Renegade Immortal - Chapter 2052 - Battle Song Tian!

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“Wang Lin!! It’s actually Wang Lin!!!” A roar came out of the Dao Yi Sect, and the anger in that roar echoed across the world.

Aside from anger, there was a sense of fear and dread. Facing Wang Lin, Dao Yi could not forget everything that had happened inside the palace in the ancestral city. Back then, Wang Lin was already extremely powerful, and now he was a Grand Empyrean. He didn’t dare to imagine how strong Wang Lin was now!

The giant Grand Empyrean sun that was second only to Gu Dao’s also revealed Wang Lin’s strength!

“He hasn’t even gone to the Immemorial God realm and yet… He actually become a Grand Empyrean based on his own strength!!” In the Northern Continent, Wu Feng was in a trance as he stared at the sky for a long long time.

In the Purple Yang Sect, the two little girls were filled with joy. They pulled each other’s hands while looking at the sky.

“He became a Grand Empyrean…”

On Mount Emperor in the ancestral city, Grand Empyrean Ji Du looked in the direction of the Ancient clan. His heart trembled, his face became slightly pale, and he was uncertain.

“When he was in the palace, he had already formed the outline of a sun, then he obtained the Celestial Ancestor’s head… This sun has three colors: black, white, and gold. The gold should be from the fusion of the Celestial Ancestor’s head...

“Normally, it shouldn’t be a great shock that he became a Grand Empyrean, but it’s… it’s only been a mere 100 years and he has aleady refined the Celestial Ancestor’s head!!

“And the time he became a Grand Empyrean…” Ji Du’s heart trembled. He was the only one who knew the truth about the 72 souls causing an uproar. He thought about the gaze from before and couldn’t help but connect it with Wang Lin becoming a Grand Empyrean.

Ji Du revealed dread and muttered to himself, “It should be… impossible!!”

Hai Zi was sitting at the corner of Mount Emperor as she looked up at the sky with a complicated gaze and revealed a hint of enlightenment.

Also in the ancestral city, under the palace, Lian Daofei, who had turned into a mountain, remained motionless.

In the Ancient clan, an uproar was set off in the Ancient Shi’s Origin Mountain. Song Tian had a bitter expression. Although he had already seen it when he sent the ancient devil over and was prepared, his heart still trembled.

In the Ancient Dao imperial city, Xuan Luo felt Wang Lin’s aura. A smile appeared on his face. He was very happy and laughed out loud.

In the Luo Huo Country, in the sky above the palace, Wang Lin waved his hand and his three-colored Grand Empyrean Sun disappeared. However, the shadow of his Grand Empyrean Sun would forever remain in the sky as a symbol of him becoming a Grand Empyrean.

The world returned to normal as the power of the law slowly dissipated. Several rays of light flew out from the palace, and the one in front was Prince Ji Du.

He suppressed the excitement in his heart, immediately knelt down when he was 1,000 feet from Wang Lin, and spoke loudly.

“Congratulations, Godfather, on becoming a Grand Empyrean!!”

“Greetings, Lord Wang!” Behind Ji Du, the young woman and her husband, the young man in purple, spoke respectfully. They could not hide the shock in their eyes and dropped down to one knee before Wang Lin.

After all, if Ji Du did this, the two of them had to follow.

“We greet Lord Wang!” After the three of them spoke, all the guards in the palace got down on one knee and bowed at Wang Lin.

Their voices fused together into a sound wave that echoed across the palace.

Wang Lin floated in the air and looked at the people. He looked at Prince Ji Du and the young couple with a smile. He was calm as he looked at the frozen ancient devil and walked over.

Standing before the ancient devil, Wang Lin raised his right hand and pointed to between the eyebrows of the ancient devil. The ancient devil trembled and revealed a painful expression. A ray of black light flew out and disappeared into the wind. The ancient devil no longer felt pain and its mind was restored. It looked at Wang Lin with fear and whimpered. It was able to move again, so it also dropped down to one knee and lowered its head at Wang Lin.

“Ji Du, I’m going to take you to see Song Tian!” Wang Lin stepped on the head of the ancient devil and looked back at Ji Du.

Ji Du’s body trembled and he suddenly looked up. He could not suppress his excitement as he looked at Wang Lin and revealed his gratitude.

“Thanks, Godfather, for helping!!” Ji Du took a deep breath and arrived at the head of the ancient devil. He respectfully stood behind Wang Lin and looked at Wang Lin’s back. This back was not large, but he felt like it was a mountain. As long as he had this back supporting him, he could become the Ancient Shi emperor!!

The large ancient devil didn’t need Wang Lin to give any command. It let out a howl as it turned with Wang Lin and Ji Du on its back and tore open the rift it came from. It went inside the rift and disappeared.

When it disappeared, the rift in the sky slowly closed until it became a white line, which also disappeared.

Outside the Ancient Shi, on Origin Mountain, when Wang Lin had erased Song Tian’s divines sense on the ancient devil, Song Tian trembled. His face had turned slightly pale, but he quickly recovered.

His expression was gloomy as he held the giant war axe in his hand. He looked up at the sky and his breathing gradually became even. He knew his actions would make Wang Lin come here.

“Even if I hadn’t tried to test Wang Lin earlier, he would have still come here in order to make Ji Du the next emperor!” Song Tian sighed. He didn’t have any confidence in winning, but as a Grand Empyrean, he could not just yield without a battle!

On Origin Mountain, a thunderous rumble echoed and haze surrounded the mountain. There seemed to be a large army inside the haze that gave off powerful killing intent.

“With the origin formation and the war axe that contains law, which was gifted to me by Grand Empyrean Gu Dao, even if he has the power to manipulate law, I should still be able to put up a fight!” Song Tian took a deep breath and calmly looked at the sky as he waited for Wang Lin’s arrival.

Behind him, Chi Man had a bitter expression and was silently pondering.

Time slowly passed, and in the blink of an eye, one incense stick of time passed. Just at this moment, a rumble came from the sky and a large rift was torn open in the sky. Large amounts of black gas spewed out and a large ancient devil came out.

There were two people standing on its head, it was Wang Lin and Ji Du!

Song Tian suddenly looked at Wang Lin. At the same time time, Chi Man’s gaze met with Ji Du’s gaze.

Song Tian waved his sleeve and coldly said, “Wang Lin!!”

Wang Lin smiled as he clasped his hand and said, “Greetings, Lord Song.”

“Don’t speak more nonsense, I know why you came here. We will battle. If you win, I’ll make Ji Du the next emperor in 100 years!” Song Tian sighed, He didn’t even say what would happen if he won. He waved his left hand and the troops in the fog around Origin Mountain let out a fierce roar as they charged at Wang Lin.

At the same time, Song Tian grabbed the axe and chopped down on Wang Lin!

Grand Empyrean Song Tian was stronger than Dao Yi, about as powerful as Wu Feng. If Wang Lin had wanted to battle Song Tian 100 years ago, victory would be uncertain. He would have had to use all his power beside the avatar in the void to fight.

But now...

Wang Lin remained calm as he faced the endless troops and the heaven-splitting axe. He raised his right hand and pointed three times.

With the first point, a thunderous rumble came from the army, rushing at Wang Lin. The army disappeared like bubbles. It was as if they had hit an invisible barrier.

This was what it looked like to Chi Man and Ji Du, but in Song Tian’s eyes, he saw the laws of the world appear before the army.

After the army dissipated, Wang Lin’s second point made the haze around Origin Mountain shatter. The fog was torn apart into countless pieces and disappeared. The whole mountain rumbled, and the powerful members of the Ancient Shi that had been managing the formation all coughed out blood and were weakened.

Song Tian felt his scalp go numb, but he endured and revealed a cold gaze. He still held the war axe and chopped down on Wang Lin.

At this moment, Wang Lin pointed for the third time.

An illusory fist appeared out of thin air before Song Tian. This fist was composed completely of the fine lines that represented the law of the world. The fist collided with Song Tian’s axe.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the axe broke inch by inch before it shattered into countless pieces that fell on the earth. The fist made of law also trembled and was split in half.

Song Tian coughed out a mouthful of blood and retreated 1,000 feet until he landed on Origin Mountain. The entire mountain trembled and cracks appeared on it.

Wang Lin’s right hand paused when a white mark appeared on his finger but didn’t break his skin.

“The war axe contains law…” Wang Lin looked at the war axe fragment in the distance and his hand reached out. The pieces flew toward Wang Lin and fused together to form a complete war axe.

“Do you still want to fight?” Wang Lin’s gaze calmly landed on Song Tian.

“Why not fight!?” Song Tian laughed and flew into the sky. He raised his right hand and reached at the Origin Mountain below.

The entire Origin Mountain trembled and seemed to rise up. It feels like it was being lifted into the sky by Song Tian!

Countless rays of light flew out of the mountain. They were the people that lived on the mountain, including Chi Man, and they looked at all of this in horror.

Countless rays of light flew out from the imperial palace and headed toward this place!