Run, Girl (If You Can) - Chapter 207 - You Don't Abandon Family

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When the first dance ended, everyone clapped loudly and Keeley and Valentina excused themselves to head to the dance floor. Jennica wanted the second dance to include all of the bridal party with their partners and they couldn\'t refuse her since it was her big day.

Aaron\'s black eye stood out against his pale face when she found him. She had never seen him so miserable in either of her lives. Where was all of this facial movement coming from today?

"Relax," she informed him. "Most of the reason I\'m upset has nothing to do with you at all."

He lightened up considerably as they began waltzing. "What\'s wrong?"

"I\'m about to become homeless. Valentina told me she\'s moving in with some med school friends because they offer cheaper rent."

His brow furrowed. "Your dad would never let you become homeless."

"No, but he\'s deathly allergic to cats. I can\'t abandon Molly," Keeley said stoutly. "She\'s already been left behind once and she\'s family. You don\'t abandon family."

A spark of recognition lit his dead eyes. "Hang on…when you told me not to abandon Dinah because she was family…you said that because you thought I abandoned you, didn\'t you?"

Yes, but she was surprised he remembered that. She said that back before they both knew the other had been reborn. So many past conversations made new sense in light of that information.

"You DID abandon me, even if it was for the sake of protection. But that\'s water under the bridge now."

She really didn\'t want to argue. It was better to drop it.

He wisely went back to the original subject. "You haven\'t looked into other options?"

She glared at him. "Of course I have, I\'m not stupid. I spent hours looking things up last night. Nowhere pet friendly fits my budget. Right now it looks like I\'ll have to stay with my dad for the time being and keep poor Molly in a pet boarding center. I don\'t want to do that to her but I can\'t just dump her somewhere."

"She could stay with me," Aaron offered suddenly. "I don\'t know how familiar she is with other cats but it\'s a big place; she and Dinah could avoid each other forever if they wanted to."

Keeley was shocked by his thoughtfulness. That would solve her problem perfectly. "Are you sure?"

"I wouldn\'t have offered if I wasn\'t. When is your lease up?"

"The second week of July."

"Hmm…I have some business in Canada then. How about you use one of my guest rooms while I\'m gone? You can help Molly get used to the place and feed Dinah for me at the same time."

That seemed a bit too generous. He would be gone so there wouldn\'t be any chances for awkward encounters but still…staying in his house? It had only happened twice before and one of those times had been an accident. She had never been there a full 24 hours.

"How long will you be gone?" she asked hesitantly.

"About a week."

A week would help her acclimatize Molly to her new surroundings…and if she was taking care of Dinah as well they would be even without anything owed. It could work.

Keeley smiled as she accepted. "You\'re a surprisingly helpful guy sometimes, you know that?"

Aaron seemed pleased. "I try."

It was as if the weight of the world had been lifted off her shoulders. She didn\'t know what the future would hold for her but at least for the time being her cat would be taken care of. She didn\'t even care that this meant she would have to see Aaron if she wanted to see Molly.

When she was desperate, he offered a solution, just like he promised he would. He was serious about making things up to her.

She could process all of that later. One thing at a time. Her immediate worry was solved so she should focus on enjoying herself with her friends for today.

At the end of the song she curtsied goofily and practically skipped off towards Valentina. A catchy non-slow song had come on and she was in the mood to dance.

"What are you so happy about?" she asked curiously.

"Nothing, just a bit of good news."


Keeley wasn\'t the only one drowning in memories today.

Aaron could still very easily recall their wedding day. Her radiance outshone the stars above as she made her way down the aisle toward him. He couldn\'t believe he was going to be able to keep her forever. His sunshine, who he loved more than anything.

It had been such a beautiful day. It hurt seeing his friend get to marry the love of his life knowing he wouldn\'t be able to experience that again. They both looked so happy, just like he and Keeley had, not knowing what was coming for them.

Of course he knew the reason for her tears as they walked away from wedding ceremony. She hated weddings because they reminded her of their own and everything that came after.

His heart shattered into pieces seeing her like that. She claimed it wasn\'t entirely his fault but what else could possibly be going on that put her into such a state? Keeley was a strong person. She almost never cried.

Seeing her sitting next to that Ryan guy during the luncheon only made his mood worse. He had blown his chance with her but Ryan hadn\'t. What would he do if she eventually accepted his advances?

There was nothing Aaron could do but sit back and watch. He would keep supporting her from the sidelines forever; he owed her that much.

It was cruelly ironic that Keeley was the one to catch the bouquet considering she didn\'t believe in marriage. His heart sunk. That was his fault too. He had been a fairly terrible husband.

She had deserved so much better than someone who was incapable of properly conveying his feelings. She loved him freely and unashamedly, he should have been able to do the same but was constricted by his unfeeling upbringing and the world in which he felt he was trapped.

Finding out she was mostly upset about losing her apartment had lifted a weight off his heart. That was something he could fix.

It would be easiest to let her stay in his place but he knew she would be uncomfortable if he was there. He had been meaning to go to Canada anyway to work on strengthening his foreign connections; moving it up a month or two wouldn\'t affect anything.

Keeley seemed so relieved and she even complimented him. She went back to her friends seemed lighter, much more like her usual self. Aaron felt lighter too just watching her go.

Aiden noticed his change in mood and walked up to him with a confused expression. "What\'s up with you?"

"Nothing. Just a bit of good news."