Run, Girl (If You Can) - Chapter 215 - Bubbles

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Keeley pulled her hand back. She didn\'t like where the conversation was going. It really wasn\'t any of his business what she got up to, even if they were old friends.

Ryan slurped his soda angrily before beginning to speak again. "He won\'t make you happy."

"You think I don\'t know that? It\'ll all be over when I probably have to leave in January anyway. What does it matter if I\'m trying to be the bigger person now?"

"There\'s a difference between trying to be the bigger person and letting someone walk all over you. You\'re a doormat for this guy! He kept bugging you until you gave into the madness! I thought you were stronger than that," he said with a condescending shake of his head.

Her temper flared up and she smacked her hands on the table. "You have no idea what you\'re talking about!"

He didn\'t know how hard she had tried to put the past behind her. What else could she have done when it seemed like the whole universe was conspiring to put the two of them back together? She hadn\'t wanted this!

"Can\'t you see that you deserve better?" Ryan pleaded. "You deserve someone who respects you and has similar interests to you at the very least."

Keeley could appreciate the sentiment but she was too annoyed with how nosy he was being. She snorted. "Yeah, like who?"


Her eyes widened. She was completely blindsided by this. Since when had Ryan been interested in her? He was just a friend! A study buddy turned friend!

She stood up and stumbled out of the booth. "I have to go."


"I said I have to go!" she snapped and hurried out of the restaurant.

How? How had this happened? They were supposed to be having dinner together like always. It was a perfectly normal thing they had done a hundred times. Had he always thought of them as dates?

He knew how much she hated the idea of relationships! How could he spoil a perfectly good friendship like that?

Ryan had been one of the people closest to her. She had lost everyone now. Jennica and Valentina were gone, off living their own lives. Now he was too.

She couldn\'t keep hanging out with him knowing how he felt when she didn\'t feel the same way. It wouldn\'t be fair to either of them.

Keeley let out a bitter laugh. She said that and yet she had been doing that exact thing to Aaron. She knew he had some sort of feelings towards her and yet she continued accepting his presence in her life.

Well…it might be a little different. She and Aaron weren\'t friends. His feelings for her were motivated by guilt. But she was probably still hurting him. She had seen how upset he was at Jennica\'s engagement party when she refused to acknowledge him at all.

She needed the truth out of him but was afraid to ask. It would be incredibly awkward seeing him after that and he was going to be watching her cat. She couldn\'t avoid visiting Molly forever. It was better to keep it to herself.

They had reached somewhat of an understanding with each other, hadn\'t they? Weren\'t things fine the way they were?


Keeley was worn out from crying by the time she made it back to Aaron\'s place so she began running water for a bath. When the tub was mostly full, she poured in the bubble bath.

She hadn\'t realized the cap poured things out so easily; way more than she intended made it in. With the jets on…the bubbles piled over a foot higher than the edge of the tub and formed a mountain, staying perfectly in place rather than spilling over the edge.

It was the bubble tower of every child\'s dreams. She eagerly shut off the water, removed her clothes, and climbed in. There were so many bubbles that they went over her head even as she sat on the seat in the giant tub.

She had to reach up and create a gap for her eyes, nose, and mouth so she could breathe. Being completely engulfed by bubbles was oddly relaxing. Her mind was able to momentarily empty of thoughts.

Ryan didn\'t matter. Aaron didn\'t matter. Right now, the only two things in the world were Keeley and the bubbles.

She played with them like a little kid, crafting herself a beard (though she made sure not to inhale any). Only her eyes and nose were poking out now. She was tempted to laugh but then she would get bubbles in her mouth.

The jets continued swirling around her, causing the bubbles to grow higher. She must have added nearly half a cup of bubble bath by mistake.

It was a miracle none of them had slid to the floor yet. They continued holding their shape. This was really high quality bubble bath. As expected of something bought in a store inside of an expensive apartment building.

Keeley had forgotten to shut the door since she was the only person here. The last thing she expected was to see Aaron pulling a suitcase behind him and looking at her like she was crazy while standing in the doorway.

She shrieked and disappeared under the bubbles completely, getting a bunch in her mouth. She was completely covered by a thick layer of them so it wasn\'t like he had seen anything but she was still completely mortified.

What was he doing back a day early?! A little warning would have been nice!

When she dared peek out again, the door was shut. At least he had some manners. She hid in the bath until nearly all of the bubbles were gone but still couldn\'t shake her embarrassment. All enjoyment was gone the moment he showed up.

Keeley took deep breaths to calm herself.

\'You left the door open. He didn\'t know you were in here. He didn\'t see anything except you acting like a five-year-old and it\'s not like this was the first time that\'s happened. You\'re fine,\' she thought firmly.

It was the only thing that gave her the courage to get out and face him. Unfortunately, her pajamas were back in the guest room she had been using. She triple checked to make sure the coast was clear before venturing out with her towel wrapped tightly around her.

When she safely made it, she locked the door and changed as quickly as she could. Originally she had been planning on wearing pajamas but that wasn\'t happening now.

She put on jean shorts and a graphic tee printed with tons of slices of pizza. Her hair was wrapped in a towel turban but that couldn\'t be helped. It was thick and took a long time to dry—she didn\'t want to drip everywhere.