Renegade Immortal - Chapter 2071 - The Rainbow in the Rain

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“Reincarnation… What exactly is reincarnation… I thought reincarnation was the heavens, but in truth, reincarnation is more than the heavens.” Wang Lin walked through the sky and the appearance of Zhou Ru, Situ Nan, and the madman appeared in his mind.

“The Madman’s choice may not be reincarnation, but Zhou Ru and Situ chose reincarnation… They didn’t choose to live, because they had chosen to integrate into life here. They had too many connections they were unwilling to give up.

“Zhou Ru could not give up her parents and affection in this life. Situ could not give up on the lives of the soldiers that followed him. A reincarnation is a lifetime, and one has many ties in life. How could it be all cut so easily?

“This is the power of reincarnation… It can make one unable to free themselves or not want to free themselves.” There was confusion in Wang Lin’s eyes, and he seemed to gain more enlightenment in this confusion.

“Reincarnation is the heavens and is also a mirror. The self in the mirror is reincarnation.”

The confusion in Wang Lin’s eyes gradually dissipated and was replaced with clarity. His understanding of reincarnation was steadily growing toward completion after seeing Zhou Ru and Situ Nan. The narrow road below was like a line that peaked into the heavens.

“I wonder what the others’ choices will be…” Wang Lin looked into the distance, let out a sigh, and walked away.

Celestial clan, a mountain range in the Northern Continent. There was a dense forest here, and it was very dangerous.

There was a cave there without anyone around, only birds and beasts. However, when the cave appeared here years ago, no beasts had dared to come here.

The cave was extremely luxurious, and countless night pearls made this place very bright. However, due to how quiet it was, the whole place felt cold.

At this moment, there was a cultivator sitting in the master room in the cave.

The cultivation didn’t look old and his body was like a dwarf’s. His head was also very large; compared to his head, his small body looked out of place.

This big-headed cultivator was gloomy, and as he cultivated, the entire cave became cold.

“Big Head…” As the cultivator cultivated, a voice suddenly appeared and echoed inside the cold cave.

The heart of the cultivator trembled and he suddenly opened his eyes. He didn’t hesitate to spit out a ray of green light that flew at the white figure that had appeared in the cave.

Wang Lin revealed a strange expression. The green light was a centipede, and it rushed toward him with its mouth open. Wang Lin pointed at the centipede and it froze in the air.

The big-headed cultivator was shocked. This centipede had been refined in his origin soul and therefore could even hold off someone stronger than him. This could give him time to escape or attack again.

However, it had just been easily frozen by the person before him. He couldn’t even tell what spell the other person had used.

“Ma Tao, are you going to kill me!?” Big Head let out a roar. His body rumbled and a large amount of fog spread out. He was about to escape.

“Ma Tao?” Wang Lin was startled and pointed at the fog. A ray of light penetrated the fog and landed between the eyebrows of the big-headed cultivator as he tried to escape.

Big Head’s body trembled and confusion appeared in his eyes. Various memories appeared in his mind. At the same time, Wang Lin’s hand reached out and the power of the world around the mountain condensed into his hand to form a small sword.

This sword was formed by the power of the world and created from Wang Lin’s faith spell, so it was an absolute treasure!

With a toss, the small sword flew into the fog and stabbed into the side of the wall. Deep inside the fog was Big Head, who was awakening his memories. Wang Lin revealed a gentle smile as he waved his sleeve and power of the world gathered to turn a large amount of pills into a gourd. He placed it on the ground and left.

After a long time, the fog dispersed and Big Head walked out with a complex expression and in a daze. He sat there, looking at the empty cave for a long time before he raised his head and muttered.

“Master…” He saw the sword that frightened him and the gourd filled with pills. Tears flowed down from his eyes.

Also in the Northern Continent, but in another continent. A dozen rays of light were flying through the sky as a ray of crystal light dashed by. The cultivators were caught off guard as the crystal light disappeared between them.

No one noticed that when the crystal light disappeared, it entered the spot between the eye,,,,,,

These cultivators were suspicious for a while, and after debating about it, they rushed forward once more. The child in red’s eyes were filled with confusion, and after a few hours, the group rested on the mountain side. The confusion in his eyes dissipated and was replaced with a complicated emotion.

“I’m… Master Hongshan…” The boy in red looked at the sky and slowly smiled. He took a deep breath as he looked at the land before him, filled with excitement.

Eastern Continent, in the Nan Ni Continent, Wang Lin briefly passed by a small sect. There weren’t many cultivators in this sect, only about 1,000 people. The location of their sect wasn’t very good and the spiritual energy here was not dense.

As the edict had been sent by the Grand Empyreans to prepare for the opening of the Immemorial God Realm, undercurrents had begun to move across the continent. This made it so the smaller sects could no longer live in peace and had to rely on the larger sects to survive.

The war was about to start, and a small sect like this would find it difficult to continue in the war between the Ancients and celestials.

Shen Bao was the master of this sect, and his cultivation was extraordinary. He was very anxious as he didn’t know what the future held or if his sect would still exist after the war in a few hundred years.

He had expended a lot of effort to climb to his current position and become the master of a sect. He didn’t want to give it up, but right now, the only path before him was to submit to a stronger power.

However, the powers he could choose from would have different consequences, all of them equally serious. The elders of the sect also had different opinions than him on this matter, and there were signs of division.

While Shen Bao was anxious, a young man wearing white with white hair arrived outside the sect. He walked into the sect.

Wang Lin found Shen Bao, and a few hours later, Wang Lin left.

After he left, Shen Bao stood outside the hall and looked at the sky with confusion in his eyes. After a long time, the confusion disappeared and turned into determination.

During this period of time, Wang Lin saw almost all of his old friends from the cave world. He unlocked the memories of some, and for certain people, he gave them power to decide.

However, no matter the end result, Wang Lin would leave behind something to protect them, because they came from the same cave world. More accurately, they were all people that belonged to the Seven Dao Sect.

The Sun and Moon Sect, the strongest sect of the Tian Fang Continent. Their sect had more than 100,000 members and was one of the nine sects and thirteen factions of the Eastern Continent.

There were many geniuses in the Sun and Moon Sect. However, none of them could compare to a woman named Qing Hong. Her talent was difficult to find even once every 10,000 years!

Hundreds of years ago, she became a disciple of the Sun and Moon Sect. In a short period of less than 1,000 years, she reached the third step and was at the peak of Nirvana Void. She was only one step from reaching Spirit Void.

This was greatly related to the Sun and Moon Sect fully developing her, but this also showed how important she was to the sect.

The Golden Exalt head elder of the sect was in closed door cultivation year-round. Rumor had it that she had the power of an Empyrean Exalt but had never gone to the Empyrean Trial.

This person had personally accepted this woman as her disciple, and every few years, she would come out to give this woman pointers. Sometimes, she would even bring this woman into closed door cultivation with her.

This woman was called the Saintess of the Sun and Moon Sect. Many people looked up to her and, due to her beauty, she was loved by many of the disciples.

However, this woman was simply too outstanding and her personality was simply too cold. Over the hundreds of years, she never chose a dao partner, but the more she was like this, the more the disciples of the Sun and Moon Sect looked up to her.

In particular, the children of the elders and those disciples who felt qualified never stopped their pursuit of her.

On this day, this woman named Qing Hong left closed door cultivation. The clouds outside were dark and thunder was rumbling as if it was going to rain. The thunder made her restless, as if something was going to happen.

She stood outside her own cave as she looked at the dark clouds and the purplish red light from the sun. There was confusion in her eyes.

A beautiful butterfly flew from the distance while facing the violent wind. It floated before her and attracted her attention.

She liked the color red and butterflies. The people in the sect only knew of her first like, but no one knew of the second.

Looking at the flying butterfly, the confusion in the eyes of the beautiful woman became even stronger. Like the other people who had reincarnated, there was confusion in her dreams.

She always felt like she didn’t belong to this world. This feeling made her indifference extraordinary.

Thunder rumbled and rain fell onto the earth, forming a curtain of rain.

She was wearing a red dress that made her look like a red butterfly from a distance. She stood there with the butterfly before her and seemed like she was going to follow the wind and rain into some place unknown.

“Red Butterfly…” A soft voice came from behind the woman.