Renegade Immortal - Chapter 2013 - Who is He?

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The sky was blue and there were many pavilions below, like a sect. However, the name of the sect was blurry, making it impossible to see. The more one tried to get a better look, the more blurry it would become.

In one of the pavilions, there was a woman. This woman was very familiar, very familiar. She bit her lower lip as she looked into the sky as if she was looking for something...

“Who is she… Who am I…”

The land was vast, the sky was dark, and the surroundings were filled with a bloody aura, as if there had been a battle here. A woman was escaping through the sky and her face was pale from panic. She would occasionally look back to see a cultivator with lecherous eyes casually chasing her.

At the most critical moment, she saw a familiar man hiding below...

“Who is she, who is he… Who am I…”

A fog-like sea and an ordinary-looking cave. A man was sitting inside the cave as if he was at the most critical moment of forming his core.

The woman stood outside the cave. Although she was filled with fear, her eyes were filled with determination. Before her, many cultivators were using spells, trying to break the formation to enter the cave.

She gritted her teeth and controlled the formation to resist until she used up all her strength. Her body went limp, but she found herself leaning on a warm chest.

“I’ll take you to kill!”

This sentence seemed to penetrate the sky and thus connected the two lovers for a lifetime...

“Who is she, who is he… Who am I…”

Still under the blue sky, there was a familiar yet unfamiliar sect. The woman was silently sitting outside a pavilion, holding a zither. Sad zither music echoed. She was going to get married.

However, when she walked out of the pavilion to face everything, a man appeared with his supreme cultivation and walked before her.

The gentle smile startled her.

She wanted to know who he was, who she was, and who exactly herself was...

A ray of light that made one feel warmth shined down in a quiet valley. There was a wooden house there, and cheerful song came from a woman playing a zither within. She looked at the man leaning on her and revealed a tender gaze.

She seemed very happy… however, who was she, who was this man, who… am I.

She seemed like she was going to remember something but could not remember it. Her mind was blurry, as if she had slept for a long time...

In a blur, the tender image cracked and slowly collapsed. It turned into a stormy day. The man was holding the woman with tears flowing down his eyes, and he let out a startling roar. This roar contained pain, it contained a commitment!!

“Even if heaven wants you to die, I’ll take you back!!!”

In the Ancient Dao imperial capital, in a luxurious room in the imperial palace, a woman was lying on a soft bed. She was not an absolute beauty, but she was pleasing to the eye. However, she was struggling and her face was pale. Her eyelashes trembled as if she was having a nightmare and was trying to awaken from her dream.

Tears appeared on the corners of her eyes and flowed down her cheeks, wetting the white pillow.

In her dream, that heart-wrenching roar echoed in her heart. It was a roar directed at the sky that defied fate, defied the world - it was a defying will!

This voice caused even more tears to flow out...

However, she couldn’t remember who this woman was, nor who the man who let out the heart-wrenching scream was… She wanted to remember, but now she couldn’t even remember who she was.

In her dream, she vaguely saw the man appear next to a coffin after some years. He caressed the coffin and his face gently leaned against it. The gentle expression on his face made her heart ache...

The tears that fell on the coffin made her sad… She had the impulse of opening her eyes to touch the man’s face and wipe away his tears.

In her struggle, everything in the dream was broken. The woman dissipated and the man seemed to disappear into the fog. Everything became blurry.

She opened her eyes.

“You’ve awakened…” A soft voice came from beside her.

She looked at the exquisite pattern on the bed and there was confusion in her eyes. Everything from the dream still existed, but it was a blur.

Turning her head, she followed the voice and saw a man with long hair in a royal robe. Although he was already middle-aged, he was rather handsome and had a noble temperament. He was also smiling at her.

“Who… Are you… Who… Am I…” The woman’s eyes became even more confused and she felt intense pain. It was as if there was an invisible force preventing her from finding herself.

“I’m the Ancient Dao Emperor, the supreme existence of the Ancient Dao. I am your husband! You are called Song Zhi, you come from the Ancient Shi and you are my empress!” The man smiled as he spoke, and the aura of an emperor spread out from his body.

“Husband…” As this word echoed, another figure appeared in her mind. This figure was looking at the sky and let out a painful roar.

This figure sat with her and listened to her play cheerful zither music.

The figure carried her and told her that he was going to bring her to kill...

The figure… Was blurry and seemed to overlap with the royal robe, and they slowly did overlap… It’s just that she felt like it was out of place, and after overlapping, they scattered.

The intense pain came from her mind once more. The woman closed her eyes and passed out due to the pain.

The man in the royal robe immediately became gloomy and said, “Tell me the reason!”

Ripples echoed behind the man and an old man walked out and dropped down to one knee. “Your majesty, Song… After the Empress fused with the soul, her body became weak. She already has her own soul, and fusion caused a disorder in her memories.

“But there is no harm. The Empress only needs to rest for a period of time to recover, but her memory will still be in disarray. However, this is a good thing as Your Majesty can introduce memories to gradually fill her mind and become her real memories.

“This body is very suitable for the soul and continues to nourish it. Within a few years, this soul and her body will completely fuse. At that time, not even the soul’s real body could fuse with the soul anymore.”

The man in the royal robe slowly said, “You can leave.”

The old man quickly nodded before turning into smoke and disappearing from the room, leaving only the Ancient Dao Emperor and the woman.

The Ancient Dao Emperor sat beside the woman and looked at her with a strange light in his eyes.

“The imperial teacher once said that this soul can make me the true ancient emperor that will unify the three clans… The imperial teacher can’t be wrong… Then making this woman my empress is the best reward.”

As he muttered, he raised his right hand and gently stroked her face. He revealed a faint smile.

“Although this woman is not beautiful, she has her own charm. I’ve always wondered where the imperial teacher got this soul, but he wouldn’t say… However, the soul was also a beauty… She may have her own lover, and perhaps her lover felt extreme pain after she died...

“Unfortunately, he will never know that this woman is in my hands… If there was a chance to see who her past lover was, it would be very interesting.

“Perhaps this person is long dead. If he is not dead and they meet, will they recognize each other…” The man in the royal robe smiled even more.

“I’m looking forward to it… But thinking about it, there will be no such day.” The man’s right hand gently pinched her face, leaving behind a bruise on her face.

The woman’s body trembled as if she felt pain in her coma, and tears flowed down the corners of her eyes.

“If not for the fact that she must be a virgin to be titled my empress, I really would want to turn her into a woman now. However, there is no rush. Once the ceremony is over, I’ll take my time to enjoy this soul.” The man in the royal robe stood up with a smile and waved his sleeve as he left.

As the woman’s tears flowed, far away, at the bottom of Mount Gu Dao, Wang Lin looked up at the top of the mountain with coldness in his eyes.

Grand Empyrean Gu Dao obviously didn’t recognize him, but he also didn’t recognize the entire Ancient clan. The only person he respected was Xuan Luo!

Without Xuan Luo, he would never have come here!

“300 steps…” The Grand Empyrean sun behind Wang Lin released a powerful black and white light. Wang Lin raised his foot!

He didn’t take just one step, but dozens!

The moment his feet stopped, Wang Lin stood on the 39th step, and a powerful pressure smashed down on him, causing him to pause. It was as if countless mountains were pressing down on top of him.

In his eyes, the staircase leading to the top of the mountain became twisted as if it was alive.

With a cold snort, the Grand Empyrean sun outline behind Wang Lin shined even brighter. With one step, he leaped forward once more.

The 42nd step, 57th step, 69th step, 83rd step… Thunderous rumbles echoed in his ears as he faced the powerful pressure to reach the 99th step. He raised his right foot and mercilessly stepped into the 100th step!

Once his foot landed, the world rumbled and Mount Gu Dao seemed to tremble. A powerful pressure bombarded Wang Lin, causing his mind to rumble and blood to flow out from the corner of his mouth.

This pressure came from the mountain, from Grand Empyrean Gu Dao!