Renegade Immortal - Chapter 2043 - Time

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Looking at Li Muwan inside the coffin, he looked at her trembling eyelashes and her crystal clear tears. Wang Lin gently wiped her tears away. The teardrops were still hanging on his finger.

He put the tears beside his mouth and licked them. It was very bitter, but afterward, there was a hint of dry sweetness.

It was an unspeakable feeling. Wang Lin looked at Li Muwan for a long long time. He didn’t care about the passage of time, but continued to look at Li Muwan’s face...

This lasted for one day, until Wang Lin’s heart gradually calmed down. He closed his eyes, and when he opened them, they were filled with determination and decisiveness.

Wang Lin bent down and his face touched Li Muwan’s pale lips. He muttered into Li Muwan’s ear words that only he could hear.

A moment later, Wang Lin waved his sleeve and Li Muwan’s coffin disappeared without a trace. Inside the secret chamber, only wang Lin alone remained.

Not far away, there was an oil lamp. This oil lamp was very mysterious. Even without external force, it would burn for thousands of years. It was now flickering in the dark chamber.

This made Wang Lin’s shadow also flicker.

Wang Lin’s left hand reached at the void and a ray of golden light appeared. The Celestial Emperor’s soul appeared in his hand. The soul’s eyes were closed, and although it was covered in golden light, it emitted a powerful, grey color of decay.

Looking at the soul, Wang Lin hesitated a bit, but he clenched his teeth and spat out a mouthful of green fire. This green fire was his soul fire, and it began burning the Celestial Emperor’s soul.

“Whether this soul is useful to me or not will depend on whether I can expel the ancestral curse. This process will be very slow…”

Wang Lin looked at the Celestial Emperor’s soul surrounded by his soul fire. After a long time, he withdrew his gaze and closed his eyes. His breathing was faint and he remained motionless.

Time passed, and in the blink of an eye, three years went by.

During these three years, no one had come to disturb Wang Lin. He hadn’t moved at all inside the secret chamber. In his body, the ancient power and celestial cultivation moved smoothly. However, the fusion of ancient and celestial power he had obtained at Mount Gu Dao hadn’t completed a cycle at all, it had only moved a short distance.

The Celestial Emperor’s soul that was being refined by the soul fire and hadn’t changed much. However, the decay inside had slowed down a lot.

Wang Lin hadn’t thought about anything going on outside. His secret chamber was being guarded by many people, and no one was allowed to enter.

During these three years, Prince Ji Du didn’t leave and arranged matters in the place. Sometimes people would come from the outside and have secret talks with him. Then they would be filled with excitement and quickly leave.

During the three years Prince Ji Du was like the wind and rain. No matter how important things were, he would personally stand outside Wang Lin’s secret chamber with reverence on his face for half an hour before respectfully leaving.

On this day, after three years, Wang Lin opened his eyes for the first time. The moment his eyes opened, two rays of crystal clear light shined.

Overlapping shadows appeared on his body and his five-element true body walked out and sat down opposite of him.

The five elements in the five-element true body had all formed their essence true bodies and fused into one. The complete five-element true body was the most developed out of his essences.

This was almost the limit, unless he took one more step for his five-element true body to turn into true soul!!

After the five-element true body sat down, he closed his eyes and sat down. He cultivated together with Wang Lin’s original body and another three years passed.

This was the sixth year since Wang Lin entered closed door cultivation. Another shadow overlapped with his body and killing intent spread out. Wang Lin’s slaughter thunder essence true body walked out. His black hair fluttered as he coldly walked toward another corner and sat down.

At this moment, the scene inside the secret chamber was very strange. Three figures that all looked like Wang Lin sat in a triangle and were all cultivating.

As for the Celestial Emperor’s soul, after six years of burning, the decay inside had slowed down. Perhaps one day, when the decay was completely removed, Wang Lin would be able to slowly refine it.

Time left no trace and another three years passed. On the ninth year of Wang Lin’s closed door cultivation, another shadow overlapped with his body. This mass was not able to condense into a figure. After it appeared, this fuzzy mass of light floated out from Wang Lin’s body and stopped ten feet behind him.

Wang Lin opened his eyes and looked at his three essence true bodies. During these nine years of time, Wang Lin had pushed his ancient power to its peak, and at the same time, his three essence true bodies had reached their respective peaks.

Right now, he was confident in battling a peak Grand Empyrean Dao Yi and not lose out. He even felt like he should be able to suppress Dao Yi!

“Among the Grand Empyreans, the celestial clan’s Dao Yi is the weakest. With my current strength, although I’m no match for Jiu Di, I should be on par with Wu Feng… Even in the Ancient clan, I should be able to battle against Song Tian, who is similar in power to Teacher Xuan Luo, but the victor would be uncertain.

“This is still before I use my strongest avatar.” Wang Lin remained calm as he pondered. A moment later, he looked at the Celestial Emperor’s soul being refined by his soul fire.

“With my soul fire to burn it, there is indeed some effect, but it is slow. I wonder when it will be complete.” Wang Lin looked at the Celestial Emperor’s soul for a long time before withdrawing his gaze.

“I temporarily don’t need to worry about the five-element true body. Back at the Ancient Dao imperial city, it reached completion and allowed me to reach peak Void Tribulant. This means my speculation was correct!

“If I want to increase my cultivation level, the next step is the slaughter thunder essence true body…” Wang Lin looked at his slaughter thunder essence true body and his eyes revealed a strange light.

“As for the things needed to complete this true body, Teacher… He has taken me to many places across the Ancient clan and obtained enough items…” Wang Lin sighed and withdrew his gaze. His gaze seem turned toward the direction of the Ancient Dao. His gaze seemed to be able to penetrate through the room, to the back mountain of the Ancient Dao Temple, to the old man that was no longer young.

After a long time, Wang Lin withdrew his gaze. He had made a decision to not leave closed door cultivation until his cultivation level increased. He had to raise his cultivation level to not only overcome Grand Empyrean Song Tian, but also to not have to fear Grand Empyrean Gu Dao.

Only then would he be confident in making Grand Empyrean Song Tian choose Ji Du and get him into the ancestral temple.

Most importantly, he needed the power to enter the Immemorial God Realm to push away all the fog in his way and find the secret goal of the Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher.

“Grand Empyrean Gu Dao’s attitude is very strange… He didn’t come find me due to the matter at the Ancient Dao, but I still have to rely on my own strength to resolve all my problems. I can’t allow my life to be decided by the will of another.” Wang Lin looked at his slaughter thunder essence true body and his eyes lit up.

His cultivation path was completely different from that of others. It was a path he had figured out on his own, and only he could point himself to where to go next. Only by trying could he see how it would go.

“This slaughter thunder essence true body is made of special essences. The thunder essence has formed a true body, but the rest are only at completion.

“Slaughter, absolute end, absolute beginning, restriction…” Wang Lin murmured as he pointed at the slaughter thunder essence true body. The true body trembled and slowly split before Wang Lin.

The true body was surrounded by thunder and four separate clouds of fog appeared. When one of them appeared, the entire room became cold and a grazed killing intent filled the area.

This was the slaughter essence.

There was another cloud of fog that flashed countless strange symbols. As the fog moved, more and more symbols appeared. This was the restriction essence.

As for the remaining two clouds of fog, one gave off light and the other was completely dark. They were respectively absolute beginning and absolute end.

“Only when all four essences form their essence true bodies and fuse into a complete slaughter thunder essence true body can my cultivation level break past peak Void Tribulant!!

“This perhaps may be Empyrean Exalt or Ascendant Empyrean, but it is possible it could be neither and be an unknown realm… Perhaps it might even be Grand Empyrean!” Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with expectation. From his understanding, the Empyrean Exalts and Ascendant Empyreans were just people at the peak of Void Tribulant. However, the step to reach Grand Empyrean was too difficult, so they were separated into more ranks.

In fact, both Empyrean Exalts and Ascendant Empyreans, fundamentally speaking, were all peak Void Tribulant cultivators.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. After pondering a bit, he raised his right hand and waved at the roof of the secret chamber. A strange scene occurred as the ceiling turned into the sky.

There was blue sky, white clouds, and clear sky for thousands of kilometers, but there was no sun.

Wang Lin didn’t hesitate to grab the absolute beginning essence and throw it into the sky-like ceiling. It shined brightly like the sun!

Wang Lin looked up at the ceiling that had turned into the sky, and under his gaze, the sky seemed to change. Soon, a whole day passed and the absolute beginning, which had turned into the sun, gradually set.