Renegade Immortal - Chapter 1985 - Imperial Teacher!

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In the distance, the cultivators coming from the palace all stopped due to this change. Their faces turned pale and were filled with fear. Their gazes all gathered on Wang Lin.

“Black snow may have never fallen on the imperial palace,” the black-haired wang Lin said as he waved his right hand. The darkness in the sky covered the palace and black snow fell inside and outside the palace.

As the snow fell, it seemed to sing the song of time. The huge palace began to rapidly decay.

However, at this moment, golden light came from the Celestial Ancestor statue in the distance. The golden light rippled and shrouded the palace.

This golden light was the strongest formation of the palace, and it wouldn’t allow the palace to be destroyed!

In the golden light, there seemed to be someone sitting on the head of the Celestial Ancestor statue. He wore white and he looked at Wang Lin from far away.

“Wang Lin!” The person in white was the Imperial Teacher. He revealed a smile as he stood up and took a step toward Wang Lin.

With one step, the entire palace seemed to overlap with another space. This allowed the Imperial Teacher to arrive on top of the temple 10,000 feet from Wang Lin. As he stood there, the wind caused his clothes to flutter.

“I have waited for you for a long time… You finally came!”

Wang Lin looked up at the Imperial Teacher on the temple. In the sky, the battle between the Celestial Emperor and Grand Empyrean Gemini raged. It would be difficult for a victor to be decided, but Grand Empyrean Gemini could keep the Celestial Emperor busy so he couldn’t act against Wang Lin!

Aside from the Celestial Emperor, the palace only had the Imperial Teacher, who had strange cultivation!

Wang Lin silently pondered and stomped with his right foot. Thunderous rumbles echoed and the surrounding cultivators all chose to retreat. They were not like the Ancient clan, where there were no sects, there was only the three countries and Ancient clan temple. Almost all the Ancient clan members had a crazed sense of loyalty to the royal family. In the celestial clan, the royal family was more of a symbol!

The true power was controlled by the Grand Empyreans and the many sects!

At this moment, when they faced Wang Lin, who terrified them, they didn’t hesitate to retreat!

When Wang Lin’s foot landed, the earth collapsed. Cracks spread out like crazy with his body as the center. The cracks rapidly rushed toward the temple the Imperial Teacher was standing on.

Strands of cracks spread out like dragons. When they closed in, the Imperial Teacher smiled and waved his right hand.

“Everything that exists can become null…” As he waved his right hand, the cracks on the ground healed like a wound and disappeared without a trace.

Wang Lin looked up at the Imperial Teacher and slowly said, “The person I killed at the street was not you!”

“The person you killed was me but was also not me!” As the Imperial Teacher smiled, he closed his right hand and slowly opened it. A small person made of white light appeared and kowtowed toward the Imperial Teacher.

“You went to the Great Soul Sect and learned his spell. The Soul Eye Dao and Dao Eye Soul look the same, but they are actually different…” The Imperial Teacher waved his right hand and the little person flew out. It immediately grew into the size of a normal person and rushed toward Wang Lin.

This figure moved very fast and merged with the world. However, when it closed in on Wang Lin, Wang Lin suddenly raised his right hand just like back at the street. Ripples echoed as he choked the white figure and crushed it!

“Why?” Wang Lin closed his eyes and opened them after several breaths.

“You are the first person to come out of a cave world… Cave world… Cave world… Whether it is the celestial clan or the Ancient clan, there are countless cave worlds!

“At the beginning, no one had the spell to open up their own cave world on the Immortal Astral Continent, including the Celestial and Ancient Ancestors… The spell to create your own world was a spell unique to my clan!

“After my clan followed the Celestial Ancestor, we spread this spell to allow any qualified sect to create their own cave world!

“Over the countless years, the countless cave worlds… provided large amounts of Joss Flames for my clan. Joss Flames were useful for others, but they were most useful for my clan. As long as one absorbed my clan’s Joss Flames, they would become an outer member of my clan. And if there were no more Joss Flames, they would die!

“Joss Flames are poison but also beneficial! This is not too big of a secret, perhaps you also know.

“However, you came through the void not through reincarnation, but by walking out with your body from the cave world...

“This is impossible, it has never happened in the history of my clan!” The Imperial Teacher became excited as he stared at Wang Lin. The excitement in his eyes became stronger and stronger.

“It can be said that you don’t belong to the Immortal Astral Continent… It can also be said that you were created by my clan on the Immortal Astral Continent…” As the Imperial Teacher spoke, his right hand formed a seal and he waved. The palace became twisted as if the space itself was changing. The sky dissipated and the earth changed; even the palace disappeared instantly.

Wang Lin clearly noticed that his position hadn’t changed, but the space had transformed. Someone had obviously used a powerful spell to open up a similar space. They were clearly in the palace, but this was actually another world!

This was a large temple with large pillars supporting it. Each pillar has nine balls of fire around it, lighting up the temple.

Countless pillars and countless balls of fire. Each balls of fire contained a face with closed eyes that appeared and disappeared.

In the distance, there was a mountain-shaped altar. That was where the Imperial Teacher was. His body didn’t move, as if he was in a different space. That was the imperial palace.

There was a large, blood-red pool before the altar, and there was a person sitting there. He was Ascendant Empyrean Ming Dao! His eyes were closed and his expression fierce, as if he was enduring intense pain. His veins are swollen and there was a sense of age on his face.

There were nine pillars around this pool, and they were connected together with a brown chain that floated above the altar!

There was a person chained at the center of these nine chains - a man wearing a flowered shirt. He was in a coma and had the nine chains going through him.

This person is the madman.

“When the celestial clan invited my family to arrange the palace, they opened up this place. Everything here is connected to the palace.” The Imperial Teacher smiled at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s gaze looked at the comatose madman and, after pondering a bit, he spoke.

“You and the Celestial Emperor used various methods to force me here. What for!?”

“Do you want the power of the Celestial Ancestor?” The Imperial Teacher looked at Wang Lin, and his eyes revealed a strange light.

“The Celestial Ancestor has infinite power. If you promise me one thing, I can help you inherit the power of the Celestial Ancestor. You will become the strongest person on the Immortal Astral Continent!”

Wang Lin’s expression was still cold and he wasn’t moved at all. He only coldly stared at the Imperial Teacher.

“The Celestial Emperor has prepared for many years to complete the Return to the Ancestral Origin spell. Once it’s successful, it will allow someone to have the Celestial Ancestor’s cultivation level and become the second Celestial Ancestor!

“I can help you obtain this cultivation level without the Celestial Emperor knowing!” The Imperial Teacher licked his lips and looked at Wang Lin.

“You have the qualifications, you came from a cave world that provides Joss Flames for my clan, you…”

“You can’t leave the ancestral city! More accurately, you can’t leave the palace!” Wang Lin’s words interrupted the Imperial Teacher. After he spoke, the Imperial Teacher’s expression suddenly changed and he stopped speaking. His gaze became cold as he stared at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same as he met his gaze. After a long time, the Imperial Teacher began to laugh.

“That’s correct. The Celestial Ancestor is strong, very strong. My clan is forced to serve him and a vast majority of the Joss Flames are refined by the bodies of the members of my clan before being given to the Celestial Ancestor!

“He left a seal that will be inherited for generations in my clan. Not only can the people of my clan not leave the ancestral city, we even have to be cautious without words. Every generation of Celestial Emperor can control the life and death of my clan! Once someone takes the risk of leaving, they die! The old ancestor of the Great Soul Sect was a genius of my clan, but after he left, he still found it difficult to avoid death!

“Therefore, my clan must be loyal to every Celestial Emperor! I want to change this, and now I have the chance to do so!”

“When I first learned that you came from a cave world, the Celestial Emperor wanted to kill you, but I understand Lian Daozhen. He is always suspicious of others and extremely cold, so I took the initiative to say that you will be a big problem and must be killed!

“Sure enough, the moment I said it, he had doubts, so when you arrived in the celestial clan, he didn’t act. However, you grew too fast, fast beyond his expectations, but he had other plans. He wanted to use your power to complete Ming Dao!

The person he chose for the Return to the Ancestral Origin spell is Ming Dao, and the person I chose is you, Wang Lin!! Jiu Di is a great threat for the Celestial Emperor, so he doesn’t wish to act personally and attract Jiu Di’s suspicion. This is why he invited you during the title ceremony and set the trap at the street, but when your slaughter descended, it shocked him. Then he relied on Dao Fei’s memory to finally successfully lure you here!

“The reason I wanted to you to come here is precisely because only when there is another Grand Empyrean battling him can I say these things without him knowing!” The white-haired Imperial Teacher’s eyes lit up as he spoke to Wang Lin.