Renegade Immortal - Chapter 2008 - Worshiping the Incense Stove

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The Ancient clan’s Ancient Dao was located to the southwest of the Immortal Astral Continent. The 12 countries were comparable to the continents of the celestial clan, but slightly larger.

If one didn’t have spatial bending and relied on flying, it would take many years to cross this distance. However, the Ancient clan had the giant ancient gods, giant ancient demons, and giant ancient devils. These half-sentient existences could tear open the sky and greatly reduce travel time.

The Ancient Dao ambassadors only needed several months to return to the Ancient Dao imperial city from the Ancient Shi.

The Ancient Dao imperial city was a large city that floated in the air. From afar, this sky city looked amazing. It floated in the heavens and gave off a powerful pressure.

There were countless stones floating around the city. These stones had difference sizes, and they slowly rotated with the sky city as the center.

One month after the Ancient Dao ambassadors returned, Wang Lin crossed the vast Ancient clan land using the map and arrived here.

He looked at the city in the sky for a long long time.

Although this city was not as majestic as the celestial clan’s ancestral city, it was still spectacular. In the center of the city, there was a huge statue of a man. He looked up at the sky in contempt, and even Wang Lin could clearly feel the contempt from this far away.

Wang Lin softly muttered, “Ancient Ancestor…”

Outside the sky city, the rotating stones formed a powerful protection. Everyone who wished to enter required an identity jade, or else they couldn’t take half a step into the city.

This was the peak of the Ancient Dao’s imperial power. This was where the Ancient Dao Emperor was!

The eastern part of the sky city was composed of magnificent palaces that formed the imperial palace! The palace was filled with guards and restrictions. There was also a faint layer of purple mist that gave people a feeling of being suppressed if they looked at it.

In Wang Lin’s eyes, the purple mist around the palace seemed to condense into a vague figure. This figure was extremely large and looked like it could support the sky. It was impossible to see what this figure looked like, only the crown on its head was distinguishable.

This figure gave off a pure Ancient clan aura!

The Ancient Dao imperial city was not as big as the ancestral city, and its palace could not compare either. However, the amount of guards and suppression was far beyond the Celestial Emperor’s palace.

Countless palace guards were inside and outside the palace. Even the servants inside the palace had decent cultivation levels.

Wang Lin stood there for a long time before he withdrew his gaze. He stepped forward at a pace that wasn’t too fast, but his figure disappeared. He turned into a strand of smoke and floated into the sky city.

The layers of protection around the sky city would make it very difficult for normal people to enter. Even for the strong, they would frown and be stopped. They would have to follow the rules of the sky city and use their identity jades to enter.

In the eyes of the people of the Ancient dao, only nine people could ignore the protection around the sky city!

These nine people were the nine Grand Empyreans!

Only these nine people could calmly step into the Ancient Dao imperial city!

However, now there was one more person. The layers of restrictions could not stop Wang Lin’s smoke-like body, allowing him to appear on the street of the Ancient Dao imperial city.

There were large numbers of Ancient Dao people living in the imperial city, making his place very lively.

Wang Lin stood there and looked at this place. He looked at the men and women of the Ancient Dao, but for some reason, he no longer had that sense of belonging like he did when he first arrived in the Ancient clan.

“Teacher should know of my arrival…” Wang Lin didn’t need to spread out his divine sense to feel a mountain in the southern end of the city. Clouds covered this mountain and gave off the aura of a Grand Empyrean.

He could feel the softness in this aura. He let out a faint smile and walked south.

In the southern part of the city, the mountain pierced into the clouds. There was a set of stairs the winded up the mountain with handrails around it. It looked like a vacation spot.

Bursts of fresh aura spread out. Taking a breath here would make one more spirited.

There were many Ancient Dao people walking up toward the temple at the top. Everyone in the Ancient Dao knew of this temple!

This was the Ancient Dao Temple! This was where the only Grand Empyrean of the Ancient Dao, Xuan Luo, lived!

The Ancient Dao Temple was open to any member of the Ancient Dao. Anyone could come to the temple to seek help with a breakthrough in their cultivation, but they rarely saw Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo. The nine powerful Ancient Dao people that followed Xuan Luo would guide them.

At any given time, one of the nine was always in the Ancient Dao Temple to enlighten their fellow clan members!

There was a giant incense stove outside the temple. It required 10 people to surround it. There was white-grey sand inside, and nine huge incense sticks were stuck inside the stove. The smoke was floating into the sky.

Everyone Ancient Dao citizen who came to the Ancient Dao Temple for enlightenment would bow before it. The incense stove was very strange. The more people that bowed, the thicker the smoke would become. The nine incense sticks seemed to never burn out and had been burning since ancient times.

Wang Lin walked on the stone steps as he looked at the mountain and the smoke rising into the sky. The walked up step by step until he was at the top of the mountain and saw the incense stove. There were a few Ancient Dao citizens who had climbed got up and respectfully walked toward the Ancient Dao Temple.

After they finished worshiping the nine incense sticks in the stove, the smoke seemed to increase, but it was subtle, and unless one paid attention, it was difficult to notice.

Wang Lin looked at the incense stove and silently pondered. He slowly walked up to the stove. When he was next to the stove, he clasped his hands and bowed.

This bow was not toward the stove or the incense inside, but his teacher, Xuan Luo!

Since he had chosen to come to the Ancient Dao, chosen to follow his teacher, and chosen to fulfill his oath from the past, then Wang Lin wanted to take root here from the bottom of his heart. He had wandered for thousands of years, and now he wanted to live in peace here.

Guard the Ancient Dao, guard the reincarnation of his teacher.

It was also why Wang Lin had gone along with the custom and bowed at the incense stove. The moment he made up his mind and bowed, the incense rumbled and seemed to start burning like crazy. The green smoke instantly became 10 times, 100 times, 1,000 times, or even 10,000 times more intense!

This intense change caused the few that had finished bowing and were walking to the Ancient Dao Temple to stop. The turned around and revealed looks of horror.

The few Ancient Dao citizens behind Wang Lin also stopped and revealed looks of disbelief.

The incense stove rumbled and even more smoke rose into the sky. The intensity of the smoke was far more higher than before, to the point that was simply incomparable. It was like comparing the moon to the fireflies.

The smoke rose into the sky and was extremely powerful. All the people on the mountain, as well as the ones at the southern part of the city and even further, could clearly see this smoke!

This green smoke made it seem as if the mountain was burning as it rushed into the sky. It formed a mushroom shape in the sky and spread in all directions.

Even the imperial palace to the east could see it clearly!

Outside the Ancient Dao Temple, all the Ancient Dao citizens were startled and their eyes were filled with shock. Not only them, but everyone in the city in the sky that could see this was shocked.

And at this moment, Wang Lin’s bow was only half way; he hadn’t even finished the bow.

At the same time, in the Ancient Dao imperial palace, a man wearing a royal robe and a crown was standing in one of the highest pavilions. He frowned as he looked at the smoke in the sky.

There was an old man behind him, and the old man respectfully said, “Your Majesty, a total of 31 women were chosen in this selection. All of them have been arranged to attempt to fuse with the soul…”

However, before he finished speaking, he was also shocked by the raging green smoke in the distance.

“To make the incense stove at the Ancient Dao Temple release so much smoke… Check who this person is…” The man in the royal robe frowned and spoke, but before he finished speaking, his body trembled. His eyes revealed a monstrous light!

The old man behind him gasped and subconsciously took a few steps back. What he saw now shocked him even more than what he had seen before, and even panic appeared in his heart!

The raging, green smoke had actually bent down and drawn an arc as if it was unable to bear the power of the bow. It began to dissipate and looked like it was going to collapse!

This scene was heaven-shaking! Everyone in the Ancient Dao imperial city who saw this let out a cry!

This was beyond their imaginations; they had never thought anyone could make the green smoke before the Ancient Dao Temple bow and almost collapse. How was this bowing to the incense sticks? It was clearly the green smoke bowing to the person!

Before the Ancient Dao Temple, Wang Lin didn’t continue his bow, because he saw that the green smoke could not withstand his bow. If he continued, it would certainly collapse!

“Wang Lin… There is no need to bow… Come to the back mountain…” A familiar voice came from Wang Lin’s ears. That voice was very soft and was filled with kindness.

Wang Lin’s body straightened and the green smoke stopped bending. Wang Lin walked past the incense stove and the raging smoke returned to normal.