Run, Girl (If You Can) - Chapter 475 - Many Forms

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Keeley hadn\'t had such an awkward Thanksgiving since her first life when she had to attend those awful catered events the Hales put on. Aaron was clearly uncomfortable having Gray there, the kids were confused, and Jeremy…she couldn\'t quite figure out.

He was very polite and engaged everyone in conversation as the meal preparations were finished up but something about him rang false. She was still trying to decipher what it was when it was time for the traditional going around the table saying what everyone was thankful for.

"I\'m thankful for my family," Aaron said like he did every year.

"I\'m thankful that baseball season is over."

"I\'m thankful that I got to come home for a little break before finals hit."

"I\'m thankful that we\'re about to eat."

Keeley stifled a laugh at Nathan\'s comment. It was such a typical thing for him to say. "I\'m thankful that my treatment got approved by the FDA this year."

Technically speaking, she wasn\'t allowed to tell people she had been nominated for a Nobel Prize because of all the secrecy involved in the selection process. Her immediate family knew but she made them all swear they wouldn\'t tell anyone about it.

Otherwise Keeley would have used that as what she was most thankful for this year. She honestly never would have imagined making it this far in the science world. Her dream had come true more than she ever expected it would already, even if she didn\'t win the prize.

"I\'m thankful to be here," Gray said mildly.

His words held a deeper meaner than anyone but Aaron and Keeley would catch onto. He was grateful to be here with his family and out of prison.

If he wasn\'t such an insincere person who posed a major threat if he ever discovered Aaron was the one who got him locked away she might like him more. The poor guy really didn\'t have anyone, which was sad, but he had kind of brought it upon himself.

Even before Gray had committed murder he had been a shady person involved in who knows what. Aaron had speculated he had connections in all of the unsavory places in the city before his arrest. And that he had even more after being in prison.

Keeley wanted to believe it was his paranoia acting up again but had to admit the tone of Gray\'s letters had not sounded like someone who resented being locked up. If he was taking it as an opportunity to network with even more criminals, they would be in serious trouble if he turned on them.

Jeremy cleared his throat before going next. He spoke in a completely matter-of-fact tone even though his words were obviously meant to be romantic.

"I\'m thankful I had the chance to get to know Violet this year."

She turned bright red and looked down at her plate. Poor girl. She had it bad.

"I…I\'m thankful to be dancing the part of Clara in The Nutcracker," Violet said quietly.

That didn\'t seem like the reaction of a happy person even though the one she liked had basically confessed to her in front of everyone. What was she upset about?

Keeley thought she might know. When she was younger, Violet frequently said she was thankful for Noah and everyone ended up teasing her about it so she eventually stopped. She might be remembering that now that she hadn\'t been talking to him lately.

She was a bit worried about the kid. He was probably pretty upset that Violet was dating someone else since he was in love with her.

Both Jennica and Keeley had figured that it was a crush that would pass with time. He had been too young to know what love was at four or ten or thirteen. But now he was twenty-four and he had still never liked anyone else as far as his parents could tell.

Noah was definitely in love with her daughter and she didn\'t have a clue. Of course she would be upset and confused that he suddenly pulled away. She wouldn\'t understand that he most likely did it so he wouldn\'t have to see her be happy with someone else.

It was about time. The poor guy had been there for her through all of her other boyfriends. He deserved to have a life of his own. If distancing himself now allowed for a clean break when things got more serious between her and Jeremy, Keeley thought he was justified.

Still, it was sad. Those two had been thick as thieves their entire lives. Everyone figured they would grow apart as they grew up but it hadn\'t happened until now. It was strange not having Noah coming and going from the house all the time.

Everyone dug into the food but Violet picked at hers halfheartedly. Thanksgiving was one of the few cheat days she allowed herself a year but she wasn\'t as into it as usual. She must really be upset by Noah\'s absence.

Even though she had liked a bunch of different boys over the years Keeley always had the sense that Noah was more important to her at the end of the day. So why hadn\'t she acknowledged that to herself?

Love came in many forms. She couldn\'t have it both ways; dating other people and still regarding another man as her favorite person in the world. It wasn\'t fair to anyone involved, including herself.

Violet most definitely loved Noah Singleton on a profound level. She simply wasn\'t IN love with him.

Keeley furrowed her brow as she ate her candied yams. Noah understood Violet better than anyone and had always treated her well. Would Jeremy be capable of doing the same?

Further observation of the man hadn\'t revealed much. Years and years ago Aaron had said that she would find Jeremy, who was barely a year old at the time, interesting. He claimed it was because Jeremy was a lot like he was when he was younger in their first life.

Back then Aaron had been classist, business obsessed, and didn\'t know how to show his feelings. He only got close to people who could benefit him somehow. That comparison alone made her uneasy now. Was this young man using Violet\'s feelings for him to cement his position as Aaron\'s heir or what?

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