Run, Girl (If You Can) - Chapter 296 - Cabin Fever

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Time passed. The babies turned three months old and could finally fit into newborn clothes. Keeley\'s days consisted of reading to them, bathing them, feeding them, and changing countless diapers.

Aaron still hadn\'t deposed his father because he didn\'t know what to do about Lacy Knighton. He had Aiden drop all of his other work solely to look into every facet of her life trying to find some dirt he could use with no luck.

Summer had arrived and Keeley\'s cabin fever was so real. Aside from sneaking the babies out for doctor\'s appointments while Aaron was at work, she didn\'t leave the house.

The groceries were delivered or purchased at the convenience store downstairs. To keep from going insane, she spent a lot of time on the terraces. She would bring the babies out in their bouncers and stick them under the shade of umbrellas as she worked on planting a rooftop garden.

The project took her about three weeks to complete but the uppermost terrace now looked somewhat like a forest. She specifically looked up plants that grew well in containers and ended up with a variety of trees, flowers, and shrubs.

It was nice having something to do but Keeley still wished she could leave the house freely. She wanted to take the babies for walks. She had been exercising in the gym downstairs when she had the time and energy for it but it wasn\'t the same as enjoying the fresh air.

Her father and the Singletons visited fairly frequently but it wasn\'t the same as being able to go to them. Aaron didn\'t want her to go out with Lacy canvassing the place.

She finally convinced him on a particularly sunny Saturday afternoon after giving him her best puppy dog eyes. He agreed on the condition that they go all the way out to Brooklyn, suggesting that they meet her father there.

Keeley loved hearing birds chirping and soaking up the rays of sunlight from the ground rather than from a rooftop. Pushing the twins around in the double stroller they had bought but never actually used was quite relaxing.

She had finally lost her baby weight and could wear her old clothes again too so she took advantage of the fact that she could wear shorts and a tie-dye tank top to combat the heat.

"This is so nice," she sighed happily.

"You should really get out more," her dad said, unaware of his daughter\'s current predicament. He thought she preferred having him visit her because it was hard packing the babies up into the car to bring to him.

"Yeah, I should," she said with a pointed look at her husband, who pretended he couldn\'t hear.

Keeley knew he was only being so overprotective because he had lost her once before but it was getting ridiculous. She couldn\'t stay in their apartment forever.

"We could always go somewhere on vacation," Aaron suggested. "The twins are technically old enough to fly."

She hadn\'t even thought of that. It was an exciting thought; they hadn\'t been on vacation together since honeymooning in their first life.

"Can we really?"

"My father might have a heart attack if I ask for vacation days but I do have them. Where would you want to go that\'s baby friendly?"

Baby friendly…she had no idea. She would have to look up ideas. It couldn\'t be too far away, either. They wouldn\'t be happy being in a car or plane for more than a couple of hours.

"I\'ll figure something out," she said with a shrug, suddenly energized. A vacation sounded wonderful about now.

Violet and Kaleb babbled happily as they took in the sights of the park. They did look a lot alike but at least people didn\'t mistake them as identical anymore like when they were first born.

Violet\'s hair had grown in dark and thick while her brother\'s was wispy and so blonde it was practically see through. They both still had the blue eyes that most Caucasian babies were born with so Keeley couldn\'t tell whose eye color they would end up with.

She kind of hoped at least one of them got Aaron\'s dark blue irises. Her brown eyes were so boring. Her brother\'s eyes were blue and she had always been a bit jealous of it when he was alive.

"Would you like to come with us Robert?" Aaron asked.

Her father seemed surprised at being included. "Are you sure? I wouldn\'t want to intrude on your family vacation."

"You\'re a part of our family too," he said with a shrug. "It would be nice having you along."

Keeley\'s heart was fit to burst when she saw her dad\'s genuine delight. She wanted to kiss Aaron right there but there were too many witnesses.

"I would love to come. When do you plan on going?"

"How about a few weeks from now? It will allow us both to get time off from work. We can go over a weekend so we\'ll only be missing a few days."

An idea suddenly hit her. "Why don\'t we go to Niagara Falls? If we go by plane it should take less than two hours. It\'s crazy that I\'ve never been since it\'s still in New York. We could push the babies around in their stroller."

She had already gotten her passport last year thinking she would be going to Europe in January, which didn\'t happen because of her unstable pregnancy. Babies didn\'t need a passport to get into Canada, just their birth certificates to make it back into the United States. They would be able to visit both sides of Niagara Falls with no problems.

"Dad, do you have a passport?" Keeley asked suddenly.

"No, I\'ve never needed one."

"I can pay to get it expedited," Aaron reassured him. "If you get a picture done tomorrow you can go in on Monday and it will be done in time."

They continued chatting as they circled around the park, unaware that someone was watching them with an ugly look on his face.