Run, Girl (If You Can) - Chapter 133 - Betrayal

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"He\'s going to murder us both," Aiden predicted grimly as they were summoned to Aaron\'s office on Monday afternoon.

"Then he\'s going to murder Ryan," Cameron agreed.

They felt like they were chickens walking to the chopping block. Aiden started humming a funeral dirge and Cameron wasn\'t sure whether to laugh or cry.

He just got a girlfriend, too. Joy was fleeting. "If he does kill me, tell Jennica I love her."

"You love her already?! I haven\'t even told Nova that and we\'ve been dating for eight months!"

Cameron sighed. "I\'m just being dramatic, Aiden. We\'re going to live; we still have our uses."

"I certainly hope so," he muttered. This was not how he wanted to start his week.

Ever since he received Cameron\'s warning text on Thanksgiving he had been on edge, even going so far as telling his mother to confiscate his phone so he could spend more time with the extended family that was visiting. Anything to avoid dealing with Aaron unprepared.

Unfortunately, he still wasn\'t prepared. How was he supposed to explain that he had known about Ryan the whole time he lived across the hall from Keeley?

Opening the office door was like opening the door to a walk-in freezer. Aaron\'s fury was much more severe than usual.

Cameron let Aiden take the lead since he was more important to Aaron\'s operations and was less likely to be murdered. He stepped forward with a carefree smile on his face as if nothing was wrong.

"What\'s up, boss man?"

"I think you know exactly what\'s up," he said forebodingly. "Tell me everything you know NOW."

Cameron piped up, "I want you to know that keeping this from you was entirely Aiden\'s idea and I had nothing to do with it."

How could his friend sacrifice him like this?! "Dude! Are you serious right now?!"

"I have something to live for!"

"And I don\'t?!"

"I. Said. Now." The chill in the air stopped their bickering immediately.

They both sat meekly on the couch and Aiden began his explanation, beginning with how he had seen Ryan around Keeley\'s apartment several times and ending with the time he half-carried a drunk Keeley to the lobby before Aiden intercepted her.

He chose to leave out the part about why Keeley was drinking because he didn\'t want to actually die today; he was supposed to meet up with Nova in-game later.

"That\'s all he told me," Cameron said. "So when I saw him at the Halloween party where I met Jennica I didn\'t say anything."

"What did he do at the Halloween party?"

The co-conspirators exchanged glances. Aiden fully expected him to take this one after throwing him under the bus, especially since he had actually been there.

"…they were partners during the couples skate portion and then later during Two Truths and a Lie I realized they must be closer than I thought because Ryan knew about Keeley\'s ex-boyfriend."

Aaron had never been told anything about Keeley\'s previous relationships. The ice storm raging inside the office only grew.

"She\'s been friends with him longer! It\'s natural that she would talk to an old friend about that sort of thing!" Aiden said hurriedly.

"You\'re digging your own grave; Aaron met her first," Cameron whispered.

Crap, he completely forgot about that. Technically, Aaron knew her longer but not better because of all that time with no contact.

His friend showed mercy and bailed him out.

"Relax, Aaron, she doesn\'t like him. I saw them at the couples skate; neither of them were having fun. In fact, Keeley looked angry about something! Aside from that, her interactions with him were no different than they were with the rest of her friends."

\'Thank you, Cam! I forgive you for betraying me earlier!\' Aiden thought gratefully.

The ice receded slightly. "Are you positive? Don\'t lie."

"He seems to be on par with her roommates; doesn\'t that mean she doesn\'t see him as a man? He\'s like one of her girlfriends!" Cameron claimed somewhat outrageously.

Would Aaron take the bait?

"I can see your point. Still, Aiden, keep an eye on him. Cameron, pump your girlfriend for information," he said with an air of finality.

Really, they got off easy. They saluted or bowed and scampered out of the office.

"I saw my life flash before my eyes," Aiden said dramatically.

"At least you got the easy job. How am I supposed to ask Jennica about this guy without coming off as suspicious?"

"Yeah, that sucks. Don\'t know what to tell you."

"Very helpful," Cameron said dryly.

"I try!"

They returned to their respective offices and Aiden couldn\'t concentrate. Should he have mentioned that he thought Aaron was actually the ex-boyfriend while in the office? That probably would have been more helpful information than anything about Ryan Bradley.

Although, if he was wrong, his boss would have thought he was nuts. To tell or not to tell? It wasn\'t like he could flat out ask Keeley what the name of her ex was.

At the very least, he could warn her of the storm that was coming her way. He whipped out his phone to send her a text.

Aiden had had her number for years but she didn\'t get his until a few months ago when he pretended to get locked out of his apartment in order to have a feasible excuse to ask for it.

\'FYI Aaron is in a very bad mood today so if you want to live do something to appease him when he shows up with your dinner\'

She texted him back twenty minutes later when he was monitoring a meeting Alistair was holding in one of the conference rooms. \'If I want to live, huh? Thanks for the heads up\'

A second text followed shortly afterward. \'What did you do to piss him off?\'

How dare she correctly assume it was his fault! Well, it wasn\'t entirely his fault. Boy would she be surprised if she knew that she was technically the source of his distress.

\'Your accusatory tone wounds me\'

\'Ah, so I\'m right. Don\'t worry; I\'ll calm him down for you but you\'ll owe me one\'

Please let Keeley be his and Cameron\'s lucky star and save them from their temperamental boss!