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Face of Enjoyment

The latest chapters of “The Strongest King” was regarding Lin Feng and Tang Yongkai’s meet up with Yu Shengfan, who was about to reveal her “Fat Otaku” identity. They had chosen to meet up in front of a barbecue stall since fat otakus loved this kind of junk food. Barbecue was always their first choice for food delivery order!

As Yu Shengfan had appeared more often in the recent chapters, many readers were excited about the story progression. They could discern that Rosemary had depicted “Yu Shengfan” differently compared to the other characters.

Of course, Rosemary’s standard of depicting male characters had improved to a whole new level. He could even make a particular male character sounded as if he had blood and flesh in just a few sentences, albeit still incomparable to the character of “Yu Shengfan”. Anyway, a new female character that appeared recently was portrayed rather well. She was named “Wen Zhouzhou” and her godly aura could parallel that of Lin Feng.

Using her small ID on the new server, Wen Zhouzhou went ahead to challenge Lin Feng’s “Shadow Rogue”. Not only that she had lost to Lin Feng, she was even ridiculed for her slow reflexes. Besides, she had a rough idea of the identity of the character, and was surprised that Lin Feng had discovered a new way of playing it. She then told Lin Feng that she would be waiting for Lin Feng to return to the professional arena with a cool tone. Not to mention, the appearance of this new female character had received a lot of praises.

Now that Rosemary had totally ditched his impression of not knowing how to depict a female character. Even though some readers with sharp instinct could tell that he was actually portraying some male characters with female names. But most of the readers did not bother about how Rosemary claimed those male characters as female. It was satisfying enough as long as the female characters did not sound awkward.

Ye Hai knew those sensitive readers could sense the truth. Nevertheless, he acknowledged that “Yu Shengfan” was a real female character under his creation.

Ye Hai had a preference for this character, which was further elevated after Su Li had sketched a portrait of “Yu Shengfan”. He was completely overwhelmed by this character. He could even feel the touch of her soul when he was illustrating her in his book. The feeling was wonderful yet mysterious. Even though people might not believe it, but he knew that “Yu Shengfan” was alive, a girl who was living in his world of literature.

Ye Hai was different from Su Li. When Su Li felt that “Xu Jing” was alive, she could still torture “Xu Jing” mercilessly, by not treating her as a human being in order to make “Pure Romance” more famous than ever. To Su Li, she was only a manga character, anything more could she be?

Instead of torturing “Yu Shengfan”, Ye Hai loved her more than any other characters in his book, as if she was his own daughter. He even added more scenes of “Yu Shengfan”, such as she bullying others. He had been holding the urge of writing the battle between Yu Shengfan and Lin Feng, all because he anticipated that Lin Feng would lose!

Why wasn’t Yu Shengfan the main character of this book?

What a pity, he felt.

Could Yu Shengfan actually be the main character of this book, he would have loved her even more, drowning completely in the ecstasy of not needed to hold his urge. He would not have to anymore prevent “Yu Shengfan” from shining brighter than the present main character, Lin Feng.

Zhao Youyue had never expected that Ye Hai was that fond of “Yu Shengfan”. An accident beyond her prediction.

A person’s personality might be darkened once they lost something they loved.

Zhao Youyue was being considerate to the author as she did not want to cause troubles, but she could never understand the pain of an author who had their inspirations lost, just like drug addicts putting themselves through detoxification.

On the verge of breakdown, an author could produce writings infused with a kind of inexplicable influential power. Many should have heard of the saying, that an iconic work is usually written by an author who is plagued with an impasse and extreme sufferings.

Zhao Youyue only wanted a “High Popularity Character Card”. She never knew the affection of Rosemary towards “Yu Shengfan”. Desiring to turn “Yu Shengfan” into a memorable character to his readers, he had to contemplate something…

Rosemary, or Ye Hai did not realize that he had already lost “Yu Shengfan”. The grand finale in his plan was still the heartwarming “Daddy Battle”. As such, he could not wait for Yu Shengfan to hurl her venomous phrase at Lin Feng, for only that once in his whole book!

Unfortunately, that could not happen anymore…

Zhao Hao was already absorbed in reading the novel. Finally, it came to the scene which he was looking forward —

Yu Shengfan was riding in her low profile but fancy limo, and arrived at the designated barbecue stall, while Lin Feng and Tang Yongkai were sitting there waiting for her. Both of them were in slovenly shape because they thought that “Unpleasant Rain” was a fat otaku, so they couldn’t care less about their appearances because “he” might be even worse than them.

Tang Yongkai even said in a joking manner that he wanted to see Yu Shengfan showing “his” altering lolita voice in reality. To him, that “lolita” voice was pretty soothing and pleasant, but once he thought of the video of a fat otaku with that voice, the pleasure would vanish at once. Of course, he was not a pervert.

Just as Tang Yongkai finished talking, he realized that the beautiful girl who previously visited the cyber cafe, walking towards them. She was indeed a cute twintail blonde, so dazzling! She was wearing a vigilant expression, with two bodyguards along her side.

Yu Shengfan greeted Lin Feng with a stiff expression, and then challenged Lin Feng to a battle. Tang Yongkai was dumbfounded while goggling at her. Yu Shengfan proceeded to insulted him with her usual venomous tongue. But this time, he was showing a face of enjoyment instead, for being insulted by this beautiful twintail blonde lolita…

While reading this scene, Zhao Hao was showing a face of enjoyment. “Damn, I would definitely recruit her to my team if ‘Yu Shengfan’ existed in reality, and make her the first goddess in the arena of ‘LoL’. This would be awesome! Not only did she play well, she could even insult people at the same time,” Zhao Hao murmured to himself.

Zhao Hao was too focused on reading the novel, it caused his character to go AFK[1] while the game had already started. He did not bother about it, as he only wanted to finish the latest chapter update!