Run, Girl (If You Can) - Chapter 179 - Unpredictable

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Alistair Hale\'s apology didn\'t come until Wednesday and it was supremely unsatisfying. Lacy had been right—he wouldn\'t stand up for her because he liked the idea of this new daughter-in-law-to-be.

He met up with her and her father for lunch at a trendy restaurant near the financial district and didn\'t show the slightest bit of discomfort on his face. Who did he think he was to be so nonchalant about not honoring a promise?

"I really didn\'t want things to turn out this way but what can I do? I have no control over that boy," Alistair said calmly as he cut his steak.

Brann scowled. "You\'re his father; it\'s his duty to listen to you and respect your decisions on what\'s best for him. Tell him to break off the engagement and make things right."

Lacy nodded along emphatically. Only she could be Aaron\'s wife. Somebody from Boston could never fit into New York\'s high society.

"It\'s not that simple. Everyone has already heard about it. Think about the rumors that would be going around if his fiancée was suddenly switched. It would reflect badly on Lacy."

"So you\'re telling me you don\'t intend to fix this?!" Brann thundered, smacking his hands on the table.

Alistair sighed and set down his knife.

"You\'re overthinking things. All I\'m saying is that it can\'t be fixed so quickly. Bethany is currently out of the country visiting friends from her study abroad a couple of years ago. Even if she were here, we would need time to let the news cool down.

"Lacy…I know you\'re set on Aaron but there are so many other eligible men out there. It might be in your best interest to choose someone else. You aren\'t getting any younger. If you wait too long for Aaron I\'m afraid you\'ll miss your best chance at getting another husband."

She had never been so offended in her entire life. How dare he imply that she was going to be an old maid!

Lacy was the most beautiful woman in their circle and everyone knew it. As the most beautiful, she needed the best husband and that was Aaron. No one else would do. She refused to settle.

"I\'ll have you know that I\'ve been proposed to no less than six times," she said coldly. "I am in demand but none of those fools are worthy of me. I will wait for your son as long as it takes."

Alistair regarded her condescendingly without a hint of sympathy in his dark soulless eyes.

"My son has made up his mind and I can\'t stop him. He doesn\'t want you," he said bluntly. "Stop waiting for the impossible and go find yourself a nice husband."

"Alistair, do you have to be so straightforward about it?" Brann asked unhappily.

He wasn\'t stupid enough to believe that Aaron liked his daughter in any capacity but a promise was a promise. He wanted that merger to happen officially.

The two of them had been working together in secret for years but being married into the family would protect him from any legal allegations. Alistair was less likely to turn on him to save himself in case they ever got caught if they were family.

"I\'m only telling the truth. Aaron has been unpredictable the last few years. He\'s refused all the servants I\'ve offered him, hasn\'t even told me where he\'s living these days, and hardly interacts with the circle anymore," Alistair said angrily, stabbing his steak with a fork.

"I get the feeling he\'s up to something but can\'t find any proof. He\'s completely disrespectful and he has the board eating out of his hand by submitting proposals to move the company in a new direction. I don\'t even know what he gets up to anymore when he\'s not at the office."

Her temper rose as she listened to Alistair\'s rant. It had been more than a few years since Aaron had been different. This all started their senior year of high school with that peasant, Keeley. She changed him.

Lacy was supposed to be his prom date. She was supposed to be his college girlfriend. And right now, she was supposed to be his wife as they stood together at the top of high society.

It was as if a switch had flipped in him overnight that pulled him farther and farther away from Lacy and their world. All of this was wrong. They had been the only ones who understood each other in their generation of the circle. They were meant to be together!

"If you won\'t honor your promise I\'ll find a way to do it myself," she said stiffly before standing and striding out of the restaurant in her designer heels.

As much as she hated the thought of working with such a cretin, it may be time to pay Graydon Meyer a visit. He claimed he could help her get Aaron. If Alistair wasn\'t going to help her, she had to take what she could get.

Her father wasn\'t ready to stop his negotiation attempts yet so she got her driver to drop her off at Appzoid\'s offices in the Flatiron district. She was certain that Graydon Meyer wouldn\'t make her wait since he approached her first.

"Tell your CEO that Lacy Knighton is here to see him," she told the receptionist at the front desk in the crisply decorated office building.

"Do you have an appointment?" the receptionist asked boredly, giving her a once over.

"I don\'t need one. Just tell him my name; he\'ll agree to see me."

The receptionist rolled her eyes. There were at least a dozen of these types claiming they were Mr. Meyer\'s girlfriend a week. He always turned them away but she still had to ask.

"Mr. Meyer, a Lacy Knighton is here to see you."

To her surprise, he laughed. "I was wondering when she would show up. Send her back."

"Yes, sir."

She hung up the phone and looked at Lacy with new eyes. "Take the elevator up three floors. Mr. Meyer\'s office is the second door on the right."

Lacy smiled victoriously. She knew he would see her immediately. Take that, secretary!