Run, Girl (If You Can) - Chapter 360 - A Magician Never Reveals Their Secrets

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"Does Aaron know you\'re here?" Cameron asked with his mouth full of muffin.

Keeley had to hold back a snort. She barely understood what he was trying to say but after talking with her own mouth full so many times in her life she could understand "mouthfullese."

It was a bad habit she needed to break but sometimes a thought was so urgent she needed to share it before swallowing. Everyone did it at some point or another, right?

"No, we came to see you first. I kind of wanted to sneak up on him," she admitted.

Cameron eyed her skeptically. "How exactly do you plan on sneaking up on him with a double stroller?"

"That\'s where you come in," Jennica grinned. "We talked about it on the way over here. If you walk in like you have official business and Keeley hides behind you, she can pop out and I\'ll bring the stroller afterwards."

"You guys are really committed to pranking, aren\'t you?"

They both nodded excitedly. Their day had been fairly boring so far, even though the weather was nice. There was nothing wrong with wanting to spice things up.

"Alright, I\'ll bite. You did bring me muffins," he said with a shrug.

The group made their way through the labyrinthine hallways until they were close to Aaron\'s office. Keeley stood directly behind Cameron as if she were his shadow and they practiced walking a few steps keeping her hidden as Jennica watched them appraisingly.

When she gave them the green light, they approached the office and Cameron opened the door after three quick knocks.

"I\'m busy," Aaron called out irritably before seeing who it was. "Oh, it\'s you. What do you want?"

"Hey, Cam," Aiden greeted cheerfully.

"I wanted to ask a question about the stock market reports but if you\'re too busy for that…" Cameron improvised.

His acting wasn\'t half bad. Having an actress for a wife had its perks. She had taught her roommates a trick or two when they lived together as well.

He continued talking until Aaron looked away for a moment and Keeley was able to drop to the ground and crawl behind the desk chair unnoticed. Well, not completely unnoticed. Aiden definitely saw her.

Bewilderment flickered across his face before he resumed his original expression. Thank goodness he had somewhat of a poker face or she would be done for.

Keeley slowly got to her feet and tried to think of what to do that would freak him out the most. Should she scream? Hug him? No, that would most likely result in injury and then he would feel horrible. She settled for quickly reaching out and covering his eyes with her hands.

"What the—?!"

Aaron\'s reaction did not disappointment. He just about jumped out of his chair because both Aiden and Cameron were in his line of sight and he didn\'t think anyone else was in the office. His friends immediately began a futile attempt to stifle their laughter.

He went to grab the hands obstructing his vision and tear them off his face when he realized they felt familiar. He ran his fingers over them briefly to be sure before gently prying her hands off and swiveling the chair around to confirm his suspicions.

The most confused expression Keeley had ever seen on his face appeared and she couldn\'t help but crack up. When she lost it, Cameron and Aiden weren\'t able to hold it back any longer either. The three of them continued cackling until Jennica came in with a frown on her face.

"Aww, I missed something funny? You guys are lame!"

Aaron\'s confusion hardened into resignation. He rolled his eyes. "I should have known all of you were in on it. How did you manage to get behind me without me noticing?"

"A magician never reveals her secrets," Keeley deadpanned.

"I\'m more curious how you knew it was her," Aiden said as he wiped away tears of laughter. "There was a split second where you were ready to attack but then you didn\'t and ended up holding her hands."

"A magician never reveals his secrets," he repeated.

Keeley smiled. She was pretty sure she knew. They held hands so often that Aaron knew exactly what her wedding ring felt like. He had to have recognized it.

"I\'m pretty sure it was my ring."

"You\'re allowed to have your secrets but I\'m not allowed to have mine? I see how it is," Aaron teased.

Everyone else in the room suddenly looked oddly like those squeeze toys whose eyes pop out. After all this time they still weren\'t used to Aaron\'s light, joking side that only came out around his wife. Keeley was used to the people in his life looking at the two of them with varying degrees or awe or horror.

She couldn\'t really blame them. If somebody had told her that Aaron Hale would know how to goof off in even the slightest capacity before she met up with him again after her undergraduate degree she absolutely would not have believed it.

As an objective onlooker, if she was anyone other than herself she would have the exact same reaction. Hadn\'t she been in a state of near constant disbelief when he first came back into her life? His personality had changed so much he was practically a different person.

Keeley had the most profound effect on his personality but she couldn\'t deny that his friends had played a role too. However it happened, it was a welcome change. The way he was now, he was the kind of person her much, much younger self always assumed she would end up with.

Aaron\'s origins didn\'t matter anymore now that he had abandoned them in exchange for a peaceful life with the ones he loved. His willingness to have fun with her meant more than she could possibly express. They did have fun back when they were dating in Boston but it wasn\'t as complete as the fun they had now since there were no inhibitions between them.

It had been a long and horrible road but she was grateful to whatever strange force had reincarnated them. They were together. They were happy. Life was better than she ever could have imagined. Fate had gotten what it wanted after all.