Renegade Immortal - Chapter 2036 - Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher

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The moment it touched the fog, the fog seemed to boil and spread outwards. Roars of beasts came from within the fog.

The roars were heaven-shaking and spread out in all directions. When Wang Lin’s six Extreme Dao tattoo entered the fog, it looked as if it was being devoured by the fog.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he didn’t act recklessly. If the Ancient Dao Imperial Teacher inside the fog was really the person he thought, then this fog wouldn’t be simple and that person wouldn’t casually allow him to step inside.

“This person has been here for a long time and has even created a giant array that connects to the palace. To place such a strange formation in the Ancient clan, his goal must be great!

“Since he hasn’t left and is still surrounded by the 10-colored fog, that means he was at the critical moment of a spell.” Wang Lin stared at the fog, and as he pondered, thunderous rumbles came from within the fog.

The fog rapidly churned and a giant sphinx charged out from inside. Its large body gave off black gas that released a powerful pressure around it.

After this beast appeared, Wang Lin’s six Extreme Dao tattoo descended down on the beast. The beast howled and charged at the tattoo, causing the thunderous rumbles.

“You have some methods. If it was the complete eight Extreme Dao from the Celestial Ancestor, you might really break this old man’s 10-colored fog. However, with only six, you have to try harder if you want to come in.” As the fog rumbled, a light laugh came from inside. This laugh and voice were extremely clear, even through this rumbling.

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same. He waved his sleeve, causing an overlapping shadow to appear. His five-element true body appeared, and it looked exactly the same as him. There was a flash of coldness in his eyes and then he charged at the 10-colored fog. He closed in on the giant beast and waved his palm. Metal, wood, water, fire, and earth appeared.

Countless small, golden swords appeared, forming a sword storm. The storm contained powerful metal essence, and it rushed toward the giant beast. The beast was about to resist when the power of earth smashed down on it. At the same time, the sword storm arrived and it let out a miserable scream.

As this miserable scream echoed, the 10-colored fog churned violently and four large figures appeared. The first was a giant python. Its body was incredibly large and it let out a baby-like cry. It opened its mouth and spat out large amount of red aura that surrounded the five-element true body.

The second giant beast to appear was a huge lizard. This lizard was very strange and was completely white, like white jade. When it appeared, it spat out its tongue and a coldness spread out toward Wang Lin’s five-element true body.

There was also a strange mantis beast with six wings. Its target was not Wang Lin, but the six Extreme Dao tattoo above.

The final beast was an ugly worm-like beast. Its body constantly released a sticky liquid that dripped down. There were two tentacles near its head, and at the tips of the tentacles were the heads of beautiful women!

When this beast appeared, the two women on the tentacles let out sharp screams and looked at Wang Lin. There were flashes of ferociousness in their eyes before the two of them charged out of the fog toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression remained calm. When the strange worm arrived, he raised his right hand and a giant Ancient Dao shadow appeared behind him. Then his 27 stars all appeared, and Wang Lin threw the punch.

The Ancient Dao shadow behind him also threw a punch.

Thunder rumbles echoed. The beast with beautiful woman heads as tenacles was knocked back into the fog. However, in the blink of an eye, it appeared once more, and it wasn’t injured at all.

Wang Lin frowned. The two beasts attacking his five-element true body let out miserable screams. Two giant, tree-like hands appeared above the two beasts. They smashed down and turned the two beasts into bloody messes.

As for the white jade-like lizard, it was surrounded by a sea of fire filled with fire essence. The lizard screamed and retreated into the fog.

There was also the mantis-like beast with six wings. It flew toward Wang Lin’s six Extreme Dao tattoo, but the tattoo suddenly exploded into a giant hand. It grabbed the beast and mercilessly squeezed it, causing the beast to collapse.

However, what was strange was that another six-winged mantis beast flew out from the fog!

However, the moment the beast flew out, a large amount of water vapor appeared around it, instantly piercing through the beast’s body like sharp swords.

At the same time, the worm that had tentacles connected to the heads of beautiful women, which had been knocked back by Wang Lin’s punch, was about to charge out once more when grains of sand appeared. This was Wang Lin’s earth essence true body, and it rushed toward the worm. In the blink of an eye, the beast became a dirt statue!

With a thunderous bang, the dirt statue shattered into pieces.

With his five-element true body and six Extreme Daos, it was enough to suppress the five beasts. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and his right hand pointed at the sky. A giant Ancient Dao shadow appeared. It became even more solid, like a real person, and it walked toward the fog. It clenched its fist and threw a punch at the center of the fog!

However, the moment this punch landed on the fog, it seemed to be blocked and a giant sea beast with eight tentacles emerged from the fog. Its eight tentacles wrapped around the arm of the Ancient Dao shadow and then it let out a sharp roar.

Shortly after, three beasts appeared one by one from the illusion. One was a roc. It opened its wings and flew into the sky. There was also a giant, purple phoenix. The moment it appeared, purple light scattered and its cry echoed across the world.

The last beast was a human-shaped thing. It was a giant that had two heads. Its hands hammered its chest as it opened its mouth and charged at Wang Lin.

A total of nine beasts had appeared from the fog to prevent Wang Lin from entering!

“There should still be a 10h beast!” Wang Lin sneered as he raised his left hand and pointed at the roc in the sky. The space around the roc seemed to be separated from the world and then was suddenly squeezed. There was a flash of light from his finger - it was the Ancient Ancestor Finger!

At the same time, an overlapping shadow appeared on Wang Lin’s body again and then his slaughter thunder true body walked out. The hair of the essence true body turned black and gave off a terrifying killing intent while revealing a cruel smile. His eyes were cold and heartless as he stepped forward and turned into countless black threads that penetrated the purple phoenix. The phoenix let out a miserable scream and exploded, then the slaughter thunder essence true body walked out. He licked his lips and charged at another beast.

As for the ninth beast, the two-head giant was only a few hundred feet from Wang Lin. He was blasted with a fishy smell as it ferociously charged forward.

“Courting death!” There was a flash of killing intent in his eyes. Although his five-element true body and slaughter thunder essence true body were away and he was left with only his ethereal essences, he was not someone this mere beast could mess with.

Wang Lin still had the strongest Ancient clan spell that he had never used. In the entire Ancient clan, it was a shockingly powerful life-saving spell!

The moment the two-headed giant closed in, Wang Lin let out a roar at the sky. Popping sounds came from him and his body expanded from a normal person to thousands of feet tall!

Ancient Dao True Body!

This was the first time Wang Lin had revealed his Ancient Dao True Body. His powerful body emitted an ancient aura. There were fine, dark patterns covering his body, giving off a mysterious feeling.

“Scram for me!” In the Ancient clan, one would not casually reveal their Ancient Dao True Body, because if this body was damaged, it would impact their cultivation too much. Also, its made it inconvenient, unless it was on the battlefield.

In the palace, the Ancient Dao members and the emperor hadn’t even had time to reveal their Ancient Dao True Bodies before they were destroyed by Wang Lin.

Thousands of feet was not Wang Lin’s limit. He stepped forward and threw a punch. The two-headed giant revealed fear and howled as it also threw a punch. However, when their punches collided, the giant’s body exploded.

There was no resistance at all. Wang Lin’s step landed directly inside the fog and his body expanded once more, from 7,000 to 8,000 feet, but it was still not his limit!

His huge fist smashed down on the fog. Just as his fist was about to land, a shocking buzz came from the fog. The buzz spread out violently and the beasts fighting against Wang Lin’s five-element true body and the slaughter thunder essence true body exploded. They turned into fog and returned.

The mist moved and gathered rapidly. When Wang Lin’s punch landed, a giant beast that was also 7,000 to 8,000 feet tall rushed out from the fog!

This beast’s large wings opened, and it had two eyes. It was a giant fly!! It smashed into Wang Lin’s punch.

With a bang, Wang Lin’s body trembled, and when he lowered his head, his eyes revealed a strange light. When the fly was knocked back, he saw the fog spread apart and saw an old man sitting at the center!

He knew this old man!

“All-Seer!! It indeed was you!!”