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Delaying updates

By right, the showdown between these two infamous players should not get too much attention, even that female streamer “Miss Purple” was not that famous, she was just an ordinary streamer.

Then, what makes it caused a little surge on the internet?

Mainly it was because of the caption, a person captioned that video with a title of “Three Dimensional Yu Shengfan completely thrash Shadow Rogue!” Of course the fans of “The Strongest King” would not be able to resist the urge of clicking that video.

No matter “Yu Shengfan” or “Shadow Rogue”, they were both equally eye-catching, but what they did not expect was “Shadow Rogue” was actually another term for Zed, the master of shadows.

The solo style of “F*cking Demon King” in the video, was actually very similar to Yu Shengfan, she would be able to control her character while still could type and taunt, truly interesting. Too bad that “F*cking Demon King” was not called “Unpleasant Rain”, or else it would fit the caption perfectly…

Now that it had caused a little uproar, most of the people who knew the character Yu Shengfan would smile or comment

“The creator of this video is a fan of Xiao Yu, and make Xiao Yu fight against Old Lin? That Zed was a total noob, not even close to Old Lin’s technique!”

“This was too much, Old Lin has never lost in a solo battle in the whole book, I don’t think that Xiao Yu can still have the mood to taunt Old Lin in a match.”

“What if Xiao Yu was serious, and get into the game, can she win? I think she can!”

“Absolutely impossible! Xiao Yu was just a side character, while Lin Feng has the protagonist halo. I don’t think the author would let them fight until the end, if he did write, something’s gonna happen!”

“Please don’t compare the trash game ‘LoL’ with ‘Eternal War’, ‘Eternal War’ requires much more skills to master! ‘LoL’ was nothing!”

“Hoho, imbeciles that compare ‘LoL’ with a novel game, that’s funny. I don’t think the game mention in the book would be famous in reality, that’s just a game for tycoons!”

“This Yasuo was well played! But Xiao Yu used a swordmistress right? The caption for this video is way off.”

“The swordmistress that Xiao Yu played can unsheath her sword and had many mobility skills, and she walks like a wind. Just that Yasuo in ‘LoL’, was a male counterpart of swordmistress, hopefully Tencent can create a female skin for Yasuo the unforgiven”

“A lady boss had appeared in the comment above! A genderbend Yasuo would be sexy!”

“The memes in the video were not too bad, that Yasuo had almost imitated her together with those venomous phrases, but still couldn’t compare with the real Xiao Yu.”

“Rosemary please update faster, I wanna see how Old Lin gonna make Xiao Yu join his glory team, she and Tang Yongkai was certainly compatible, always wanting to cause trouble”

After mentioning Rosemary, his writing condition was not in shape recently, he was in a total loss. Because Zhao Youyue had exited earlier, and the novel just went through a climax where Yu Shengfan had met up with Lin Feng and his friend, he had no idea on how to write afterward.

He planned to write about the daily interaction of the three of them after Lin Feng had made Yu Shengfan join his glory team easily, it would be heartwarming and interesting to watch, as they prepared to return into the professional arena.

But Ye Hai could not write anything about her, not under his “best condition” because he cared about her, he was afraid of losing his most genuine and popular female character, and her original characteristics…

Although he had already treated Yu Shengfan as his own flesh, he was still hesitating whether to give her a bento[1].

So he only updated one chapter per day for this couple days, while still stalling with filler chapters. The main problem was, it was not about Yu Shengfan. Many readers would still like it if the filler chapters were about the daily lives of that lady, some fans even hoped for it.

But those filler chapters were not about Yu Shengfan, he even avoided that. He wished to stall it so he could find the way back to his “best condition” where he could solve that cliff-hanging chapters with an open mind.

The readers’ patience was limited, many of them were unsatisfied with it because he could not even upload two chapters per day. They thought Rosemary was getting cocky or had he lost the inspiration?

He had a temper now after being a Godly author?

At the same time, he had not even fulfilled his promise to his Golden Sect Master, “I’mYouyue’sBrother”, he explained perfunctory that he was out of inspiration, he would return the debts when his inspiration returns…

To be honest, Ye Hai was too truthful. Using the excuse of “losing inspiration” was not comprehensive to the readers, because most of them would not be able to understand that pain. That hopeless feeling when sitting in front of the computer for a whole day, only able to write a few hundred words, and that few hundred words still felt terrible to read! “Losing inspiration” was one of the biggest enemies of an author could have.

Readers thought that he was finding excuses for not updating his novel, some of the readers were already started to make a fuss in the comment section, most of them were male readers, while the female readers had more patience, tender and gentle…

If Rosemary was expert in delaying his updates, the most proper choice would be pretending to be miserable!

Excuses such as having a fight with wife, the child had fallen ill, fingers will cause some serious pain while typing, or even waist or kidney failure! Something like, already at the verge of dying, will definitely die of exhaustion if continue writing, emphasize on how poorly lived, bad living condition, just by saying that it could not be any worse than these. These are the domineering way to delay updates or to even ask for votes…

There was one author who called himself “Old devil kid” in Qidian, and famous of pretending to be miserable. It would happen every two or three days, and make the readers thought that it might be his last day any moment. Actually, he had a pretty good life, and only updated his chapters when he felt like it. Some readers felt touched because they thought he used his life to write his novel, so they would give all sorts of tips and tickets.

This kind of authors who tended to delay updates would need to be good at his writings, or else readers would definitely abandon it.

After almost ten days, Rosemary had decided on a tough choice.

Translation Note :

1. Bento – It originates from the film “King of comedy” by Stephen Chow, the director gives Stephen Chow a bento to chase him away because he was no longer needed. Give bento() means that the authors eliminate a character from their works by drawing him/her dead; while the characters who are drawn dead “take bento()” from the authors.