Renegade Immortal - Chapter 2069 Si Nan!

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Wang Lin respected the madman’s decision. Everyone had their own responsibilities, Wang Lin understood this.

He had no right to decide madman’s responsibilities. As a friend, the best he could do was awaken the madman. As for what he should do next, there was no need for Wang Lin to interfere.

Wang Lin also had a path he had to take. He wanted to return to the cave world, back to planet Suzaku, back to where he grew up.

“Perhaps the next time I meet the madman will be 300 years from now…” Wang Lin walked into the distance. Although he was the most powerful person on the Immortal Astral Continent, there were still things he was confused about, like the Immemorial God Realm, the All-Seer, and Wan Er’s resurrection.

Walking under the vast sky, Wang Lin also felt confused. He didn’t know if the old friends he was seeking wanted their memories awakened or wanted to return to the cave world with him.

“Perhaps forgetting the past and beginning anew on the Immortal Astral Continent is the best for them…” Wang Lin murmured as he thought about Zhou Ru. That was her choice.

“I can’t replace their choices with my will.” Wang Lin let out a sigh as he looked into the distance. That was where Situ Nan was.

The country of Wu Xuan was a mortal country in the northern part of the Central Continent in the Heavenly Wax Continent. There were four countries in the Heavenly Wax Continent, and there was friction between them year-round. Although there were no large scale wars, there were many small battles on the borders.

However, the four countries kept it under control, so the scale of the battles never expanded too much.

At the border of Wu Xuan and Zhou Ling, there was a large amount of soldiers stationed here. The military camp looked endless and was densely packed with people. There was a powerful killing intent in the air.

Closer to the country, at the gate of the camp, thousands of soldiers were standing in vertical columns. Several generals and officers were looking into the distance as if they were waiting for something.

Not long after, the sounds of horses could be heard along the official road. A black horse rushed forward like the wind and charged through the thousands of soldiers before stopping in front of the generals. The war horse hissed and its hooves raised into the air, then a person jumped down from the horse.

This person was also wearing armor. After landing, he got down on one knee and clasped his hands.


“King Nan’s group is now 50 kilometers away!” the soldier announced in a loud voice, then he lowered his head to wait for orders.

Among the group, there was an old man who gave off pressure without being angry. He was at the center of the group and quickly said, “Continue to scout! The vanguard are to welcome King Nan’s group!”

After he finished speaking, a middle-aged man quickly stepped forward. After clasping his hands at the old man, he set off with 10,000 soldiers from the camp, kicking up a lot of dust.

Beside the old general, a civil servant stepped out and said, “Great General, this King Nan is likely coming… with ill intentions.”

“Rumor has it that King Nan likes to enjoy himself and is extremely wasteful. Almost everyone fears him as he passes.”

“I also heard that King Nan has a lot of wives and has built palaces for them. Rumor has it that he has even more than today’s Emper…” The person who spoke hesitated for a moment and didn’t finish.

The old general was still silently pondering as if he hadn’t heard the words of the people beside him. He stood there without a word, but there was a flash of coldness in his eyes. This coldness remained in his eyes as a powerful aura surrounded him.

As the great general of the border, controlling nearly half a million troops while not being royalty naturally caused displeasure among others. If not for the fact that the country of Wu Xuan needed an invincible general like him, he would have long been forced to retire.

“Rumor has it that King Nan is extremely arrogant and cares a lot about appearances. If the scale of the welcoming party is not large enough, he might not be happy… Great General, should we send more people over…”

“Great General, this humble one also feels that we should send more people to greet him. Since King Nan likes a grand scene, then we should greet him with our 100,000-man army. Line the streets with our soldiers to let him see the might of our army!”

“Great General, there is no need to hesitate. King Nan is a despicable man and is already targeting Great General. For such a person, we should…”

The old general frowned and raised his hand. Everyone became silent as all gazes landed on him. It could be seen that his prestige in this army could not be replaced by anyone.

“My soldiers are all heroes who have survived decades of bloodshed. I won’t agree to use them to greet King Nan. Gather 1,000 people, me being here personally is enough!” The old general’s words were filled with determination, and no one could object.

After he spoke ,everyone’s expressions became serious and they clasped their hands in acknowledgement.

1,000 kilometers away, a luxurious carriage about 100 feet long was moving along the official road with a convoy of carriages stretching almost one kilometer long. There were martial artists dressed in ordinary clothing around the carriages.

Sounds of music came from the 100-foot-long carriage, along with the sound sof women laughing. It looked quite lively inside.

“Good, good, dance. This king will reward you!” A man’s voice cut through the laughter. There even seemed to be faint moaning coming from the carriage as well.

The surrounding guards had long become accustomed to this and didn’t care at all.

After the carriage traveled a few kilometers, a youth in blue sitting next to the carriage let out a sharp roar.

“King Nan has commanded us to stop the march!”

As his words echoed, the long chain of carriages gradually came to a stop. Beautiful women all walked out from the huge carriage in front. Their clothes were a mess and it was obvious they had just put them on. They all looked fatigued as they walked toward the carriages in the back.

There were many women, dozens of them. It was difficult to imagine all of them being in the 100-foot carriage.

As they left, dozens of charming women walked out from the carriages in the back. They looked like replacements and quickly entered the carriage in front. Soon, the music and moaning voices, along with the man’s laughter, echoed once more.

As the carriages moved forward, a battalion of 1,000 people that had been sent to welcome them could be seen. Seeing only this many people coming to greet them, a cold snort came from the 100-foot carriage.

However, the carriage didn’t stop. It continued forward under the protection of these 1,000 soldiers.

One hour later, the convoy of carriages appeared before the barracks. Moaning sounds occasionally escaped from the 100-foot carriage.

As they closed in, the moaning sounds became even more clear, and all the soldiers present heard them. This caused the old general to frown and displeasure appeared in his eyes.

He let out a snort and walked forward. A large amount of civil servants followed him, filled with killing intent. As he closed in, all the guards around the stopped carriage became nervous. They could feel the killing intent coming from the old general, and it made them tremble.

The guards were afraid, but they quickly walked forward. The youth on the carriage quickly stood up and let out a sharp scream. “Stop! King Nan…”

Before the youth finished speaking, a middle-aged general next to the older general revealed a fierce gaze and yelled, “Who are you!?”

When he spoke, all the gazes of the soldiers here gathered on this youth, creating an invisible pressure. The youth’s face suddenly turned pale and he didn’t even dare to speak.

“Si Nan! What are you doing?!” As the old general approached, a roar came from the carriage. Along with his words, the moans suddenly stopped.

The old man gave off a pressure without being angry as stood next to the carriage and spoke. “This old General Si Nan greets King Nan!”

After a moment of silence, a curtain was opened from inside the carriage and a middle-aged man walked out. His eyes were faintly black and looked somewhat hollow. He stood on the carriage as he looked at the old general. There was a flash gloominess when he suddenly smiled.

“Indeed worthy of being my Wu Xuan’s Great General Si Nan. With you protecting the border, there is nothing for Wu Xuan to fear. This king came to reward the border general!”

“Oh? Then let’s enter the barracks, please!” The old general look at King Nan with an indifferent expression. However, his gaze gave King Nan great pressure. In addition, everyone here gave off killing intent and had cold gazes, which made sweat appear on his forehead.

King Nan squeezed out a smile and quickly said, “No need… This king can stay outside, there’s no need to go in.”

No one knew that Wang Lin had watched everything from beginning to end. Wang Lin was standing in the sky and his gaze was locked onto one person. That person was the old general, Si Nan!

“He didn’t become a king, but a great general… I don’t know what he will think once he regains his memories…” Wang Lin revealed a smile. He was very happy.