Run, Girl (If You Can) - Chapter 343 - Of Course It Was Him

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It was going to take Aiden some time to find anything on Graydon Meyer, especially since Aaron told him not to look for anything that required serious decrypting. He found himself checking hours and hours of surveillance footage both inside and outside the Appzoid offices.

Scanning footage was what he was used to but that didn\'t mean it couldn\'t be tedious. He much preferred hacking into cameras than actually watching what was in them. A lot of the time he didn\'t even find anything interesting.

Still, getting paid handsomely to watch videos wasn\'t the worst job in the world. It was better than answering dumb, technologically-challenged people\'s phone calls and helping diagnose problems.

Aiden was checking watching the footage of Lacy being dragged out of the lobby for the fifth time, trying to see if there was something he missed, when he got a text from Aaron.

\'Before I forget, Keeley wants to know who leaked her information. She gave me an earful just now because she tried going outside to get a replacement part for the auto-cleaning litter box and barely managed to get away. Take a break from what you\'re doing and find that first\'

He grinned to himself. He could just imagine his feisty former neighbor chewing her husband out.

It would be a relief taking a break from his task anyway. His eyes were starting to glaze over. He had to admit there was something strange about that footage but he hadn\'t quite put his finger on it yet.


Everyone kept telling Keeley the news would die down but it had been weeks and she still couldn\'t go outside without being mobbed. She was about to lose her mind.

Did these people have any idea how hard it was to get away from a large crowd surrounding you when you had babies to contend with? It wasn\'t like she could leave them at home either.

Her dad was at work and couldn\'t watch them. Violet and Kaleb were still too little for her to trust a regular babysitter. Maybe next time she needed to go outside she should try and call Jennica.

No, that wouldn\'t work either; she had rehearsals for a musical. She was going to be in an ensemble Off-Broadway and was thrilled. Keeley was happy for her friend but didn\'t know of anyone else who could watch the twins for her the next time she had to go out.

She might have been a little tetchy with Aaron when he texted her on his lunch break asking how her day was going because she was still riled up about barely escaping the mob. But she didn\'t expect a text message from Aiden telling her where the leak came from.

Her eyes narrowed dangerously. Of course it was him. Ryan experienced a complete personality shift after she rejected him.

Oh, she wanted to storm his office and kick his shins right now! But she had the babies to contend with. Unless…

Keeley called the driver and asked him to bring her to Hale Investments. She was going to pay her husband a quick visit.

Twenty minutes later, she stared up at the skyscraper that housed Aaron\'s company. When was the last time she actually went inside this building? She hadn\'t been there often because Aaron didn\'t approve of unnecessary work visits in their first life.

Well, there was nothing to worry about now. Alistair was gone.

She told the driver she would be back shortly and not to go anywhere. All she really had to do was go up to the top floor and drop the babies off for a little while. The diaper bag was with her and filled with toys and spare bottles if they got hungry.

Keeley pushed the stroller into the lobby and looked around. She nearly forgot how austere this place was. How did Aaron even stand it? Ah right, he was a minimalist.

She approached the front desk, where a very professionally dressed secretary was typing away at a keyboard. She looked up coolly. "May I help you?"

"My name is Keeley Hale; I\'m here to see my husband."

Considering how much gossip there had been about her, this woman had to know who she was. The secretary subtly appraised her. Keeley was wearing a yellow floral blouse, capris, and pristine white sneakers. It wasn\'t her most casual look but it wasn\'t anything fancy either.

She pressed a button on the intercom. "Mr. Hale, Mrs. Hale is here to see you."

Aaron\'s voice came menacingly through the speakers. "Didn\'t I tell you not to allow her back in this building?"

Not to allow her back? She hadn\'t even been here in this life!

Oh. He must be talking about his mother. Why would Roslyn bother visiting her son after being silent all this time?

"Sir, your wife is here. Not your mother," the secretary explained, giving off a slight hint of embarrassment.

Aaron\'s tone changed instantly. "Oh! Send her right up then."

The secretary asked her if she knew the way and Keeley nodded. There were only a handful of offices on the top floor for upper management. She would be able to find which one was his now easily enough.

She pushed the stroller to the elevator and rode up feeling a bit self-conscious. Not only was she severely under dressed for this building, she had brought two children with her.

It was a very long ride to the top floor. The elevator stopped many times to let people on and off and they all looked at her funny.

At least these people didn\'t seem to recognize her face. If they had, she had no doubt they would all be trying to suck up to her now as the big boss\'s wife.

The first office she passed when she finally reached her floor was Cameron\'s. She knocked on the window quickly and waved to him. Instead of simply waving back like she expected, he got up and opened the door with a confused look on his face.

"Keeley? What are you doing here?"

"Looking for Aaron\'s office," she said a bit sheepishly. "Mind pointing me in the right direction?"

It was a bit strange seeing Cameron wear a suit and tie since the only other times she had seen him dressed up was at his wedding and her own. Normally he wore button-down shirts with the sleeves rolled up or plain tee shirts. Right now he actually looked like a vice president.

"It\'s on the opposite side of the floor. If you go down the main hallway and turn left twice you\'ll find it," he explained.

"Thanks! Be sure to tell Jennica I said hi."

"I will."

He still seemed confused why she was even here but she didn\'t elaborate. Keeley didn\'t want to tell her friend that she was here to drop the babies off so she could go fight someone.