Run, Girl (If You Can) - Chapter 505 - Ignored

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"Do you think the kitchen is big enough?" Violet asked as she squinted at the cupboard space.

Aaron sighed quietly. It was almost the exact size as the one they had at home and she wasn\'t even much of a cook. Why did she care how big the kitchen was? That seemed like something Nathan would be picky about but not her.

"Yes. Is that all?" he asked slightly impatiently.

"No, I want to check out the second floor again," she replied before speeding up the stairs.

He could faintly hear her debating something with the poor real estate agent who had to be as exhausted as he was by now. Ten minutes later, she came back down with a satisfied look on her face.

"Alright, I want this one. But I do want to repaint and get different carpet."

"Done," Aaron said eagerly. Anything to get them home and off their feet. House hunting took a lot more walking than he would have anticipated.

Violet blinked up at him innocently. "Dad, will you help me find furniture?"

No! Absolutely not! He would buy this place with cash here and now but he would not walk around a blasted furniture store as she hemmed and hawed over what she wanted anymore. That was Keeley\'s domain; she was the decorator of the family.

He meekly suggested that she ask her mother because she was better at that sort of thing and she took his word for it. Thank goodness.

Once everything was signed, the real estate agent handed over the elevator key. Aaron may have bought the house but he put it in Violet\'s name so the key went straight to her. There went nearly $5,000,000 but he wasn\'t complaining since it was a drop in the bucket.

Anything for his baby girl. She always asked for so little. Buying her a nice place in a safe building so she could continue the not-so-high-paying career that she loved without worry was the least he could do.

"Thanks, Dad," Violet said fervently as she wrapped him in a tight hug. "You\'re the best."

A lump formed in Aaron\'s throat. His little girl was actually moving out on her own. When would he ever see her after this? He spoke gruffly. "I love you, Vi. You better come visit us a lot."

"Of course I will! No matter what, I\'ll always feel at home with you and Mom," she reassured him.

They stood there hugging for a while until Violet\'s phone rang. Her eyes lit up when she saw it was Noah. She excused herself and walked a little farther away before launching into a monologue about how great this apartment was.

Aaron felt gratified that he had been able to do something to help his daughter out but also a little disgruntled knowing that between researching for that literature review and helping Violet pick paint, carpet, and furniture that his wife\'s attention would not be on him for the next few weeks.

Keeley kept telling him to get a hobby for when she was busy but he wasn\'t interested. Maybe he would end up tagging along furniture shopping merely to have something to do. The prospect filled him with dread.


"All alone tonight?" Gray asked with a raised eyebrow as they sat down at an expensive steakhouse.

Aaron scowled. Normally Keeley came with him so it was a natural thing to ask but he still didn\'t like the reminder that she was too busy to spend time with him. Ever since he and Violet got home yesterday, every spare second was spent discussing decoration ideas and color schemes. He couldn\'t get a word in edgewise.

"Keeley is busy."

His brother laughed. "Well I can see that. You\'re always in a terrible mood when her attention isn\'t entirely on you, baby brother."

His scowl grew even deeper. He wasn\'t wrong, which made his mood worse. He didn\'t like it when Gray saw right through him. It made him worry that one day he might figure out the truth about who had put him behind bars.

Gray hadn\'t seemed the slightest bit suspicious in all this time but you never knew what could happen. Aaron had to do his best to keep this man happy even when it meant inconveniencing himself.

"You wouldn\'t understand," he sighed. "Too many people demand her attention. Right now it\'s split between a new research project idea and Violet\'s impending move. I helped her buy an apartment and now she insists on her mother helping her decorate it."

That jerk actually had the nerve to laugh. "How delightfully mundane. I wish I had a wife and daughter who ignored me in favor of decorating as well."

Aaron raised an eyebrow. Gray had never once talked like this; as if he actually desired a family of his own. That didn\'t fit with anything he knew about this oily man. All this time he had seemed perfectly content having contact with his only brother and sister-in-law.

What had made him change his mind? It couldn\'t be that he was actually jealous of Aaron\'s life as a regular old husband. That didn\'t seem like him at all.

"You, the perpetual bachelor, want a wife? I thought you were having fun with your various dates," Aaron couldn\'t resist saying.

Normally he was much better at keeping his true thoughts to himself but Gray didn\'t seem offended. Instead he smiled much more genuinely than usual, as if he was glad to be criticized.

"It makes you happy. Why not? Empire building hasn\'t made me happy in a while. I thought it might be worth it to give what you have a go. If I can ever find someone interested, that is," Gray said airily.

Finding someone interested wouldn\'t be the problem. Gray was rich, had a fake well-bred persona, and was attractive for his age. His personality was the problem. He could never have a genuine relationship so long as his entire life was a façade.

Since when had this materialistic man even wanted someone genuine? Aaron always thought he was content with his false, frivolous lifestyle. Graydon Meyer had been tied with him for the most eligible bachelor in New York once upon a time. His false sincerity attracted women like flies to honey.

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