Renegade Immortal - Chapter 2001 - Sea

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The Immortal Astral Continent, the celestial clan’s five major continents and 72 smaller continents occupied more than 50% of the Immortal Astral Continent. The remaining nearly 50% was the Ancient clan’s 36 countries, with 10% being the endless sea that separated the Ancient and celestial clans.

This sea was the largest sea on the Immortal Astral Continent. It was covered in raging waves and fog year-round. It was impossible for mortals to pass, and even cultivators below a certain cultivation level couldn’t breakthrough.

This sea was a natural barrier that made it difficult for the celestials and Ancients to go to each other’s land.

Bordering the sea was the Northern Continent, and the most northern continent was the Cold Meng Continent. It wasn’t very large and was mostly covered in snow.

The cultivators that lived on this continent were used to this climate, and most of them cultivated cold-related cultivation methods. There were few mortals here, and the further north one, went the fewer mortals there were.

At the northern end of the continent was a vast sea. If one looked at the Cold Meng Continent from high up, it looked like a piece of ice floating at the edge of the sea. It was being smashed by the sea day and night, but it never melted.

One could even see ice floating away in the water when the waves smashed into the continent.

10,000 kilometers from the edge of the continent, there was no trace of life, and even cultivators rarely came here. It was far too cold, and cultivators still had bodies. Their bodies would turn into ice here, so they wouldn’t survive for too long.

The wind and snow howled in the sky. The snowflakes flew high into the air with the wind and then drifted down to the earth.

In this world of wind and snow, the land was endless. Hidden inside wind and snow were three figures walking over from the distance.

Among the three of them, the person at the front wore a coat and had a head of white hair. There was a lot of snow mixed into his hair and a thick layer of snow covered his coat. With every step he took, a lot of snow fell off and new snow landed on him.

One of the two people behind him looked like an old man, but upon closer inspection, he was a middle-aged man. He was covered in snow and looked frozen. His hands were before his mouth and white fog came out of it when he exhaled. Whenever he looked at the person beside him, he became filled with jealousy!

There was a small snake on the shoulder of this man, but this snake looked like a dragon. It laid lazily on the man’s shoulder, and whenever the man was about to be frozen, it would let out a breath to allow the man to continue.

The last person was a burly man, but to be more precise, he was not a burly man, but a thin young man wearing layers of cotton clothes. He looked extremely bloated and walked with a swagger. He struggled to raise his feet once they sank into the snow.

This place was cold, but the young man had sweat on his forehead, giving off bursts of white gas. It looked very interesting.

The creaking sounds of feet stepping on the snow were covered by the howl of the wind. The three fuzzy lines of footprints were soon erased. Only their voices could not be devoured by the wind and pierced through.

“It\'s still your Grandpa Xu who is smart. In the cave world, it was like this, and on the Immortal Astral Continent Continent, it’s still the same. Little Jinbiao, you want to take your Grandpa Xu’s spot, but you can’t even catch up!” The young man wearing layers of cotton clothes had a proud expression. He wiped the sweat off his face to show off.

“What a hot day, this hot day, it’s really too hot. I can’t stand it, it’s too hot. Jin Biao, are you not hot? How am I so hot?”

The man beside him was Liu Jinbiao. He glared at Xu Liguo viciously. Just as he was about to speak, a cold wind blew by, causing him to shiver, and even his face turned blue.

“Eh, Jin Biao, why are you shivering on this hot day? Could it be that you’re cold? Don’t pretend, you can’t fool me. Your Grandpa Xu has seen everything at the ancestral city. I have obtained a lot of treasures and have gotten to live well. I also got to warm the beds of Little Peach Flower, Little Peach Red, and Little Peach Blue. Such a good time. Jin Biao, how did you spend these years?” Xu Liguo squeezed out a friendly look, but the pride in his eyes and his expression made Liu Jinbiao want to fight him to the death.

“Ah, I’m wearing too much of these clothes when the day is too hot. I say, Liu Jinbiao, you really look cold. Don’t worry, your Grandpa Xu is good friends with you, I’ll give you…” Xu Liguo looked at Liu Jinbiao and deliberately stopped.

Liu Jinbiao was startled and revealed a look of shock when Xu Liguo revealed a mischievous smile and continued.

“Let me introduce these precious clothes to you. Once you listen, you can fantasize about them and perhaps you won’t be so cold. Don’t you have the dao of deception? Deceive yourself that you’re wearing countless warm clothes, then you won’t feel cold!” Xu Liguo looked emotional as he touched the clothes on his body and shook his head.

“These clothes are treasures; they are made of Heavenly Cotton and can produce a lot of warmth. Grandpa Xu stole them from the Chen family!

“This cotton shirt is also a treasure. Once you put it on, you feel like you’re next to a fireplace. Grandpa Xu encouraged the king to steal it from the Zhao family!

“This one…

“This one…

“And also this…” Xu Liguo introduced them one by one. Before he finished speaking, Jiu Jinbiao roared.

“Xu Liguo!!”

“What are you calling your Grandpa Xu’s name for? You dare to steal them before Master? You’ve gotten bold, Little Xu!” Xu Liguo’s eyes widened and he rolled up his sleeve. However, he was wearing too many layers, so after he rolled up one layer, there was another, and he wouldn’t finish in a short period of time.

“Master… Look at him… I… I….” Liu Jinbiao looked at Xu Liguo and then at Wang Lin, who was walking ahead, ignoring his begging expression.

“Master, just ignore him. It was him who wanted to improve his cultivation. Master, walk slower, the snow on the ground is slippery. There is nothing to worry about, Little Xu can take care of himself.” Xu Liguo quickly walked up behind Wang Lin and massaged Wang Lin’s shoulders through the coat. He turned around proudly and viciously stared at Liu Jinbiao.

Xu Liguo sent out a divine sense message. “You want to steal your Grandpa Xu’s position with Master? Bleh, you aren’t qualified. When your Grandpa Xu was following Master, you were still drinking milk somewhere!”


“What about me? Wasn’t it me who suggested to Master that because our cultivations were not high enough, we should walk through the north with our own strength. This will make our wills stronger, as well as improve our cultivation!

“It was me who said it, so what!? My cultivation level is not as high as yours and I don’t have that silly dragon to help me. I’m afraid of the cold, so I put on some cotton clothes. What are you so angry about? If you have cotton clothes, put them on.” Xu Liguo snorted.

Seeing that the two of them were going to continue to quarrel, Wang Lin frowned. Ever since the two of them had appeared, they had been quarrelling nonstop.

“Enough. Liu Jinbiao, if you can’t hold on, I can send you back into the storage space.” Wang Lin stopped and looked at Liu Jinbiao, who was shivering from the cold.

“I can’t give Xu Liguo the chance to be alone with Master. This guy might say something bad about me!” Liu Jinbiao clenched his teeth and shook his head.

“Master, I… I can still hold on!” Liu Jinbiao’s body shivered and even his voice trembled.

“Xu Liguo, take off a few layers of clothes and give them to Liu Jinbiao.” Wang Lin could instantly see through their thoughts and then walked into the distance.

Xu Liguo unwillingly took off a few pieces and threw them at Liu Jinbiao. The two of them viciously stared at each other a few times and cursed each other with their eyes before following Wang Lin.

Time passed. Wang Lin wasn’t in a hurry at all as he walked through the northern part of the Northern Continent toward the vast sea. The cold became stronger and stronger until not even Xu Liguo could bear it. Wang Lin waved his sleeve and he disappeared with the two of them.

When he reappeared, he was at the edge of the continent. Before him was a dark sea with raging waves. There were large pieces of ice that colliding with each other, creating thunderous rumbles.

“After crossing this, I will be at the Ancient clan…” Wang Lin waved his hand and Liu Jinbiao and Xu Liguo were put back into the storage space. He silently pondered for a moment before his body flickered and he appeared above a giant piece of ice.

Standing on the ice, Wang Lin looked back at the celestial clan.

Looking at the celestial clan, everything that had happened there flashed in his eyes. These memories were like the cold wind of the sea that caused his white hair to flutter and fly away.

The ice below Wang Lin rose and fell with the sea. It slowly drifted into the distance and away from the celestial clan. The celestial clan slowly became a blur in Wang Lin’s eyes.

He stood there and stared at the blurry celestial clan as he drifted further away. as he drifted away, he saw a lot of familiar faces that seemed to dissipate .

“Madman… Once I return…” Wang Lin didn’t mutter the second part of that sentence. His eyes were filled with determination and decisiveness!

After an unknown amount of time, Wang Lin could no longer see the celestial clan, only the waves of the sea. At the distant horizon, the sun slowly set, revealing a fiery red sun slowly descending. As the world turned dark, Wang Lin turned around.

“Teacher Xuan Luo… Disciple is coming.” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he raised his foot. He disappeared from the ice without a trace.