Run, Girl (If You Can) - Chapter 309 - Plausible Deniability

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Keeley was surprised Aaron was so upset by this considering how much he hated the woman. He was more upset than she was and usually she was the more forgiving one between the two of them.

"You...aren\'t actually missing her, are you?"

Alarm flashed across his face. "Are you crazy?! I\'ve wished she was dead more times than I can count but I never did anything because of you!"

"Me?" she asked in surprise.

Aaron coughed, a bit embarrassed. "I didn\'t think you would ever forgive me if I killed someone. Because you\'re a good person."

Despite herself, she smiled slightly. He gave her too much credit considering she was happy that horrid woman was dead. But it would take a special kind of person to feel sorry that the one who ordered them killed had died.

"Then what are you stressed out about?"

"…because now there are possibly two murderers I\'m related to. And one of them has been to our house! What happens if we piss him off?"

Keeley was nearly positive Gray wouldn\'t do anything to hurt Aaron based on everything she had seen. He probably did this in a misguided attempt to help his little brother if he was indeed the one behind it.

But Aaron had a point. She didn\'t want a murderer around her children either but they really couldn\'t afford to make the man angry.

It wasn\'t like they could ask him either. Plausible deniability would keep them safe if he happened to get caught. They couldn\'t be considered accomplices if they weren\'t positive he was the one who did it.

"He seems more interested in you than anyone else," she pointed out. "Maybe you could go to dinner with him once a month or something and that will be enough to keep him happy. He doesn\'t exactly seem like the type that likes kids. I don\'t think he\'s even held Kaleb or Violet."

"I don\'t want to spend time with him either!" Aaron protested. "I already told you, I don\'t like him because he\'s as fake as everyone I\'ve ever tried to get away from but if he killed someone that only makes it worse."

Keeley thought about it. They already knew that Gray didn\'t have any qualms morally about ending someone\'s life because of his involvement in her death and possibly her father\'s as well. Max drove the car but Lacy ordered him because of Gray.

Did it really make a difference that he had done the same thing again in this life? They already knew he was an accomplice to murder. Though she had to admit she didn\'t know how Lacy had died…or if Gray did it personally. He may have used somebody else like last time.

"This is all speculation right now, Aaron. We don\'t know for sure that he did it. Maybe Lacy wandered into a sketchy part of town looking for a way to trick you into being with her," Keeley mused.

He eyed her doubtfully. "Do you really think that\'s what happened? Because my money\'s on Gray. We already knew how ruthless he could be. If I had to guess, I think he did this personally and waited until we were out of town to do it."

"So what if he did? I\'m GLAD she\'s gone. Aren\'t you? I can finally stop hiding! We can worry about the rest of it later. For now, can\'t we celebrate that one obstacle is out of our way?"

Aaron suddenly seized her in a hug and buried his face in her wet hair. "I\'m so sorry, Keeley. You never should have had to deal with this at all. You\'re right. One thing at a time. I\'m glad she\'s gone too. We can finally be like any other married couple."

She tilted her head back to look up at him. "Don\'t we need to get those shares from your dad first?"

He shrugged. "With Lacy out of the way I can do that at the next board meeting. It\'s two weeks from now. All I have to do in the meantime is meet with my dummy shareholders to get the shares back. I can introduce you to them if you want."

That might prove interesting. The only people she knew from Aaron\'s work were Cameron and Aiden. He had offered to introduce her to his work friends before but that was way back when they were barely starting to be friends again.

"Sure. I bet they would want to see the babies too if they\'re you\'re friends."

Aaron chuckled slightly. "They\'ll all be shocked. Only Cameron and Alice know about you."

"Alice? Alice Wheatley, your prom date?" she asked, surprised. She hadn\'t realized she was one of the dummies he was using.

"She\'s Alice Kelly now but yes. She actually figured out you were the one I cared about simply by remembering the rumors in high school. She\'s an interesting person."

Alice Wheatley, huh? Keeley never even interacted with her in high school. She was one of those people whose group hung out in the cafeteria, far above the other mere mortals in the student lounge.

She only knew Alice\'s name because she was a bit put out that Aaron attended the prom without her in their first life. He flatly told her that it was someone his parents picked and that she didn\'t even really dance with him; spending most of the night off with her friends. That made her feel better.

"I do enjoy interesting people," she said with a small smile. "Now that that\'s settled…we really do need to head back."

Aaron opened the door and an older woman passing by was scandalized that they were both in there at the same time. They weren\'t wearing their wedding rings since they had been swimming and they did look pretty young. She probably thought they were crazy kids up to no good.

They headed back up to their room and sure enough, both babies were fussing because they were hungry. Robert had started heating up the bottles but it wasn\'t fast enough. They were so upset that they had spit out their pacifiers.

Perfectly in sync, as if they had read each other\'s minds, Keeley and Aaron each picked up a twin and began soothing them. Her father laughed and called them a match made in heaven. If only he knew how much otherworldly intervention had actually been involved.