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Substitute player Yu Shengfan?

As a master player in a server, Cao Jinglong mostly played mid lane solo. His last hit accuracy and normal moving attacks could not be compared to a Diamond 5 rank player.

With his champion advantages, he could still win the match with 100 last hits if things took a turn.

He even thought that his opponent had given up on this solo match. Hmm.. why Vayne?

The female streamer “Miss Purple” assumed a similar judgment, while the audiences spammed pop-ups crazily, insulting “F*cking Demon King” for choosing Vayne, saying that he was just a braggart king and a show-off.

They entered the game once it finished loading.

At this moment, the world became silent when she was in control of Vayne, her mind was clear, nothing but victory.

Indeed she had never played as Vayne, but don’t forget that she had maximum potentials in gaming talents, not to mention that “Eternal War” required more technique than “LoL”. She read every skill description of Vayne once, memorized and understood them instantly. The author Ye Hai had found his inspiration from “LoL” for his “Eternal War” team battle. As such, she could totally reach her peak form in “LoL” easily.

She bought a Doran’s blade and a bottle of potion at level one, and then arrived at mid lane.

The opponent Cao Jinglong had the same equipment to begin with.

Cao Jinglong was all prepared to utilize the advantage of Sheriff’s attack range by clicking on Vayne, and gained some upper hand in his health bar.

He controlled Sheriff to move a few steps forward, attempting to shoot at “F*cking Demon King’s” Vayne.

Vayne, who was controlled by Zhao Youyue had no intention of withdrawing from battle. With her maximum gaming talent, she already calculated that her Q[1] skill had additional damage on normal attacks, much higher than the Sheriff in early game. The Sheriff, on the other hand, had a Q skill called “Peacemaker”. Zhao Youyue had the confidence to avoid it with her mobility, there was no doubt about this!

As for now, she was mainly possessed by “Yu Shengfan”!

Yu Shengfan was playing for her instead!

Yu Shengfan had never tasted defeat in a solo battle!

Zhao Youyue directly took an initiative of using her Q skill “Tumble” to attack Sheriff and after hitting the target, she moved her character diagonally to continue her attacks.

Cao Jinglong got surprised when he saw Vayne tumbling towards him, he had always thought that normal players would retreat by now, and because of Sheriff’s attack range, his opponent would definitely suffer his loss by trading blows!

As he was still getting hold of his precious Q skill, he thought that his opponent had completely given up and was about to play ridiculously with an irrational behavior.

Cao Jinglong did not move the Sheriff, but attacked Vayne directly. With his gaming experience, he made a judgment that he was not at disadvantage by trading blows.

After a few hits, Cao Jinglong could not believe what he saw, as Vayne had already hit him thrice while he only hit Vayne twice! Not that he wanted to back off, but his HP was not enough to trade blows anymore.

While having Vayne’s passive skill unused, she followed right up to his rear.

“I still have my Q skill, I can still turn everything back if I’m able to hit her.” Cao Jinglong thought after calming himself down.

Cao Jinglong had retreated to his own tower nearby. “I shall turn around and hit you with my Q skill followed by a normal attack, look who’s gonna be at disadvantage now,” he thought.

Who knows Vayne had refreshed her Q skill “Tumble”! Just as she moved towards the right, she evaded the skill by tumbling diagonally, following a normal attack!

Vayne had perfectly dodged the Q skill of the Sheriff in the midst of attacking her!

Cao Jinglong was entirely stunned!

Is there such technique!?

The opponent did not retreat, nevertheless she tumbled forward and attacked him!

Just how rash could this person be?

With such confidence?

First world rank Vayne – Mad doggy Uzi?

Is there a Vayne called Uzi?

Had Uzi come to play for his opponent in this solo match?

Suddenly Cao Jinglong realized that he would be dead in another two normal attacks, while Vayne still had more than half of her HP left. Lucky for him, he had retreated to his tower, but Vayne was still pursuing, standing right at the edge of the tower’s attacking range in order to hit the Sheriff.

Vayne had a passive skill of gaining movement speed after a successful normal attack. According to the rules of a solo match, the one who died first considered lost, so Cao Jinglong quickly activated the summoner spell “Exhaust” on Vayne, to prevent Vayne from crossing the tower to kill him.

Before the minions arrived at the lane, he was forced to use his summoner spell “Exhaust”, and almost got beaten to death. His mentality was unstable in this second round, just because he had easily won himself in the first round, but then, he never underestimated his opponent either!

Indeed, mistakes were never made but yet he got beaten up so badly!

It was a break down describing his shock, and could only comfort himself that he did not specialize on ranged champions. Things would definitely be different if he used a mid lane champion!

As the commentator of this Daddy Match, “Miss Purple” was already struck by awe. Just as Vayne showed off her skill, she was cheering for the crazy and overly self-confident “F*cking Demon King’s” style of playing. She had already forgotten that she initially thought she could win “F*cking Demon King” in a solo match

The pop-ups in the broadcast room had completely changed, as “666” appeared countlessly

“‘F*cking Demon King’ was seriously incredible this round!”

“Substitute player Uzi had come online!”

“This is not a show-off, but a technique with confidence”

“Wait a minute, was it just me or did F*cking Demon King controlled his character while mocking his opponent in the public chat?”

“What the, the substitute player is not Uzi, but Lady Yu Shengfan!”

“Who’s Yu Shengfan?”

“Who was the one who mentioned Yu Shengfan, let’s PK in ‘Eternal War’!”

“Wow, so many of you had read ‘The Strongest King’?”

At the same time, “Miss Purple” realized that “F*cking Demon King” was indeed typing words while chasing after the Sheriff, such skills!

Cao Jinglong also noticed his opponent’s comment in the public chat, every word was pinning him down without a single cuss word.

Cao Jinglong admitted that his mentality was at the point where he nearly went crazy just because of his opponent’s reflex and his amazing “Chat Flow”. He took a deep breath and decided to play cowardly, hopefully he could win this solo match by refilling his 100 minions

At this very moment, Zhao Hao, who stood beside Zhao Youyue, had his eyes wide open with his jaws dropped!

Translation Note:

1. Q, W, E, R on keyboard are the keys to cast the skills of a LoL champion. Q key corresponds to the champion’s first skill which is thus also called Q skill.