Run, Girl (If You Can) - Chapter 502 - Never Too Busy For You

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Aaron had to deal with more idiots screwing things up than usual at work so by the time he got home he practically melted onto his wife\'s shoulder. Keeley reached up and patted his head indulgently.

"What happened this time?"

"Three different department heads failed to coordinate their proposals so the meeting today was a wreck. Jeremy and I spent the rest of the day trying to get them to fix their paperwork but it had us running all over the office," Aaron complained. "I\'m getting too old for this nonsense."

He might be fifty physically but he had existed for nearly a century now. He would hand off his empire to Jeremy in a heartbeat if not for the fact that Keeley\'s career mattered to her so much. Staying at home all day while she was at work would drive him insane.

Aaron had already decided he would retire the second she did so they could spend their remaining years together all the time. He doubted they would get another chance at rebirth so once this life was over, that was it.

There were so many things they had been able to do already that they hadn\'t in their first life. But he wanted to do everything he possibly could with Keeley regardless.

He had been all over the world for business between his two lives but it wasn\'t the same as walking around actually seeing the sights with his wife\'s hand in his as she eagerly pulled him along and commented on everything she saw. Traveling with her was one of his favorite things to do.

Even that couldn\'t beat the casual moments of closeness they experienced while raising their family together. Knowing she was waiting for him at the end of every day…seeing her brilliant smile as she played games with their children…being able to hold her whenever he wanted…Aaron never tired of it.

Being comforted when he had a long day was wonderful too, like right now when Keeley led him to a chair and began massaging his shoulders and reassuring him.

"I know it\'s exhausting, honey. But you know as well as I do that you\'d go nuts if you weren\'t working. Why not give Jeremy a bit more of the responsibility? It might help you relax a bit and he would probably love it," she suggested.

Keeley made a valid point. Jeremy thrived on working and since he no longer had a girlfriend, would likely be thrilled to have more to do on the weekends. He was the rare breed that preferred work above all else.

People used to think Aaron was the same way but that was never true. When he was younger he did what his father expected of him because he didn\'t know better. Later he worked to try and prove himself but ultimately failed to do anything but drive his wife away.

In this life he only worked hard to overthrow Alistair. Once that was done, his focus was his family and any improvements to Hale Investments were largely incidental as he waited for Jeremy to come along and succeed him.

Aaron\'s happiness and fulfilment in life came from his wife and children, not his business. It was nothing to scoff at—he was proud of his accomplishments to an extent—but it wasn\'t his priority. Frankly, he was more proud of what Keeley had done with her career.

She was the first person to make gene therapy a viable treatment. Someday she would likely end up in history books alongside other famous scientists, such as the man who discovered penicillin. As a Nobel Prize nominee, she had already more than achieved her dream.

"I think I\'ll do that. You always have the best ideas," Aaron sighed contentedly.

Keeley leaned over to kiss his cheek in response. "Flatterer."

"It\'s not flattery if it\'s true."

She laughed and continued her massaging. All of the tension in his shoulders seeped away from her touch. This was the life. Waiting all those years for her to come around after their rebirth had absolutely been worth it!

He closed his eyes and leaned his head back against his wife\'s stomach as she worked, not bothering to open them until he heard the elevator door open. That had to be Violet; Nathan had class tonight.

"Dad, are you busy?" she asked a bit hesitantly once she arrived at the top of the stairs and saw his position.

Aaron sighed inwardly that the massage had to be cut short but put on a smile. "I\'m never too busy for you. What\'s up?"

A relieved look crossed her face and he knew he had said the right thing. Unlike his own father, he always tried to be there for his children when they needed him. He had never broken their trust once and intended to keep it that way.

Violet sat down across from him and very seriously asked, "Will you help me find an apartment? It\'s time for me to move out."

Instinctively, Aaron and Keeley exchanged a look. Violet, moving out? Their homebody daughter who didn\'t even want to try living in the dorms during college? There was only one thing that could have inspired her to do this.

He should have known this was coming from the moment she started dating Noah. Those two had always tended to be off in their own little world but it was never a big deal because there was nothing romantic between them.

They and the Singletons knew nothing would come of it when they were younger so they let things be. But now…

Because Noah was around all the time, he practically thought of the kid as one of his own. Aaron liked him and trusted him with Violet\'s well-being but he was also a man who had years of pent up feelings built up inside. Having been there, Aaron knew it was only a matter of time before things heated up.

"Of course I will, sweetie. But you have to promise me you\'ll use protection," Aaron said in a grave tone.

Violet immediately covered her face with her hands and protested. "Dad! What\'s wrong with you?! I want to move out, not build a love nest!"

"I\'m just saying," he replied innocently. "In case you do happen to—"

"I am not talking about this! If you aren\'t going to take my request seriously, I\'m going upstairs."

It was then that Aaron realized his daughter truly hadn\'t harbored any intentions of that sort. He breathed a sigh of relief; she was still fairly innocent. But who knows how much longer that would last?

"I\'m taking it seriously," he promised. "Why don\'t you tell me what you\'re looking for?"

And thus began a lengthy discussion between father, daughter, and mother (who made the occasional contribution from the kitchen as she cooked dinner) about what would constitute Violet\'s dream home.

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