

Sadly, thanks to how well-written the build-up was, the effect of Little Fish kicking the bucket was all the more devastating for the readers! It even got Zhao Youyue all fired up and excited during the big showdown between Little Fish and Lin Feng.

This was the first time Zhao Youyue has ever seen a novel that horribly messed up!

Actually, she was supposed to be the one holding all the power in stirring up trouble within the novel, and of course to take the author along for a messed up ride. Unfortunately this time, she never thought she would be fed a huge dose of her own medicine by Rosemary, after all this time!

Any onlooker would laugh at Zhao Youyue for being so overconfident and paying greatly as a result of her complacency

Now, Zhao Youyue had a better impression towards Han Leng and Su Li. Whenever Han Leng warns her, Su Li would also deliver the same warning about the recent exploits of the intoxicated Rosemary. She had even used herself as an example and further elaborated her similar predicament when she had wanted to draw “Xu Jing’s” death in the ending. She was very firm in showing off her drawing skills. No matter what, nobody could stand in her way; and those who dared to would make themselves her enemies!

Zhao Youyue was reminded by both Han Leng and Su Li that as a reader herself, she had to stay sharp and be aware. After all, authors did understand their peers in a better way

However, Zhao Youyue trusted Rosemary more, as she also preferred “The Strongest King”. Of course, Rosemary had a higher ranking among the authors as well. As a relatively new High God writer who had had three reputable Esport novels, surely he had to be better than both Su Li and Han Leng. Su Li had just become a professional mangaka not long ago, and Han Leng was probably a lousy writer, she assumed (If not, why he is always being so secretive about the names of his works, the results had to be terrible).

“The Strongest King” was the novel that turned Rosemary into a High God writer. On top of that, his character, Yu Shengfan was pretty close to becoming a female main protagonist who possessed a reputation that was no less than Lin Feng. How could he kill such a female character off in his writing?

It was the truth. Although Zhao Youyue had received the pre-warning from Han Leng and Su Li, she still could not imagine that Rosemary would have the guts to do it. Even she is not that heartless to “commit suicide” in the world of novels, and to push Rosemary into the pit. As a result, the moment she left the novel world, Rosemary took actions of his own!

What a crazy man!

This Rosemary is no doubt a lunatic!

In this era, you must not believe the promise given by the authors, no matter who!

Before this, he had been giving all sorts of promises on QQ that he would not put Little Fish through anything of that sort. In the end, he had lied to his number one Sect Master and almost made Zhao Youyue drown in tears after reading the latest chapters!

Without activating her character card, Zhao Youyue was nothing more than an ordinary high school girl. As a female herself, she was still susceptible to such touching contents. Even though she had the mentality of a saint, that was only if she is in the middle of handling objects and human relationships. This does not necessarily mean that she had no emotions of herself. Thus, she could only blame Rosemary for describing Little Fish’s death in such a heart-wrenching, tearful scene!

If Zhao Youye has finished reading her 20 chapters, naturally it would also mean that the other readers have finished reading it as well Suddenly, the book comment section of Rosemary’s “The Strongest King” blew up!

It was just like an earthquake of the highest magnitude!