Renegade Immortal - Chapter 2048 - The Plead of the 108 souls!

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The first and second bridges looked very close, but Wang Lin flew for several days before he arrived at the second bridge.

This bridge was several times larger than the first bridge. Wang Lin didn’t hesitate to step onto the second bridge. The moment his foot landed, his soul body trembled as if it was going to collapse. It was as if his cultivation wasn’t qualified to step on this bridge.

A rumble echoed and Wang Lin felt his mind explode and the world seemed to spin. His divine sense and soul seemed to separate. He vaguely saw that there was a continent below the fog, and it was very familiar. On the left side, there were 72 continents, and on the right there were 36 countries. At the center was a vast basin where the sea was rotating rapidly.

In the depths of the sea, he saw nine large pillars connected to form the shape of a door.

The door was closed and not opened.

“Heaven Trampling… Am I heaven trampling right now…” Wang Lin could not feel his own existence as he looked at the earth below. He silently pondered as he looked toward the direction of the celestial clan. The 72 continents suddenly changed into 72 souls roaring at the sky.

This included the Heavenly Bull, Green Devil Scorpion, and many of the sealed beasts he had read about. The beasts seemed to notice Wang Lin’s gaze, and they all roared. Wang Lin could clearly feel their fear, but he could also feel the other intent behind the fear.

At the same time as when Wang Lin entered the legendary realm after Void Tribulant, the 72 continents in the celestial clan began to tremble. This trembling increased and could be felt by all the cultivators. They were all confused and didn’t know what was happening.

However, on any continent with a suppression temple, the temple was the center of the trembling!

The trembling became even more intense and caught the attention of the powerful people of the celestial clan. They flew into the air in shock and looked at the earth to see the respective souls of their continents show signs of instability. The earth trembled violently and the incredible scene of them appearing occurred.

On the Heavenly Bull Continent, a giant Heavenly Bull appeared and shrouded the entire continent, roaring toward the sky. Its eyes were filled with excitement and fear, but even more so a plea!!

It was pleading to the strange existence it felt in the sky so it would be free!

Along with the Heavenly Bull, even more of the 72 souls suppressed in the celestial clan appeared one after another. Even some of those that had been rumored to be dead souls appeared. Although their figures were a blue, the fearful pleading toward the sky was equally shocking.

Almost all the cultivators in the celestial clan saw this heaven-shattering scene. They were in a dance and panic. The earth trembled even more violently as the souls that appeared continued to roar, and it looked like a calamity was going to descend!

“What happened!?” Inside the Dao Yi Sect, Grand Empyrean Dao Yi flew into the sky, and his expression was gloomy. There was even a trace of panic on his face. With his cultivation level, he could clearly feel this shocking events taking place across all 72 continents in the celestial clan.

He stared ahead at the towering tree coming from the Mountain Sea Continent. The tree moved and let out sharp roars.

Dao Yi looked at the giant tree and gasped. “Damn it, wasn’t that foreign monster tree dead!? Why is the soul still there?! What happened? Could there be a problem with Lian Daofei, who is suppressing them under the palace!?”

At the same time, in the Northern Continent, Wu Feng looked at the ice giant with a gloomy expression and a trace of horror.

In the Purple Yang Sect’s Grand Empyrean Gemini flew out, looked at the earth, and frowned.

In the Ancestral City, Grand Empyrean Jiu Di stood on top of Mount Emperor. He looked at the earth and his expression remained the same, but the contraction of his pupils revealed his shock.

Behind Jiu Di, Hai Zi opened her eyes. “There is no problem with the underground palace, and Lian Daofei is still sleeping. He continues to suppress the 72 souls.”

“Did you divinite the result? What exactly happened? Even those who have been pretending to be dead howled as if they sensed something!” Jiu Di’s voice was cold, but there was a trace of fear in his heart. He looked up at the sky but could not see anything.

However, the 72 souls were clearly pleading toward the sky...

Hai Zi silently pondered and her hands formed seals. A small person appeared in her right palm and started to kowtow toward her. However, Hai Zi’s eyebrows were locked and she found nothing.

Her eyes lit up as she bit the tip of her tongue and spat out a mouthful of blood. The blood fell on the small person and the little person was immediately covered in blood. It let out a miserable scream as it continued to kowtow toward Hai Zi.

This time, Hai Zi’s body trembled and she staggered back as her face turned pale. Her eyes were filled with disbelief.

“They felt a heaven-trampling gaze looking down upon them from above the Immortal Astral Continent!!”

“What!?!” Jiu Di’s expression changed and he could no longer hide his emotions. He looked looked up at the sky sharply and he felt his hair stand up. Aside from the sky, he could not see anything, but he could imagine a gaze looking down on the Immortal Astral Continent at this moment, perhaps even looking at him.

“Heaven Trampling… This… This…” Jiu Di’s body trembled and his cultivation seemed to go out of control. He went from an old man, to middle-aged, then back to an old man. This was enough to show the shock in his heart.

Wang Lin looked at the celestial clan, at the 72 souls filled with fear but crying in plea, he also saw the shock of Dao Yi, the horror of Wu Feng, the confusion of Gemini, and the gaze from Jiu Di.

He saw them, but they could not feel his existence. When Wang Lin looked down on the Ancestral City, his gaze swept by Jiu Di. This was also when Jiu Di looked up and felt his hair stand up.

He saw Hai Zi… He saw Lian Daofei, who had turned into a mountain under the palace.

On top of Mount Emperor, Jiu Di’s expression became pale, then he flew into the sky and bowed. “Junior Zhou Luojiu greets Senior. If Senior has any requests, Junior will do as Senior commands!”

Ever since he had become a Grand Empyrean, he had never bowed to anyone like this. However, at this moment, he was filled with fear and he respectfully bowed at the sky.

However, he didn’t get any reply until the 72 souls’ cries became despair. Their pleading became stronger, to the point where they finally dissipated. The earth no longer trembled and Hai Zi spoke softly.

“That person… Has left…”

When Jiu Di heard this, he still remained bowing for another incense stick of time before he got up and descended with a pale expression.

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze from the celestial clan. When he saw the Heavenly Bull and Lian Daofei, he wanted to save them, but he could not.

While silently pondering, he looked toward the Ancient clan. When he looked over, an uproar similar to the celestial clan was occurring at the Ancient clan.

The earth trembled as the 36 souls in the 36 countries all appeared. This included the Luo Huo that had part of its soul devoured by Wang Lin.

The Luo Huo appeared completely. Its head was a giant meatball shaped like a cultivation planet. Its tail was like a dragon’s tail, and there wasn’t only one, but nine. It howled at the sky as it pled for help.

Xuan Luo awakened from his closed door cultivation. He looked at what was happening and gasped.

The Ancient Shi’s Song Tian stared at the changes in the 36 countries and was dumbfounded.

“This… Could this be related to that Wang Lin?! Impossible. Such a shocking scene can’t possibly be related to that person!”

In the Ancient Ji, the mysterious Grand Empyrean was in his closed door cultivation location and gloomily felt this change.

Wang Lin saw all of this, and his gaze finally fell on Mount Gu Dao. He looked at the top of the tower and the figure covered in fog.

A sigh came from the figure. He opened his eyes, which were completely calm. When he looked up at the sky, he seemed to see Wang Lin’s gaze.

The moment their gazes met, Wang Lin felt that this strongest person in the Immortal Astral Continent had indeed seen him.

The figure inside the fog slowly said, “You’ve finally reached this level… Which bridge are you on now?”

Wang Lin silently pondered and then sent out a divine sense. “The second bridge. What about you?” With his current cultivation level, he still could not see Grand Empyrean Gu Dao’s appearance.

“Many years ago, I passed the fifth bridge and was stopped at the sixth bridge…”

Wang Lin calmly asked, “Is the fourth step beyond the ninth bridge?”

The figure inside the fog whispered, “I don’t know… Throughout the ages, no one has passed the ninth bridge…”

“No one? What about the Ancient Ancestor and Celestial Ancestor?”

“They all passed the eighth bridge and stopped on the… ninth bridge.”

“What kind of place is this Heaven Trampling Bridge?” Wang Lin asked about his doubt.

“The Immortal Astral Continent is very large… But outside the Immortal Astral Continent, there are many more continents. From what I understand, the Heaven Trampling Bridge is a common path for all living beings.” Grand Empyrean Gu Dao sighed. There was a hint of confusion in his words; perhaps not even he himself was sure about this.

Wang Lin silently pondered and slowly withdrew his gaze.