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Giving Her Bento because Loving Her

Perhaps the authors who have their standards would more or less develop the sentiments of a young literature lover. They desired to construct some profound philosophies and engrave some characters in the mind of all readers for eternity…

The created characters would eventually become an icon, and the author’s literary work would pass down for generations!

Rosemary had decided to give Yu Shengfan bento, because he loved her, not to mention that she had outshined all the other characters. Without confessing his decision to Zhao Youyue, he replied so, “Lady Youyue, I’ll consider your suggestion. I truly love the character of Yu Shengfan too, and of course, I’ll increase her scenes. The next time she appears, I’d make sure everyone remembers her forever!”

Zhao Youyue realized that something went terribly wrong. She suddenly perceived a similar vibe to Su Li’s on Rosemary now.

She could not help asking, “Master Rosemary, are you going to let Xiao Yu die?”

Ye Hai stood up from his chair, revealing an unbelievable expression. How terrifying to possess such sharp instinct! This Lady Youyue could predict what he was about to do next?

He denied it subconsciously, “That’s impossible! Do I look like an author who enjoys writing pathetic dramas? Of course not, look at my previous works, I’ve never written any pathetic scenes!”

Ye Hai’s reputation was indeed a pleasant one. All the previous sequel of “LoL” had been illustrating how the main protagonist carried their team towards victory, and the ending where he was living together with his buddies happily ever after. All the plots were quite pleasing, without any miserable characters…

Of course, the previous female characters had suffered a miserable end. They were complained by the readers until they had hidden miraculously, then disappeared… It was rather interesting, as someone had even created a “Rosemary” meme — the Rosemary female characters.

However, Rosemary had “Yu Shengfan” as back up now, and nobody ever teased him anymore. Instead, all of them agreed that he had overcome his flaws, and was a step closer to becoming God!

Due to Rosemary’s reputation, Zhao Youyue chose to trust him and entrust the continuation of the plot to him. Meanwhile, she was also curious about Yu Shengfan’s performance under Rosemary’s writings.

Upon hearing Rosemary’s assurance, the doubts in her were gradually fading. All this while she had mistaken Rosemary, it might be her misconception that he wanted to cause a trouble. Perhaps she was sensitive as she herself had stirred up a lot of troubles?

Rosemary was an author with numerous years of novel writing experience. This book, “The Strongest King” was one of his best, so he definitely would not mess it up. This highly popular female character was already close to a heroine. Would he really make her die?

Definitely not!

Since she did not cause any trouble while possessing Yu Shengfan, let alone making her die on purpose. Rosemary was now in a clear-minded state, and not possible to be in an “intoxicated” state…

Now, Zhao Youyue had completely trusted Rosemary. Never would she have thought that once a reputed author who had always written happy stories decided to betray the readers, the effect would be more mind-blowing than ever!

Simply because their reputation could confuse their readers easily…

Obviously, no matter how rich Zhao Youyue was, she was nothing compared with Yu Shengfan in Ye Hai’s heart!

Do not underestimate an adamant author, especially one who had fallen head over heels for a character in his or her work.

Without a doubt, the “Dragon Raja” author, Jiang Nan must have loved Uesugi Erii deeply too.

She would become a memorable iconic character for the readers because the author loved her!

This was the greatest pleasure of being an author!

How could these mere readers understand the pain of an author?

Rosemary was not intoxicated!

He just had his own standards to pursue…

After giving it a thorough consideration, Ye Hai had decided upon the plot. Yu Shengfan’s death would be an impact on the plot, and she could create a realization upon Lin Feng who had always been addicted to gaming. The reality was as important as gaming, in order for him to become an ideal leader, he needed to learn taking care of others…

Well, these were the excuses Ye Hai had thought for himself as he wanted to give bento to Yu Shengfan. He had decided to stir up some troubles because he perceived that he would not cultivate the “best condition” anymore, and was not bothered about how it would end up.

Ye Hai regarded this as the farewell of his old self who was so fond of “Yu Shengfan”. Yu Shengfan who had outshined the other characters would always have a place in his memories, forever free from “The Strongest King”!

So he began writing more about Yu Shengfan. Eventually, she became thinner, with pale white expression, seemingly due to her training to be an immortal. The weirdest part was that her speech had become lesser while her interesting abusive and venomous words were nowhere to be found…

This was actually Ye Hai’s normal standards, he was not good at writing any invective, talkative characters. But he was good at writing characters with heavy burdens. He created an extremely sad atmosphere as if Yu Shengfan was a male character with a tragic backstory.

He had no clue about writing Yu Shengfan before this, but after he had given a cancerous setting to “Yu Shengfan”, his inspiration came pouring in. He did not care what cancer she had because she was going to die anyway!

Of course, this cancer was not contagious, but Yu Shengfan had a false judgment due to her loneliness. Why would her relatives stay away from her and not care about her if the cancer was not contagious?

Yu Shengfan did not want Lin Feng to be dragged in as he was the only man whom she had always acknowledged, the man who gave her warmth. Her last wish was to have a solo match with Lin Feng before she died!

She would then give the account of “Unpleasant Rain” to Lin Feng. Of course, she would not mention anything about her remaining life to Lin Feng. She was a rich lady and wanted to recruit Lin Feng, who was once the best player of Eternal War…

Anyway, this had also solved the financial problem of recreating Lin Feng’s team.

In other words, Yu Shengfan’s death would be a huge gift to the main protagonist Lin Feng…

Without knowing the truth, Zhao Youyue continued to promote the novel “The Strongest King” passionately in school, “Wang Yang! Wang Yang! Have you ever heard of ‘The Strongest King’? The one written by Rosemary!”

The great old karma has spared no one.