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At the same time, many readers of “The Strongest King” were high as a kite upon hearing the announcement of Rosemary’s multiple releases. The book comments section overflowed with compliments as such:

“Thank you, God of Tycoon. Thank you, Master Rosemary, tomorrow I’ll read it all to my heart’s content!”

“Everyone please contribute your monthly tickets. Secure the No.1 position on the Monthly Tickets Ranking!”

“The recent plot is too amusing. I’m looking forward to more interactions between ‘Little Fish’ and Hoodlum Tang. This CP is rather lovely, and those Hoodlum Tang’s antics were way too funny!”

“A Loli [1] complex who despises fat otaku like Hoodlum Tang should just die aside. ‘Little Fish’ obviously loves God Lin Feng, else she’d have mocked him, yet she had felt embarrassed to shake his hand. Well, she is but a damn tsundere girl, if this continues, perhaps God Lin Feng would be snatched by some crafty b*tch, Wen Zhouzhou for instance!”

“Stop blathering. There won’t be any CP in this book. Why are you guys so obsessed with CP? Even if there is, it will be Lin Feng and Tang Yongkai. Imagine the evil master making out with his loyal puppy, oh my, I couldn’t wait to read the doujinshi of ‘The Strongest King’!”

“This is scary! The comments section is invaded by Fujoshis. I miss the days when all the readers are straight guys”

“Straight guy? Haha, do you mean straight-guy cancer?”

“Little Fish is too cute. I really want to carry her home and play games with her! Whenever Little Fish makes her appearance, I will be so excited!”

“I newbie would like to ask a question. What’s the relationship between the latest Golden Sect Master and ‘Youyue’ Tycoon?”

The book comments section was exploding. Any discerning people could tell that Rosemary was already having a divine aura, if he kept this up, “The Strongest King” would definitely earn him the moniker of God!

But little did all readers know that their beloved Little Yu was already at stake of becoming a sacrifice under the pen of Rosemary. Authors are indeed scary, they could play the game of depression each time they reach a blind alley!

Still, one was not able to blame Rosemary as he was doing this for the greater good of Yu Shengfan and Lin Feng. Only without Yu Shengfan, the path of hero’s Glorious Squad would be more challenging, otherwise, the team would be too powerful and break the balance of game!

Meanwhile, Zhao Youyue had let Zhao Hao into the news of Rosemary’s multiples releases, just to be answered by him with perfunctory. He was squabbling with the player with ID “Jungling King” in the game!

Previously, Zhao Hao had been AFK for more than 10 minutes to finish the latest chapters of “The Strongest King” at once and show off to his sister Youyue by tipping the book. He was playing as a supporter at the bottom lane together with “Jungling King” who was playing as an ADC[1]. In his absence, “Jungling King” had to fight two opponents at the bottom lane on his own. Knowing that this was a Diamond tier match, in which the opponents were formidable, yet “Jungling King” was playing Ashe the Frost Archer, who is just mediocre in laning and easily killed. Undoubtedly, he was crushed by the opponents!

Of course, he exploded with rage after being crushed, and bawled at this supporter “F*cking Demon King”. When he stopped AFK and started moving again, the rebukes went even harsher, which had insulted even his parents. “Damn your father and mother for giving birth to a useless kid like you” for instance.

Zhao Hao felt guilty at first, so he had been tolerating his scoldings, but his parents were insulted now. This is too much! Infuriated, he yelled back right away. The public chat was instantly filled with all their vulgar words, some teammate had chosen to mute them.

Coincidently, a “LoL” Douyu[2] Streamer “Miss Purple” was in the same game with “Jungling King” and “F*cking Demon King”. Miss Purple was just a small streamer, whose followers were around 40,000, but there were just a few thousand actual spectators. Just as everyone was watching their squabble, they also persuaded this streamer lady to challenge them to fight each other in a solo match. In a split second, the comments activity on the screen turned even more vigorous.

A small streamer like Miss Purple most humored her audience. Not to mention, there was a comment saying to give her “aeroplane” if she successfully triggered them. This 100 RMB “aeroplane”[3] was not comparable to the 500 RMB “rocket”[3], but it was still a big present that moved her.

Hence, she commented in public chat, “What’s with this meaningless squabble? Why not you both just fight a solo match? The one winning two out of three rounds was considered the winner. I, as the streamer would be your witness. You may bet on something.”

At this moment, if Zhao Hao had this teammate beside him, he would accept the challenge unhesitantly, then request the help of a professional-level player to substitute him in the solo match. But he was helpless now, though he loved games like “League of Legends” but had only limited talent, plus he did not have much time to practice. In fact, he loved online games that allowed him to spend money and show off even more. He might be at the Diamond-tier, but his skill level was definitely not around there

On the other hand, “Jungling King” was rather skillful and insightful. Having observed that the skills of “F*cking Demon King” were ordinary and his Diamond-tier was not genuine, he knew that he was not capable to carry a match. Moreover, “Jungling King” had a backup for himself, which was his classmate cum friend whose skills were considered master-level, and sitting beside him right now. If the bet was insane, his friend would play for him.

So, “Jungling King” consented arrogantly, “Solo? Come forth! I have no objection. I’ll bet 100 QQ coins[5], the one who doesn’t agree will be the son!”

Now, the live broadcast comment section of streamer lady, Miss Purple, was exhilarated by this Daddy Battle[4].

Albeit helpless, Zhao Hao would never let anyone act conceited before him. To him, ostentation is more at stake, and he shall not lose in term of that!

He was actually too impetuous. Since childhood, he had been unruly and ignorant, thus Zhang Wanjun who had high IQ looked down on him. Only Zhao Youyue was kind enough to support him. Anyway, he had replied, “What’s the meaning of betting only 100 QQ coins? At least 1,000 QQ coins! F*ck off if you won’t, as you are not qualified to play solo with me!”

“Jungling King” was staggered by this vigor. He knew that he was being broadcasted live now. He did not want to lose his face so he had spoken to his friend beside him. He heard of his friend being invited by some professional team for a trial of playing the solo-mid role. Perhaps he was capable to win this for him!

The friend of “Jungling King” came to understand briefly about the opponent. He then responded confidently, “Come forth! I’m with you, what to be afraid of? It’s 1,000 QQ coins! Don’t lose this opportunity, you could probably win the heart of that streamer lady too, hahaha!”

Translation Note:

[1] In LoL, ADC – attack damage carry deals a huge amount of sustain damage with normal attacks and is typically most powerful in late game. The opposite is APC – ability power carry which deals a huge amount of burst damage and is typically most powerful in mid game.

[2] Douyu() is a Chinese live broadcast website.

[3] Aeroplane() and rocket() are the rewards given by the spectators to a Douyu Streamer, they are 100 RMB and 500 RMB respectively.

[4] Daddy Battle () – the match which decides who owns the daddy title.

[5] QQ coins (Q) – The QQ Coin is a virtual currency used by QQ users to “purchase” QQ related items for their avatar and blog.