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The God was Envious of The Genius

Ye Hai’s wife, Li Mengyao, was the first to see her husband’s solo chapter of gratitude. “You don’t even have a single chapter saved up, are you sure you can finish writing them?” Asked Li Mengyao anxiously.

Ye Hai seemed to be in high spirit. That super tycoon had tipped him 110,000 RMB. Even after the deduction of Qidian’s fifty-perfect profit sharing and tax, he could still earn more than 50,000 RMB. This was already considered a huge sum of money to him. Not to mention the shocking chain effect brought by it!

In a twinkling, his book which was “bookmarked” 10,000 times recently, had obtained up to 50,000 “bookmarked”s. Following the rate of ten “bookmarked”s to one subscription, that would be a 5,000 average subscription increment. What an exhilarating number!

Now that his book ranked the first in Monthly Tickets Ranking, he would not willingly hand it over to the others, especially the fearsome ballot riggers!

Therefore, he who hardly ever submitted any additional chapters must be launched himself this time!

Most importantly, he was confident with his own writing performance!

So, he replied with an exceptional confidence, “Of course, I’m able to write them, recently I have returned to my peak performance. Honey, didn’t you notice?”

Of course, Li Mengyao had noticed this. She had even harboured a little jealousy. It somehow felt as if her own husband madly clung to his own novel, or probably this character “Yu Shengfan”… He must have taken her as his own daughter while writing her stories, until while his wife and daughter in reality were left out.

As a loyal reader of the novel, Li Mengyao had been following the newest chapters of the novel. She could clearly felt that when her husband portrayed “Yu Shengfan”, every term, every sentence had already brought out 120 percent of his writing skills. The difference between how he depicted “Yu Shengfan” and how he wrote about the other characters was just too obvious…

However, what could she say? Could she say that she was jealous of a novel character? Yet, her instinct told her that the condition of her husband was actually rather peculiar, as if he was possessed by something!

“Fine, continue your peak performance. Make this book better and better! But don’t forget me and our daughter!” Li Meng Yao appended this sentence.

Ye Hai did not notice that his “peak performance” was already gone, and he had “sobered up”. He then held his wife gently and comforted her instead of hurrying back to his writings to be indulged in “Yu Shengfan”.

Having comforted his wife, he sat down in front of the computer with delight. Placing his fingers on the keyboard, he closed his eyes and started to brew something up. Actually, he was trying to gather massive inspiration and images from an intangible world into his mind. Ah, telling this to a timid person might shock him to death. His fingers would then start typing automatically. The speed was at least 4,000 words per hour, and there would be no typo for sure. The wordings and phrases used were all the embodiment of his peak performance…

Of course, the prerequisite for all of this would be the moment when he wrote the contents of “Yu Shengfan”.

Unfortunately, he was still closing his eyes while sitting still. After more than 10 minutes, his mind still remained empty!

He opened his eyes, staring at the same empty typing software, and was baffled!

What’s going on?

This was totally different from what he had imagined!

Where was the best condition as promised?

He scratched his own head feeling a little agitated, trying to type these few words “Yu Shengfan” on the typing software. He repetitively typed these few words, till the screen was full of them and he mumbled, “Don’t go, don’t leave me. Why do you leave me? Without you, what is the meaning of this empty shell?”

He did not know who she was, but he realized that without her, he might never be able to portray a true female character such as “Yu Shengfan” anymore…

If he forced himself to write about “Yu Shengfan”, he was afraid that the readers would feel awkward to death by only looking at the venomous phrases written by him.

Looking at the screen full with “Yu Shengfan”, he genuinely felt desolated. He then laid against the armchair, covering his forehead. Could this be the after effect of the “intoxicated” state?

He was done for. Never would he submit the six chapters by tomorrow. Suddenly, he was stuck. Unbelievable!

If Ye Hai was a newbie author, during such a moment of despair, he might have dug his own grave. Despite being at the cliff edge, he forced himself to continue writing, insisting to fulfill the promise. After the sudden outbreak, he was left with no choice but to bring the plot to a weird extent. For example, in a daily-life city story, there were suddenly some fantasy or spiritual-cultivation objects. He might feel that he had discovered some new ideas and rescued himself out of the blind alley. But in fact, he was heading towards the path of destructing his own novel.

Was this the author’s fault?

Strictly speaking, this was definitely the fault of the author. How could the author become this devastated just after Zhao Youyue “harvested” everything? Having lost the “inspiration outburst” state, he had no idea at all on what to be written…

The truth was that Zhao Youyue, the troublemaking girl had a part to do with it. However, she thought that leaving early would grant her the “High Popularity Character Card” and leave the decision upon the plot to the author. This would allow the author develop the work freely and remain its popularity. Never had she thought of how much the author would suffer after losing her!

There are countless authors in this world. Within the entire life of these authors, how many icons would they create at their peak performance?

Perhaps there will only be one book.

Sadly, she did not have the patience to continue waiting for the end of this work. She had left with ease after “harvesting” a character card. Hence, there would definitely be authors who instantly destroyed the entire work, causing the popularity to drop drastically, and finally she would end up with nothing else!

Luckily, Ye Hai was not the kind of insane author who treated his own future as a joke in writing. He was a professional writer who carried the right attitude. Since he was terribly stuck in his writings, he should then slow down, spending more time to read the previous stories, and finding a reasonable direction for development. That would be the right choice.

As a result, the “sobered up” Ye Hai realized that the first female support character “Yu Shengfan” had stolen away too much of the protagonist’s limelight…

Later on, he saw the small details about Yu Shengfan in the new chapters, stating that she had an illness!

Ye Hai sighed. The God was envious of the genius!

Indeed, she must be afflicted with an illness, an incurable and highly infectious one. Her mother died while giving birth to her, causing her father to detest her deeply since her birth. She could only find her very place in the games. She loved to scold people because deep within her heart, she had hated this world all along!

Until she met Lin Feng…

Ye Hai finally started to think from the perspective of Lin Feng. He thought of such a sentence –

I had a friend, whose skills were exceptional in the Eternal War.

But later, she died.

Yu Shengfan would live forever in the glory of Lin Feng.