Renegade Immortal - Chapter 2027 - Filled With Rage (6)

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“Scram, scram, scram!!” Wang Lin seemed to have gone mad and continued to punch as he walked forward. Very few people were a match for his punches and immediately died.

Wang Lin could not see the figures rushing at him while surrounded by so many people. Even more people arrived as transfer arrays flashed. They were all startled for a moment before they rushed toward Wang Lin without any hesitation.

At this moment, Wang Lin could only see Wan Er’s figure in the palace before him.

As more and more people arrived, they completely blocked Wang Lin’s vision. As time passed, Wang Lin let out a roar and jumped into the air. It was impossible to teleport or use Spatial Bending here. When Wang Lin jumped into the air, half of his hair turned black.

The moment this blackness appeared, Wang Lin’s Grand Empyrean sun outline appeared behind him, causing another sun to appear in the sky!

The moment this sun appeared, the expression of the Ancient Dao Emperor changed greatly and he was filled with disbelief. He lost himself and exclaimed,

“Grand Empyrean!”

Not only him, but there were now tens of thousands of Ancient Dao members surrounding Wang Lin, and when they saw this strange black and white sun, their minds rumbled.

“Grand Empyrean!!”

“He… He is actually a Grand Empyrean!!”

In the distance, Prince Ji Du became excited when he saw this. He had waited for this day, and at this moment, he retreated while sneering at the Ancient Dao Emperor.

“The Ancient Dao… has attracted a great calamity, all because of this muddleheaded emperor!”

Prince Ji Du was excited as the black and white Grand Empyrean sun expanded, releasing endless light. At the same time, Wang Lin let out a roar and raised his right hand as if he was raising his Grand Empyrean sun. He waved at the tens of thousands of Ancient Dao members blocking him.

With this wave, the Grand Empyrean sun flew at the earth like a meteor. The howl from the sun even replaced the sound of the drums!

Thunderous rumbles echoed as a powerful shockwave spread out. Everyone who was touched by this shockwave died and their bodies turned to ashes. This power erupted in the square before the palace.

The earth collapsed and the world trembled. Countless platforms flying in the sky disintegrated. A majority of the tens of thousands of Ancient Dao clan members dissipated as if a powerful wind had swept them away.

After everything was destroyed, the Grand Empyrean sun flew toward the palace. At this moment, a shadow appeared. It was an old man who was also wearing a royal robe. He gave off pressure without revealing anger, and he raised his right palm to face the Grand Empyrean sun.

The old man was standing 60,000 feet from the palace, and behind him were nearly 1,000 powerful members of the palace, including the 72 Saints, 36 Fiends, 18 Kings, and nine Immortal Generals. They hadn’t participated in the battle before because they were guarding the palace!

The moment the old man appeared, the 1,000 people revealed a feverish amount of excitement. Even the Ancient Dao Emperor became respectful.

The moment the old man’s palm collided with the Grand Empyrean sun, his expression immediately changed. Popping sounds came from his body and his hair was blown back. He coughed out a mouthful of blood as he was knocked back and he let out a roar.

“With my blood, I activate the Ancient clan’s Great Restriction!!”

The moment his words came out, a dark light came out from the blood he had coughed out. It scattered to from a huge light curtain. This light curtain was like a wall that appeared before the old man. It was endless and it blocked everything.

The moment the light curtain appeared, it collided with Wang Lin’s Grand Empyrean sun. It created a thunderous rumble that echoed across the entire imperial city and slowly dissipated.

The square looked very strange now. Everything outside the light curtain was destroyed and in ruins, but everything behind the curtain remained the same.

However, how could the Grand Empyrean sun be blocked so easily? The light curtain flashed a few times after blocking Wang Lin’s Grand Empyrean sun and then shattered.

As for the old man, his face was pale and his right arm turned to ashes. He coughed out blood once more and looked shrivelled up. His body was hit with a powerful force and he was knocked back next to the Ancient Dao Emperor.

“Father!” the Ancient Dao Emperor immediately shouted, helping the old man up. However, the old man gritted his teeth and ignored the right arm he had lost. Instead, he raised his left hand and slapped the Ancient Dao Emperor.

With a bang, a five-fingered mark appeared on the right side of the Ancient Dao Emperor’s face.

“Scram!! You provoked such a powerful enemy for my Ancient Dao just for a woman! Why don’t you go die!! I will definitely go to Mount Gu Dao to see Grand Empyrean Gu Dao to establish a new emperor!” The old man was clearly furious and his voice was like thunder.

There was a flash of coldness in the Ancient Dao Emperor’s eyes and he touched his face. He spat out a mouthful of blood and looked at the old man gloomily.

“Father, you deal with the matter before us first. As for other matter, you don’t need to worry. Thanks to Grand Empyrean Gu Dao, I can’t die.” The Ancient Dao Emperor’s words were cold.

“You!” The old man was angry, but he turned and stared at Wang Lin, who was walking closer. His eyes were filled with fear.

Aside from the nearly 1,000 people before the great hall and the people of the other two clans, who had scattered, the square was empty. It was filled with blood that was about to form a river.

Wang Lin walked on the ground and stepped through the blood. There were only about 1,000 people between him and the palace, but there were many powerful people among them.

Wang Lin’s gaze moved past the 1,000 people at the temple, the old man, the Ancient Dao Emperor, and also Song Zhi, who was looking at him.

Song Zhi’s eyes were filled with confusion and contained a hint of struggle.

In the distance, rays of light flew out from the palace and came in from all directions. There were no less than tens of thousands of people, and as the transfer arrays lit up, even more Ancient Dao members arrived.

This was the Ancient Dao’s capital and imperial city. There were countless people here, and now that it was the wedding of the Emperor, the number of people here was even greater.

No matter how powerful Wang Lin was, even if he was comparable to a Grand Empyrean, he would still be exhausted at some point if he was surrounded...

What’s more, this was the palace. There were many formations here, and it was likely that there were even relics left by the Ancient Ancestor. It was like a mortal walking into a tiger’s den. But Wang Lin didn’t care about any of this - his only thought was to take away Wan Er!

The father of the Ancient Dao Emperor walked next to Song Zhi and roared at Wang Lin, “Stop!! If you take another step, this old man will kill this woman!”

Song Zhi’s face turned pale, but she revealed no fear. Her eyes were still filled with confusion as she looked at Wang Lin. Her memories seemed like they were about to awaken, but a seal made her unable to remember.

Wang Lin’s stopped and his gaze still never looked at the old man. He looked at the woman with a gentle gaze, but his words made the old man’s heart tremble.

“If she dies, I’ll leave… But I’ll spend the rest of life to make sure the Ancient Dao ceases to exist and make the three Ancient clans into two Ancient clans!

“I’m capable,” Wang Lin slowly said. As he had said, with his strength, he could do it!

The killing intent within those words made the old man lick his lips. His left hand trembled a bit, and he believed Wang Lin could do this. His eyes were filled with killing intent, but he gave up on killing the woman. After all, only with this woman here would they have a chance to kill Wang Lin. Before he came, he had already crushed the jade to inform Grand Empyrean Gu Dao. This meant that the royal family was in danger and required Grand Empyrean Gu Dao’s protection.

After Wang Lin finished speaking, he no longer spoke and walked forward toward the 1,000 people before him as tens of thousands more rush over!

“Kill!!” As Wang Lin walked toward the 1,000 people, the 72 Saints of the Ancient Dao let out a unified roar. They led hundreds of clans members toward Wang Lin.

As they closed in, the 72 Saints raised their right hands and smash down on Wang Lin. Behind them, 72 huge shadows appeared and bombarded Wang Lin.

Madness appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes. He didn’t attack, but opened his mouth and roared at the 72 Saints!

With this roar, the Ancient Dao shadow behind him also opened its mouth and let out a roar!

This roar contained all of Wang Lin’s cultivation and his ancient cultivation, along with the power of his soul blood. This sound wave collided with the 72 Saints.

Although the 72 Saints were not weak and had attacked together, they all collapsed before Wang Lin’s roar.

The moment they died, Wang Lin moved like a storm and slaughtered his way into the crowd before him. Rushing forward like crazy, he grabbed someone’s head with his right hand and crushed it. Then he waved his left hand and killed another. After killing another, he opened his mouth and a ray of red light flew out. It was the blood sword, and it killed dozens of people. Wang Lin charged forward, and now he was less than 30,000 feet from the palace!

There were 36 rays of blood light flying toward Wang Lin. They were the 36 Fiends!

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes and his right hand formed a seal. Green smoke appeared around his five fingers. The smoke swirled around his fingers, and when they spread out, a monstrous fire appeared.

It was the Extreme Fire of the Eight Extreme Dao! However, just before Wang Lin used this spell, a sigh came from the heavens and earth.

This sigh was filled with sadness, disappointment, and a feeling of desolation and regret...

“Wang Lin…”

Wang Lin’s body trembled.