Renegade Immortal - Chapter 1980 - Not Going!

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This point was Wang Lin’s peak power. Not only did it contain his avatar in the void, but also the full power of his soul armor. Wang Lin’s five-element true body and thunder essence true body appeared. Even his three ethereal essences appeared, forming three large vortexes behind him!

All the force entered his finger. Due to the formation created by the golden light and the sword fragment, Wang Lin could erupt the power of his avatar in the void to its limit.

Wang Lin wanted to use this to kill the person behind the finger. Wang Lin has always been like this - if someone tried to kill him, he would kill them!

The wind and snow echoed across the long street. The finger that appeared from the void suddenly collided with Wang Lin’s finger filled with slaughter!

In the snow and wind, when the two fingers collided, Wang Lin’s Ancient Dao power surged. It was the first to collide with the other finger.

Thunderous rumbles echoed. The 98 afterimages from the five Spell Veins fused into one and, along with the power of the Heavenly Bull, formed the second shockwave against the finger!

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the world like thunder in the silent night. This caused Empyrean Exalt Hai Zi, who was rushing in to help, to stop, and she was unable to move forward.

The finger paused for a moment and its veins bulged. It seemed like it could not withstand Wang Lin’s finger.

However, this was not over. Wang Lin’s five-element true body, thunder essence true body, and the three ethereal essences formed the third shockwave. This attack contained Wang Lin’s lifetime of comprehension of dao!

Thunderous rumbles echoed and blood flowed down from Wang Lin’s finger. However, he didn’t flinch - he let out a roar and rushed forward!

The fourth wave came from Wang Lin’s avatar in the void. This force came from Wang Lin’s eyes and turned into golden light that shrouded his fingertip. Due to the surrounding Yin Blade fragments reflecting light, Wang Lin’s finger became golden!

A golden finger!

The peak of power caused the other finger to resist for a moment and then suddenly collapse!

However, just as the finger collapsed, a calm voice echoed in the world.

“Because there is loss, once it reforms, there will be existence!”

As these words echoed, the collapsed finger reformed as if nothing had happened, and it collided with Wang Lin’s finger once more!

“Because there is existence, it will become null once it is lost!”

The moment the two fingers touched, Wang Lin’s Ancient Dao power disappeared as if it had turned to null! In addition, the spells he had gathered and the power of the Heavenly Bull also disappeared as if they had been blown out of existence.

Even his five-element true body and the thunder essence true body disappeared under this strange force. However, his three ethereal essences remained!

These three essences were the earliest of Wang Lin’s essences. They represented Wang Lin’s entire life of comprehension. This understanding of life and death, karma, and true and false was not something any force could dispel!

What also remained was the golden light from Wang Lin’s avatar in the void!

Thunderous rumbles echoed and blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth. As he was knocked back, he waved his right hand and the Yin Blade fragment formation flew toward the finger that had collapsed, but it looked like it was going to reform a third time!

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the long street and the snow seemed to stop. The finger that was about to reform collapsed once more but showed signs of reforming for the fourth time!

Wang Lin retreated quickly and arrived at the end of the street. This was the edge of the seal - he just needed to break this spot to leave the street and escape this trap!

However, just as he closed in, there were ripples from the houses on both sides of the street and 100 figures appeared!

These 100 figures all revealed indifferent gazes. The moment they appeared, all of them raised their hands and bows appeared, aiming at Wang Lin. They all pulled their bowstrings and 100 snow arrows condensed on them!

As the 100 snow arrows condensed, the 100 people coughed out blood into their respective arrows. Then their bodies rapidly withered as if those mouthfuls of blood had absorbed all their life force!

“Death cultivators!” Wang Lin’s pupils shrank. Everyone that had appeared in this trap, aside from the finger, was a death cultivator. They had all used death as the price to set up this terrifying trap!

Wang Lin had encountered this kind of situation many times before, but none of them were like this. In all those previous times, the people that were after Wang Lin cared about their own lives, but these people didn’t care if they died!

In the blink of an eye, the bodies of the 100 figures disappeared; not even their bones remained. However, when they died, the arrows were released and 100 buzzing sounds echoed!

As the buzzing echoed, the 100 blood snow arrows flew toward Wang Lin from all directions. They turned into 100 rays of light and instantly closed in, giving Wang Lin no chance to dodge!

Wang Lin let out a roar. His hands formed a seal and he pushed them outward. His white hair went crazy and his clothes fluttered. A golden sun appeared in the windy and snowy night behind Wang Lin.

The moment the sun appeared, the long street disappeared and the entire world became the dark sea. The sun rose, releasing the power to dispel the darkness!

“Sundered Night!”

The moment this spell appeared, the incoming 100 blood arrows seemed to fuse with the darkness and were torn apart along with the darkness. Thunderous rumbles continued to echo.

Wang Lin’s voice echoed in the rumble!

“I believe all darkness will be destroyed before the light!

“I believe all existence will go extinct under the rising sun!

“I believe that all void and null will be unable to enter reincarnation!”

As Wang Lin spoke, the golden sun around his body shined even more brightly and the 100 arrows collapsed. Even the finger that had reformed for a third time released hissing sounds and large amounts of black gas!

Wang Lin let out a roar and waved his hand. The sun formed by Sundered Night swept forward and bombarded everything in its path. The night dissipated and the figure that appeared collapsed after colliding with the sun!

As the rumbling echoed, the surrounding light disappeared and returned to normal. It was still the same long street, and the wind and snow covered the world!

However, there were seven gaps in Wang Lin’s clothes. Seven of the arrow fragments hadn’t collapsed in the sun, and they had pierced through Wang Lin’s body.

Blood flowed out from his mouth and he staggered back a few steps. His right hand formed a fist and he punched the edge of the long street that was sealed. When his punch landed, the void around the long street began to distort.

A ring-shaped shield appeared like a bowl and shrouded the street. The moment before the ripples disappeared, Wang Lin saw that there were 10,000 cultivators in black sitting outside the street.

These black-robed cultivators seemed to be connected together through a kind of force. It was them that had sealed this place with this strange force.

“You can’t escape!” A calm voice echoed across the street. As the voice echoed, the collapsed finger appeared once more.

“In order to kill you, I will send out my sect’s strongest power!”

As the voice echoed, the ripples on the street disappeared. When the ripples disappeared, the outside world Wang Lin was seeing became blurry until it was a void with nothing inside.

However, the moment the images of the outside disappeared, Wang Lin saw that 100 people among the 10,000 had each devoured a pill. Their bodies collapsed and smoke-like origin souls flew toward the long street that had been sealed.

At the same time, 100 blurry shadows appeared in the wind and snow. They all released Empyrean Exalt cultivation and charged at Wang Lin while completely disregarding their lives.

Wang Lin’s eyes were calm, but there a hint of light in them as he looked through the 100 figures rushing at him. His gaze fell on the finger that had reformed and was floating there motionlessly.

“Since you don’t want me to leave, then I won’t leave today! The best way to deal with this death trap is to kill all of you. This trap will break when I do that.” Wang Lin’s white hair began to extend and the roots turned black, looking as if his hair was going to turn black!

His eyes revealed a sense of ruthlessness in the calmness. This was an indifference to the world, and there wasn’t any hint of emotion in them. At this moment, Wang Lin was like a piece of nevermelting ice!

“I originally didn’t want slaughter to descend, but now all of you… must now suffer my slaughter!” Wang Lin closed his eyes. It was as if a battle celestial had descended. For the first time, his slaughter thunder avatar had taken control!

It was also the first time Wang Lin had released the restriction essence and the absolute beginning essence. This allowed the slaughter and absolute end essences to erupt!