Renegade Immortal - Chapter 2077 - Knows Dao Yi!

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Master Scarlet Soul came from the Immortal Astral Continent, so he knew about cultivators far beyond the level of a cave world. Golden Exalts, Empyrean Exalts, Ascendant Empyreans, and the nine peak existences on the Immortal Astral Continent: the Grand Empyreans.

On the Immortal Astral Continent, with his cultivation level, he would be very respectful if he met a Golden Exalt. After all, Golden Exalts were very powerful, and they were grand elder characters even in powerful sects. It could be said that the Golden Exalts determined the power of a sect.

Master Scarlet Soul’s dream was to become a Golden Exalt cultivator. He wanted to break the formation around the Celestial Realm for this goal. He wanted to devour the Celestial Realm and absorb their blood to make a breakthrough.

However, he had just seen the small snake turn into a giant sea dragon. This made Master Scarlet Soul’s mind go totally blank.

The pressure from the sea dragon was enough to make the Celestial Realm tremble. Most people here felt their hearts tremble and even wanted to worship the dragon.

“Golden Exalt… This is a Golden Exalt…” Master Scarlet Soul’s eyes were dull. He didn’t dare to believe what he was seeing.

A rare Golden Exalt existence. But this was a Golden Exalt beast, which was even more rare, and now one had appeared before him in the cave world. This absurd feeling almost drove Master Scarlet Soul insane.

The Golden Exalt sea dragon moved and its eyes revealed a ferocious gaze. It stared at Master Scarlet Soul and let out a roar.

This roar made Master Scarlet Soul’s body tremble violently. His origin soul became unstable and he felt like it was going to collapse. This clearly told him that this sea dragon was a Golden Exalt existence.

Master Scarlet Soul subconsciously retreated a few steps and sweat appeared on his forehead. He could not imagine why Wang Lin had a Golden Exalt sea dragon with him.

This was already beyond his imagination. It felt like everything was just a dream.

As he retreated, he suddenly thought of something. The appearance of the sea dragon didn’t come from Wang Lin, but the shoulder of a cultivator with an otherworldly aura.

“It isn’t that this Wang Lin is strong - there is no pressure or fluctuations coming from him. Although it is a treasure hiding his aura, only those that are weak use this method to protect themselves. Since Wang Lin acts like this, his cultivation level must not be high!

“This sea dragon does not belong to him, but the otherworldly-looking cultivator!

“Wang Lin’s cultivation level is not high, but he must be a good friend of this cultivator. He must have been afraid of being too weak on his trip back, so he asked a friend to come with him.

“And from the look of the otherworldly cultivator, his cultivation level is not high either. Then that means he must have a teacher who is an Empyrean Exalt on the Immortal Astral Continent! This is the only explanation.” Master Scarlet Soul’s eyes lit up. He felt that this was the only logical explanation.

As he retreated, the Golden Exalt sea dragon opened its mouth to devour him, and Master Scarlet Soul suddenly let out a roar.

“Fellow Cultivator, please listen to me!” The person he spoke to was not Wang Lin or the sea dragon, but Liu Jinbiao, who was watching from a distance with pride on his face.

“Fellow Cultivator’s teacher must an Empyrean Exalt on the Immortal Astral Continent. With Fellow Cultivator’s talent, you must be a direct disciple of the Empyrean Exalt. Otherwise, you won’t have been gifted a Golden Exalt sea dragon. This is a private matter between Wang Lin and I, so I’d like to ask Fellow Cultivator to not participate in this matter. Afterward, I’ll definitely thank Fellow Cultivator!” Master Scarlet Soul had no other choice. Under the pressure of the Golden Exalt sea dragon, he didn’t even have the courage to escape.

Right now it was a matter of life or death, and he didn’t have much time to think. Even though he knew that this person was here because of Wang Lin and that it would be difficult to persuade him, he still had to try.

“Before I was sealed, I hid all my savings that I had collected for countless years in the Eastern Continent. I only ask Fellow Cultivator to be forgiving and spare my life!” Master Scarlet Soul’s heart was tense as he stared at the sea dragon. He was extremely afraid and even his voice was trembling.

Liu Jinbiao was startled.

Wang Lin faintly smiled but didn’t smile. Xu Liguo, the sea dragon, and Master South Cloud and company were also startled.

Xu Liguo was startled for a moment and then suddenly began to laugh. Liu Jinbiao revealed a smile that wasn’t a smile as he looked at Master Scarlet Soul, who was in despair.

“This old man’s uncle-master is Xun Shanqing, an Empyrean Exalt under Grand Empyrean Dao Yi. If you let this sea dragon kill me, my uncle-master will certainly find out. I don’t believe your teacher is willing to get on the bad side of another Empyrean Exalt!!” Master Scarlet Soul’s face was pale and he revealed his fear toward death.

“Also, Grand Empyrean Dao Yi is very biased. If my uncle-master pleads for help, you all will have to pay the price!! Wang Lin, this is a price you can’t bear - the entire cave world will be destroyed!

You have been to the Immortal Astral Continent, so you must know about the Grand Empyreans. If you let me leave, I will vow to no longer have any ideas about the Celestial Realm, and I will immediately leave the cave world.”

Master Scarlet Soul squealed. He believed that Wang Lin knew of the Grand Empyreans, so. he was confident his words could play a deterrent role.

When Liu Jinbiao heard this, he subconsciously looked at Wang Lin. This action made Master Scarlet Soul even more confident.

Wang Lin’s expression was a bit strange. He looked at Master Scarlet Soul, who was terrified enough to use any method to find a path to life, and smiled.

Master Scarlet Soul quickly said, “And if you let this old man leave, I can beg Uncle-Master to take you into the sect. Then you will also belong to someone under Grand Empyrean Dao Yi. Once your cultivation breaks through, you can do as you wish on the Immortal Astral Continent!”

“Dao Yi… Grand Empyrean, eh…” Wang Lin stood up and looked at Master Scarlet Soul. In his eyes, this person was an ant.

The many cultivators in the Celestial Realm didn’t really understand Wang Lin’s cultivation. When they heard Master Scarlet Soul talk about the mysterious Grand Empyrean Dao Yi, just the name itself caused their hearts to tremble.

Dao Master Blue Dream frowned but didn’t speak. Master South Cloud also had a gloomy expression. His faith in Wang Lin’s strength had wavered slightly.

“On the Immortal Astral Continent, there were originally nine Grand Empyreans. This Dao Yi is the weakest one,” Wang Lin slowly said. His expression was still calm.

Master Scarlet Soul’s eyes lit up. He also knew this, and when he heard Wang Lin say this, he was even more certain that Wang Lin knew how incomparably powerful Grand Empyreans were.

However, he was still a bit hesitant. Wang Lin’s casual tone when talking about Grand Empyreans made Master Scarlet Soul feel like something bad was going to happen.

“However, even the weakest Grand Empyrean has the power to dominate all living things,” Wang Lin slowly said, but at this moment, his tone suddenly changed.

“However, even if Dao Yi came here personally, he would still have to immediately retreat when facing me. I fear he won’t even dare to come see me.” Wang Lin smiled.

When Master Scarlet Soul heard these words, his eyes widened. He looked at Wang Lin as if Wang Lin had gone crazy. No one would dare to say such things.

“You really have guts. If you are really so brave, why don’t you go the the Immortal Astral Continent and say it to Grand Empyrean Dao Yi?” Although Master Scarlet Soul was scared, but before such arrogant words, he still mocked Wang Lin.

“It doesn’t need to be so troublesome.” Wang Lin was in no rush. Since this Master Scarlet Soul had dared to break the formation around the Celestial Realm, simply killing him wouldn’t appease Wang Lin’s anger.

“Dao Yi, this person said that a person under you is his uncle-master. Tell me if this is true!” Wang Lin waved his right hand and a thunderous rumble echoed. The sea dragon quickly retreated and a giant vortex appeared above the Celestial Realm. The vortex opened a passage and broke the law around the Immortal Astral Continent, forming a connection.

On the Immortal Astral Continent, Dao Yi had just returned from the vast basin, and the terrifying scene he had seen there was lingering in his mind. He didn’t dare to believe it, but he knew everything was true.

The strongest person on the Immortal Astral Continent was no longer Guo Dao, but the person he was terrified of - Wang Lin!!

Just at this moment, the sky above the Dao Yi Sect changed and the world changed colors. A vortex appeared and Wang Lin’s voice echoed across the world. He was shocked to find that his body could not move and that the divine sense coming from the vortex was emitting a strange force. He was being pulled toward the vortex.

In the vortex, he saw a strange continent, Wang Lin, and also heard Wang Lin’s words. He even felt like he was on the border of life or death, and Wang Lin was in control. It was as if Wang Lin only needed but a thought to kill him.

In the Celestial Realm of the cave world, Master Scarlet Soul looked at the vortex that had appeared above. He felt a terrifying aura that made him tremble coming from the vortex. He had felt this aura before from afar - it was Grand Empyrean Dao Yi!!

“This is impossible… Impossible…”

“There is no Empyrean Exalt under me that knows this person… Please… I plead Lord Wang… To not be angry…” Dao Yi’s bitter voice came from inside the vortex. The look of respect and fear was clearly seen by Master Scarlet Soul.

“Fake… This is fake… This is impossible!” Master Scarlet Soul felt like he was going crazy. He couldn’t believe any of this.