Run, Girl (If You Can) - Chapter 350 - Under Arrest

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Alice was enjoying a lovely lunch with Roger because she hadn\'t been scheduled to go into work until 2 PM. It was the third or fourth time since the day he helped her settle into her new apartment.

She had come to discover that he was exactly the kind of friend she had always wanted. It was a pity she never really talked to him during those shareholders\' meetings. She could have used a friend like him sooner.

Hanging out with Roger was a great distraction from the anvil constantly hanging over her head—the divorce.

Brock kept trying to renegotiate the terms in his favor but Alice\'s lawyer was having none of it. He was determined to get her a fair settlement and she was grateful for that but she hated drawing things out. She wanted to be free from the Kellys forever already.

Alice had done her time. She was more than ready to live life for herself now. Was she still struggling to adjust to her new lifestyle? Absolutely. But anything was better than being Brock Kelly\'s wife in name only.

The mistress got all the benefits of being loved by him with none of the drawbacks, like dealing with the in-laws. She couldn\'t help but wonder if he would marry her. From what she had heard, he had multiple mistresses at once but the longest standing one had been his high school girlfriend.

She never should have wasted a single second on such trash. When she got married again it would only be to someone who was completely devoted to her and her alone.

"Well, if it isn\'t Alice Wheatley," a suave voice sounded from behind her. "Fancy running into you here. Mind if I join you two?"

Alice whirled around and her eyes widened when she saw Graydon Meyer. She had been so interested in a debonair, charming man like him just a few weeks ago but right now she was a bit annoyed at being interrupted.

She wanted him to leave but didn\'t want to be rude so she turned to Roger. His usually cheerful face was expressionless as he answered.

"I don\'t mind. I\'m Roger Clark."

He held out his hand for a shake and Graydon took it. "Graydon Meyer. Pleasure to meet you."

"How do you know Alice?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.

"We were both shareholders at Hale Investments until recently."

"Ah, so you met through Aaron. How interesting. So did we," Graydon said right before flagging down a waiter and asking for some water and a menu.

Roger turned to her in surprise. "Was this when you were staying with the Hales?"

Alice nodded, feeling embarrassed somehow. "Keeley and I were getting manicures and got mobbed by the curious horde. Graydon saved us and took us home."

"I didn\'t realize you were so friendly with Keeley," he said to Graydon. "Aaron isn\'t the easiest person to get close to. I\'ve worked with him for six years and my view of him has seismically shifted recently, making me realize I didn\'t know a thing about him."

Aaron was difficult to get close to. Alice probably saw him most out of all the dummy shareholders aside from Cameron and she hadn\'t even been in the loop enough to know he had married the woman he had been pining after since high school.

She didn\'t think he purposely kept things from people as a defense mechanism anymore. It was more like he couldn\'t be bothered to clue people in unless it was absolutely necessary.

He would certainly brag about his wife to anyone who would listen so it wasn\'t like he was embarrassed. Alice wished somebody would talk her up to people like that someday. Brock didn\'t even care enough to insult her most of the time. He was completely indifferent.

"He is quite an interesting one," Graydon laughed lightly.

"I take it you\'ve spent a lot of time with him?" Roger asked.

"I wouldn\'t say a lot…he only discovered my existence last fall. But we have met a fair number of times since then. His family is lovely."

Aaron\'s family truly was lovely. Alice missed staying with them sometimes. Those babies were adorable and Keeley was such a bright, happy person to be around. She could instantly lift almost anyone\'s spirits.

But every time she thought about the horrible displays of PDA she was forced to witness, she was grateful she had her own place now. Tiny, cramped and all.

"I\'ve only met Keeley twice but she seems like a really nice person," Roger said with a shrug.

Alice smiled at him. She could practically hear the unspoken \'I have no idea how such a nice person ended up taming the ice devil.\' Most people were baffled by Aaron and Keeley\'s relationship at first but she understood it now.

Aaron had been just as lonely as she was growing up and his wife filled that void for him. She was happy for her friend. She only wished she could experience something like that for herself.

She ended up daydreaming a bit and lost track of the conversation. What would it feel like being loved by someone? Could she be as happy as Keeley and Aaron?

Those two were obviously in love but there was more to their relationship that that. They were best friends. They trusted each other. They were a team. None of those things had applied to Alice\'s marriage.

Being married to your best friend must be wonderful. But Alice didn\'t even know what having a best friend was like. Aaron was her friend but she certainly wouldn\'t categorize him as a best friend.

If anything, the closest thing she had to a best friend right now was Roger. She had met up with Marissa and the Hales once each since moving out but out of all the people she knew, she saw him most often. Considering a person you have only hung out with a few times as your best friend is pretty sad.

Alice observed Roger and Graydon talk for a moment. She could see how Aaron would see he was insincere now. Maybe it was just in comparison to the way Roger talked since he was pretty straightforward.

She was about to take another bite of her chicken salad when two people flashing badges appeared next to the table. She was so startled when they spoke that she dropped her fork with food on it.

"Graydon Meyer? You\'re under arrest for the murder of Lacy Knighton. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you can\'t afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you."