Run, Girl (If You Can) - Chapter 438 - That's What I'm Here For

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Nathan listened to his sister\'s explanation about her show intently up until the timer for the apple rose puffs went off. The only time she showed any real passion about anything was when she talked about dance. The rest of the time she could be pretty apathetic.

Most people were under the impression that Violet didn\'t care about anything but that was because they never heard her go on forever and a day about dance. The way her entire countenance lit up while talking about her passion completely transformed her often expressionless face.

Typically she was too embarrassed to talk about how she felt about dance with people. Noah and her family members were the only people she really felt comfortable around, which Nathan thought was a pity. Violet might have more friends if she showed them how bright and lively she could be when discussing something that mattered to her.

"The dessert\'s done," Nathan yelled toward the living room where his parents were undoubtedly cuddling.

They came in a moment later holding hands. Keeley was beaming. "It smells fantastic, Nate! I can\'t wait to try it."

Nathan beamed right back. Though he preferred cooking savory to sweet he couldn\'t deny that he had been having fun in his dessert courses. They were required no matter what you were trying to specialize in.

"These are better while they\'re warm but we should still wait a few minutes so we don\'t burn our mouths," he advised.

They all sat in companionable silence while they waited for the pastries to cool. Violet didn\'t realize how worn out she was until things were quiet. She would have to wash all this gunk off her face and go to bed as soon as she had eaten her fill.

The apple rose puffs were delicious, as expected. She decided to praise her brother even though it might give him a big head like Kaleb\'s.

"These are fantastic, Nate. Every time I eat something you make I swear it tastes better than the last."

He smiled sweetly at her before giving her a big kiss on the cheek. "Thanks sis."

Out of all of her siblings, Nathan looked the most like her. He didn\'t have their father\'s eyes exactly like she did—his were a lighter blue—but their hair was only a shade or two off of each other\'s.

Oliver didn\'t particularly look like anyone. His hair was light brown and his eyes were hazel. He did have his dad\'s nose but who would notice that aside from relatives?

The Hale children were definitely a mixed bunch. When Violet was out with Kaleb or Oliver alone no one believed they were related at first glance. It was a bit more believable when the whole family was together since most of them looked like at least one of their parents.

Poor Oliver. He had endured countless comments about not looking like the rest of his family over the years.

"I\'m going to bed," Violet informed her family with a yawn after consuming three entire puffs.

She would definitely regret that in the morning. Having Nathan around really affected her diet. Eating well was very important as a ballerina. Cheat days like this couldn\'t happen often.

Sometimes she experienced momentary twinges of regret over her career choice when she smelled food she couldn\'t have. Then she remembered how much she truly loved to dance professionally and continued to suck it up as usual.

After finally getting all of the glitter off her face, Violet flopped down on her bed. She had never bothered moving out despite being able to afford her own place because she didn\'t see the point. This was her home and she was used to it.

Besides, with her schedule, if she didn\'t live at home she would literally never see her parents or Nathan. It was easier all around. It didn\'t hurt that the Hales\' apartment building was almost a perfect in-between point for her studio and Noah\'s dojo, the two places she frequented most.

Why mess with a perfectly good set-up? Violet was perfectly content to continue living with her family until she eventually got married. Provided she ever managed to find a boyfriend again. She sighed at the thought.

Her phone went off. Noah had finally replied.

\'Seriously though Vi, you\'re more likable than you think. Guys have always been tripping over themselves to get close to you\'

That seemed like an exaggeration but she had gone on an awful lot of dates in college. Very few of those men amounted to more than a few dates each though. Plenty came but none stayed. Hence her ongoing single streak the past two and a half years.

Why did everything keep coming back to how single she was today? Violet supposed that\'s what she got for continuing to live with the corniest couple on earth.

\'But only for a moment. Nobody stays\' she sent back.

Tone got lost over text. She meant it in a matter-of-fact way but it looked an awful lot like she was bitter after sending it. Oops.

Noah should catch onto what she actually meant, right? He didn\'t know how bitter she actually was that she had never truly experienced falling in love. Crushes weren\'t the same.

\'That\'s what I\'m here for\' he replied.

Violet smiled at her phone screen. True. No matter what, she always had him. Even when her own brothers went off to spread their wings and ended up being horrible about staying in contact unless she messaged them first, Noah stayed.

\'One of the many reasons you\'re my favorite person\' she texted with a smiling emoji.

A moment later, she sent a second text. \'I\'m about to pass out though so this butterfly wishes you adieu. Good luck with the last day of the competition! Be sure to tell me how it goes\'

Turning her phone onto airplane mode, Violet shut the light off and climbed under the covers. She wished Noah was back already. It was weird when she couldn\'t see him for a few days.