Renegade Immortal - Chapter 2062 - Battle for Number One of the Immortal Astral Continent!

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Aside from Wang Lin himself, no one else knew how many bridges he had walked past. Not even Grand Empyrean Gu Dao was able to clearly sense it.

He only knew that after Wang Lin entered the Heaven Trampling Bridges, Wang Lin had walked onto the fifth bridge! As for whether Wang Lin had passed the sixth bridge or not, he didn’t know because his limit was the fifth bridge.

The ripples around the mountain lasted for months, and when the ripples dissipated, Wang Lin calmly walked out.

He didn’t look too much different from a few months ago, but if one looked closely, one would find that Wang Lin looked like a mortal. There seemed to be no signs of his cultivation moving inside his body.

He was wearing a long, white shirt and was standing outside the basin of the vast sea. He looked back at the Ancient Clan and a moment later he turned around. He turned into a ray of light and charged toward the celestial clan on the other side of the vast basin!

“Madman, I swore back then that I would come back to the ancestral city to save you! If you are willing to leave, no one on the Immortal Astral Continent can stop me.

“If you choose to become the Celestial Emperor, then you will be the real Celestial Emperor that is no longer in slumber!”

“Also, Situ, Qing Shui, Thirteen, Big Head, Red Butterfly… You are all on the Immortal Astral Continent, and since none of you are in the Ancient clan, then you all must be in the celestial clan. This time, I’ll definitely find you all!

“And there is also… Li Qianmei…” Wang Lin revealed a complicated expression. With a sigh, he moved much faster than before and flew at 100 times the speed he had used to cross this distance the last time.

“In the end, I’m going back to the Seven Dao Sect, back to the cave world, back to planet Suzaku… That is my home.”

Along the way, Wang Lin didn’t stop at all. It only took him a few days to arrive at the edge of the vast sea where the entire sea had formed an endless wall of sea storm.

The storm could be heard from very far away, and once closed in, they would see the countless spatial rifts that had formed due to the storm rotating for 200 years.

There was even an invisible pressure spreading out from this wall.

The smell of the sea was very dense and the thunderous rumbles were heaven-shaking. Wang Lin stood there, looking at the wall of sea and the door formed by the nine pillars as his eyes shined.

He knew that this door would open in 300 years. When that door opened, he would come back with Li Muwan and enter, and he would use the power of reincarnation to revive Li Muwan and allow her to escape reincarnation!

“Perhap I can find the truth there…” Wang Lin muttered as he was about to go through the wall of sea. However, just as he raised his foot, he suddenly looked up.

The sky was completely dark - this was due to the constantly rotating sea. The thunderous rumbles continued as if there was no other sound.

Everything was calm, as if there was nothing wrong, but Wang Lin looked at the sky and gave up on the thought of leaving. He stood there as if he was waiting for something.

After ten breaths, a crackling sound came from the sky. This sound was very sharp and actually overpowered the roar of the sea. The entire world seemed to tremble.

A large rift was suddenly torn open in the sky. A large amount of fog leaked out of it and spread out in all directions. At the same time, a blurry figure walked out from the fog.

Wang Lin’s expression was still calm. He watched the fog cover the dark sky until the world became fog, and when the figure walked out from within, he said, “Gu Dao!”

The figure inside the fog gradually walked forward but still remained covered in fog and said in a hoarse voice, “Wang Lin!”

This scene had a very important meaning behind it for the Immortal Astral Continent. This was the first meeting between the two most powerful people on the Immortal Astral Continent!

These two were the only two people on the Immortal Astra Continent who were half a step into Heaven Trampling, and this was the first time their gazes met.

As for back when they met on Mount Gu Dao, due to the difference in cultivation levels, it could not be compared to right now.

The figure inside the fog silently pondered a bit and said, “You already knew I was coming?”

Wang Lin calmly stood there, his clothes dancing in the wind. A few strands of his hair fluttered as he nodded at the figure inside the fog.

Inside the fog, Gu Dao silently pondered once more for a long time before he let out a sigh and said, “How many bridges did you cross the second time you went to the Heaven Trampling Bridges?”

“That’s not important, what’s important is your purpose for coming.” Wang Lin smiled and his expression was very calm.

Inside the fog, Gu Dao said in a hoarse voice, “You can kill Ye Dao, the Ancient Ancestor’s descendent, you can arbitrarily appoint someone as the new emperor, and you can even do anything you like in the Ancient clan… But you can’t leave the Ancient clan!!”

“I can’t leave the Ancient clan?” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up.

“Unless I can’t stop you, you can’t leave.” An ancient voice came from the fog.

“I won’t stop you for too long, 300 years. You need to stay in the Ancient clan for 300 years. Once the Immemorial God Realm opens, you can leave as you will.”

Wang Lin pondered a bit and slowly said, “Give me an explanation!”

Gu Dao’s voice became gloomy. “There is no explanation, I won’t let you go. You must stay or beat me!”

Wang Lin frowned as he looked at the figure inside the fog.

“On Mount Gu Dao, I borrowed your pressure to fuse my celestial and Ancient powers… this is one!

“In the Ancient Dao imperial city, I killed Ye Dao. With my cultivation level back then, if you had acted, I would’ve had no confidence in winning. However, you remained silent. This is number two!

“In the Ancient Shi, Ji Du became the emperor and you didn’t stop it. This is number three!

“In my life, I always repay people’s kindness to me, and because you helped me three times, I can stay for 100 years with no explanation. However, as for the remaining 200 years, I’ll leave!” Wang Lin spoke slowly.

The figure inside the fog silently pondered for a long time before his voice came from the fog.

“100 years is not enough… You must stay until the Immemorial God Realm opens… Wang Lin, I don’t want to fight you. This old man hasn’t fought someone in a very long time.

“I just want you to stay for 300 years. After which, you can leave. I can even give you a reward for it!” Gu Dao’s hoarse voice echoed from the fog.

Wang Lin also didn’t want to fight against Gu Dao, as their relationship was very complex. Wang Lin had no reason to fight unless Gu Dao was set on making him stay without any room to negotiate.

Wang Lin suddenly asked, “I have a question. With your cultivation level, you can easily sweep across the entire Immortal Astral continent. Why do you still allow the celestial clan to exist?”

Inside the fog, Gu Dao silently pondered for a long time. This was a question many people in the Ancient clan had, and it was the same question the people of the celestial clan had.

For countless years, no one knew the answer, and no one had dared to ask Gu Dao.

After a long time, Gu Dao’s complicated voice came from the fog. “The blessing I got from the Ancient Ancestor… is not the same as yours.”

As Wang Lin looked at Gu Dao inside the fog,he pondered and seemed to realize something.

“Enough. Wang Lin, either you beat me or you stay. There is no third choice!” The fog around Gu Dao began to churn and the thunderous rumbles fused with the sound of the sea. This sound seemed to fuse with his voice and formed a powerful pressure.

“If you want to fight, then let’s fight!” Wang Lin looked up and his eyes shined brightly. Since it couldn’t be avoided, then he also wanted to see which of them was the strongest!

This would be a battle for the number one strongest person on the Immortal Astral Continent since the Celestial Ancestor and the Ancient Ancestor! This was a battle between the two people at the top!

Gu Dao, the strongest person on the Immortal Astral Continent. He had stepped onto the Heaven Trampling Bridges countless years ago. Although he was stuck on the sixth bridge, his combat power was extraordinary and he was the only one who had killed Grand Empyreans!

Wang Lin was a fusion of celestial and Ancient. His cultivation was not complete, but with just two complete true bodies, he was already half a step into Heaven Trampling. He didn’t know what cultivation level he would reach once his ethereal essences were complete!

He still had that avatar in the void. It had been hundreds of years since he obtained it, and it had begun to grow. Once Wang Lin fused with it, he could erupt with terrifying power.

As the fog churned around Gu Dao and thunderous rumbles echoed, Grand Empyrean Gu Dao stepped forward. The fog around him roared and spread until it formed a giant fog beast. Its roar shook the heavens.

This fog beast looked strange and had nine heads. It looked very similar to the Ji Qiong beast that he saw back in the Land of the Ancient God!

Its nine heads roared and revealed ferocious expressions, but at the same time, it gave off an ancient aura. It was as if this fog beast had a spirit and had existed for countless years.

Inside the fog beast, Grand Empyrean Gu Dao pointed forward. This finger was covered in fog, but one can faintly see a cold glint from it.

With this, the entire world suddenly changed before Wang Lin. The sky was covered in countless fine lines, and the earth was the same. The entire world was surrounded by law.

These fine lines of law seemed to be controlled and began to rush toward Wang Lin. Even lightning and spells made of the five elements suddenly appeared and all bombarded Wang Lin!!

As they closed in, these countless spells condensed into a giant finger formed by countless spells and lines of law. This illusory finger contained destructive power as it pointed toward Wang Lin’s forehead!