Run, Girl (If You Can) - Chapter 314 - A Better Person

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Aaron was relieved that Alice finally decided to leave her scumbag husband. He had wished she would for a long time now. She reminded him far too much of how Keeley used to be.

"I didn\'t realize you and Alice were so close," his wife commented as she petted Dinah, who rested in her lap, once the babies were down for the night.

She didn\'t seem angry; it was merely a statement of fact. For a moment there he had a flight of fancy that she was actually jealous.

"I wouldn\'t necessarily call us close. I approached her to be one of my shareholders because I needed one more person and she was the only one I could think of. She\'s the most tolerable person I know from the entire social circle. We talk occasionally at board meetings and the events my father has forced me to over the years but that\'s the extent of it."

Keeley raised an eyebrow. "She trusts you an awful lot for so little interaction."

Aaron shrugged. "I\'ve always followed through on my promises; she has no reason not to. You have so little faith in me."

"I do know you best," she said in a teasing tone. "Really though, I feel sorry for her."

"So do I. I\'m glad she asked for help. She actually reminds me of you…in our first life," he admitted. "She\'s not any happier schmoozing her in-laws than you were."

She seemed surprised for a moment before softening. "Look at you caring about other people! I\'m proud of you."

The words hit him like a semi-truck. He was fairly certain he hadn\'t heard those words from his wife since the first run through of 2011. That was a very, very long time ago.

Aaron leaned his head against her shoulder, reveling in her warmth. He would never stop being grateful that she gave him another chance.

"It\'s all because of you," he told her truthfully. "You made me want to be a better person."

She didn\'t reply, choosing to simply kiss the top of his head. But he understood her meaning. Keeley was touched.

His phone buzzed in his pocket and he pulled it out to see who it was. His father. He made a disgusted face and rejected the call. Two seconds later, a string of angry text messages came flooding in about how Aaron absolutely had to attend Lacy Knighton\'s funeral.

Ha. Like he would do something stupid like that. He didn\'t mourn her death at all. Not going would make a statement. He didn\'t care who he offended in the process.

Aaron had hated her for two lifetimes; what would be the point of going? He could publicly state what a horrible person she was and that he was happy she was gone but that would be in poor taste. He would be the bigger person and just not go.


Alistair was about to pop a blood vessel when he didn\'t get any response from his son even after several hours. The funeral was about to start. Lacy Knighton was an important figure in Aaron\'s life; not coming to her funeral was extremely disrespectful.

That worthless boy! He needed to be taught a lesson. Unfortunately, he had the board eating out of the palm of his hand these days so Alistair\'s hands were tied.

The only thing he could do is attempt to force another engagement but it seemed too soon since the woman who was single-mindedly determined to marry him was dead. He still couldn\'t believe it. How had a high society woman ended up dead in an alley in the Bronx of all places?

Brann was furious and had put out a reward for anyone who had information about his daughter\'s death that would lead to an arrest. So far the police didn\'t have any leads but it had only been a few days since they identified the body.

He had contacts in the NYPD that were keeping him informed; right now they were trying to gather phone records. They wanted to question everyone Lacy contacted frequently to find out where she had been and what she had been doing shortly before her death.

"Where is Aaron?" Roslyn whispered to her husband as they sat down inside the church one row behind the Knightons.

"I assume not coming," Alistair replied through gritted teeth. He ought to give that brat a good lashing.

"How could he not be coming? He was supposed to marry her!"

"He\'s not coming because he hated her, isn\'t it obvious?" a socialite sitting to their left butted in. "He made no secret of it. He\'s probably happy he doesn\'t have to deal with her anymore."

It may have been the truth but it was a horrible thing to say at someone\'s funeral. There was such a thing as not speaking ill of the dead. Who was this crass woman? Someone from the circle should know better than to be so blunt.

Alistair apprised the woman who had spoken. She had light brown hair and hazel eyes and was wearing a rather expensive pearl necklace over her black mourning dress. Alice Kelly. He considered her father a rival in the financial sector though of course he had to be outwardly cordial.

"Alice," her husband hissed. "Behave."

"I was only being honest," she shot back before settling into silence. The pastor was about to begin his speech about death and loss.

It was a bit ironic considering most of the people here didn\'t even like Lacy. She had ruled the socialites of her generation with an iron fist—there were probably a lot of people here who had wanted her gone.

In fact, the only mourners Alistair could even see were her parents, a few extended family members, and Maximillian Lynch. He had been nearly as set on marrying Lacy as she had been on marrying Aaron. What a pity that no one got what they wanted.

She had died young and tragically but Alistair didn\'t feel too sorry for her. Aaron had already sworn not to marry her so it wasn\'t as if she was useful to him. Coming here to pay his last respects was more of a formality than anything.