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The Sword Set the World Alight

Zhao Hao really wanted to kneel beside Zhao Youyue after witnessing her handlings of the game controls, does this look like a person who has never played as Vayne before? Is this the person who said she had little knowledge on this? Is this even the same person, his little sister, who had almost no sense of presence?

Definitely not!

Was she possessed by a High God?

Zhao Hao realized that his standards were no match for her, but he knew that his little cousin could become a professional player with that awesome “Vayne” skills!

Of course she would need more champions if she wanted to compete in the league, but then she would be helpless if she was directed against by others.

Zhao Hao had tailed up while watching this solo match that had not end yet.

Finally, out came the minions on mid lane.

Zhao Youyue had executed every last hit perfectly, and Cao Jinglong confirmed that his opponent was being replaced by a substitute player as well, a player who specialized in range champions, and had much higher standards. Uh oh, things were not going too well!

After that, Zhao Youyue purposely left a “near-death-minion” unharmed, and dashed forward to attack the Sheriff. She had everything planned in mind, and still not forgetting to taunt her opponents with metaphor and uncursed words

With Cao Jinglong’s unstable mentality, he thought he had the chance when he saw this situation. Before he could react, his opponent was pushing against him with a ranged minion, what a way to seek death! He lured his opponent, along with the Sheriff into the attacking range of his tower. Of course, he lured them while hitting the minions.

Cao Jinglong had never expected something to happen. Just when Vayne was approaching him, her very own ranged minion had killed the “near-dead-minion”, upgrading Vayne up to level two. Zhao Youyue boosted her E skill instantly with her incredible speed that no one could ever imagine! She immediately tumbled forward and unleashed her E skill “Condemn” to push and stun the level one Sheriff onto a wall in front of the tower.

What the, how was this possible!

Not only a surprise to Cao Jinglong, the whole broadcast room exploded with cheers! “Miss Purple” too was shouting as if she was high and about, with her face blushing bright red!

The whole pop up screen was full of “666”. A tycoon then gave out a plane, let alone the other fish balls and likes!

This was cheating right?

How could she utilize Q and E from this angle?

Besides, her damage was tremendous too!

She even hit him with a normal attack after that combo, this could only be done in a split 0.1 second!

Such horrifying reflexes!

“F*cking Demon King” or Zhao Youyue’s reflexes had everyone entirely dumbfounded!

As the broadcast room was flooded with the voices of worship, more people began spamming the name “Yu Shengfan”, as “Xiao Yu-er” was famous for her insanely fast reflexes in “The Strongest King”. It would definitely be impossible for “Xiao Yu-er” to control and type at the same time, insulting her opponent without that lunatic hand reflexes.

Cao Jinglong totally panicked at this moment, he subconsciously pressed his summoner spells D and F, but unfortunately he was not on a five-on-five battle, and had not brought along his “Flash” and “Heal” spells. What he brought was the “Exhaust” spell, which he had used up previously, and another spell “Ignite”. Unfortunately, “Ignite” was a repulsive spell so it could not be used to save him.

“Please remain silent while I am killing.”

She typed it out with extreme speed, and Vayne proceeded to stroll into the tower, killed the Sheriff without a hitch only with her normal attack!

She was left with the last drop of HP after receiving a hit from the tower.

This was a perfect kill!

The broadcast room was once again filled with “666”!

All rise!

Zhao Hao was the first to rise!

Zhao Hao wanted to give a round of applause to his Youyue Meimei for showing him such skills, but he never did that because he was in a cyber cafe.

Zhang Wanjun who was beside Zhao Youyue too had woken up from her state of computer addiction, as she watched Zhao Youyue kill her opponent mercilessly.

Even though Zhang Wanjun was not a player of “LoL”, still she understood this game. It was a game between champions and of course the one who was first to deplete all the HP of its’ opponent wins. This was the first time she realized that some players could really show off while playing the game, it was totally amazing!

Zhang Wanjun even doubted herself for seeing the after-image of Zhao Youyue’s hand on the keyboard, could someone actually do that in reality?

Her computer had “Miss Purple’s” Douyu broadcast room opened up, and when she saw “Yu Shengfan’s” name appeared on screen, she could not help but smiled at it. Come to think of it, both their styles were pretty similar, insulting opponents while controlling their characters

That’s right! Zhang Wanjun was reading “The Strongest King” too. Although she was not into the gaming content, but for the characters in it. She liked the character Yu Shengfan because she was moe. She also sided Yu Shengfan with Tang Yongkai this pair of couple, a person who liked to insult and abuse, while the other was optimistic with an open heart, they were compatible!

As for the final match, Cao Jinglong had requested his opponent to use a mid lane champion. After suggesting that idea, he directly told “F*cking Demon King” that he would choose Zed, the master of shadows, as Zed was an assassin champion who possessed a lot of potentials. One could become “Hokage[1]” if that person was familiar with Zed’s character, but a “Genin[2]” or merely a child’s play for those who do not.

After seeing the words “Shadow” and “Zed” from her opponents, Zhao Youyue had lit up her eyes and asked her cousin eagerly, which champion can unsheath a sword?

Unsheath a sword?

What does that mean?


Hmm, that’s not right, the swordmistress’ sword doesn’t need to unsheath

Zhao Hao hesitated for a moment, but soon he thought of a championYasuo, the Unforgiven!

Death is just like the wind, that could always stay sides with me.

A sword’s poor company for a long road.

One Blade, one purpose!

Yasuo was considered one of the most popular champions in “LoL”, just because he was incredibly handsome with lots of potentials. Therefore, players would naturally choose him for battle. Several nicknames like “Child’s care”, “Child’s play”, “Small monk (Blind monk)”, “ATM” could be seen among these champions as good techniques were required, they would definitely be pathetic without decent player skills. Many players banned Yasuo not because they were afraid that their opponents would choose him, but scared of their teammates who picked him and could not control him well!

After looking at this incredible champion, Zhao Youyue knew this was her destined champion, a female counterpart of Yasuo, swordmistress in “Eternal War”.

Zed the master of shadows versus Yasuo the Unforgiven!

Without any suspense, Cao Jinglong’s Hokage-standard-Zed, was crushed by Zhao Youyue’s Yasuo without mercy!

Yasuo in the hands of Zhao Youyue, was really elegant. Every skill was unleashed at the right moment, absolutely terrifying!

Not forgetting to taunt at the same time!

Hokage had become a “child’s play”, and Cao Jinglong’s mentality had totally collapsed!

Every audience in the broadcasting room, included “Miss Purple” were shocked, followed by words in the pop-ups

“Unpleasant Night Rain Rhythm, Unpleasant Night Rain Rhythm, the Sword set the world alight.”

Translation note :

1. Hokage – Literally meaning Fire Shadow, generally regarded as the strongest shinobi in the village.

2. Genin – Junior ninja, generally refer to the lowest level of ninja.